Do we now dare?

George Zimmerman has been acquitted, the Black Supremacists Jesse Jackass and Al NotsoSharpton have had their 15 minutes of rioting and the “Free Treyvon” imbeciles have gone back to sexting each other from their parents basements and trust fund penthouses. At the moment their are no other big distracting news stories for the Fifth Column Treasonous Media to blind the simpleminded among as with. So the question becomes…

Do we now once again dare to start asking questions about any of the scandals of the Obamanation Administration that would have resulted in a Republican President being impeached?

Ed Morrissey over at HotAir is raising his hat at the end of a stick to see if anyone will shot at it, basically asking if it is safe to talk about Benghazi today.

AFRICOM commander: We knew almost immediately Benghazi was a terrorist attack

Congress had been asking about the lack of response in its hearings over the last two months, but didn’t get a lot of answers. Ham appears to be taking responsibility for that decision, with an explanation that he didn’t think much could be done. That doesn’t explain the eyewitness testimony about orders for the Tripoli unit to stand down, but it does cover the lack of any deployment from the Pentagon’s rapid-response units in the region. If Ham didn’t make that decision himself, it at least sounds as though he didn’t disagree with it.

Sadly, the reality of what Ed is really asking here, is, does anyone still disagree with Hillary’s statement, “At this point what difference does it make?”. Victor Davis Hanson’s column over at PJMedia today gives a pretty brutal but accurate look at what this is really all about. It’s about lying and it’s a good, though painful read.

Lying in the Age of Obama

It’s Not Really the Cover-up

Our current scandals are predicated on lies. No one believed the official White House version that the IRS miscreants were rogue agents from a Cincinnati field office.

No one believes much of the official version of the Benghazi killings — least of all that the violence was prompted by a single video maker in the fashion that Susan Rice assured the nation.

The attorney general of the United States lied about the AP/James Rosen monitoring while under oath before Congress.

James Clapper lied about the NSA scandal. All four travesties are still being sorted out. For now the one commonality is that our officials lied about all of them.

Harry Reid knew nothing about Mitt Romney’s tax returns. But lied about them all the same. It is hard to know whether Joe Biden lies, or simply believes his fantasies. He assured us that President Roosevelt addressed the nation on television after the panic of 1929. Remember in 1987 when he lifted much of his campaign stump speech from British Laborite Neil Kinnock?

Our most treasured icons in the media and literature lie. They tell untruth sometimes in the most serious fashion of claiming the work of others as if it were their own — or simply inventing things out of thin air. Fareed Zakaria plagiarized. So did Maureen Dowd.

Nearly all of Stephen Ambrose’s work, book by book, was characterized by both plagiarism and false statements about archives and interviews. Michael Bellesiles was given the Bancroft Award for a mytho-history. If historians could not initially spot the lie, who else could? Or did they try all that much, given the enticing but mythic thesis that today’s gun nuts, not our hallowed forefathers, dreamed up a nation in arms?

The scandals of the Barrack Insane Obama Administration are just the tip of the political lie infested iceberg. Fast and Furious, Benghazi, the NSA, the IRS. They all are scandals built on lies and deceptions, but tragically the worst lies involved in any of the Obamanation Administrations scandals are not the lies that created the scandals, but the lies of omission by the Fifth Column Treasonous Media and the professional blogging class that have rendered all of these scandals yesterdays news.

Hillary Clinton obfuscated her role in the Benghazi scandal with the line “At this point, what does it really matter” the Fifth Column Treasonous Media and the professional blogging class have transformed that statement into a insurmountable obstacle beyond which no amount of daring to ask questions can penetrate, where the possibility of anyone (other than low ranking stooges without political connections) being held accountable for those scandals simply does not exist.

They transformed all of those scandals into old news, news nobody of any consequence either cares about or is willing to risk their own reputation or finances over to demand that those high ranking politically connected individuals responsible be held accountable.


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