Rolling Stone; Proving you can be a douche bag in a coma since 1968 and still make money.

Rolling Stone Magazine once again proves that when you are a liberal Fifth Column Treasonous Media publication there is no depth of depravity that cannot be justified, rationalized and placed upon a pedestal for worship.

Rolling Stone’s strange, dreamy cover of terrorist

It’s interesting, and infuriating. We’ve already seen the rise of what Twitchy calls the “Jaharem” of admirers of the Boston Marathon bombing suspect, in custody since murdering a police officer and engaging in a firefight with law enforcement, then hiding and bleeding in a boat the rest of the day until he was discovered. Now Rolling Stone offers a profile of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, the surviving brother of the duo who killed three and injured hundreds of others at the event, including an eight-year-old boy shredded by their bomb.

One might as well ask the Idiotditors at Rolling Stone when they are going to do a cover article praising the Angle of Death for his positive social influence on society. Funny how Marxist assholes like those publishing Rolling Stone always admire individuals who have all the moral and ethical values of the Ebola virus. More importantly, it’s always the regular hard working honest non Marxist citizens whom fools like those publishing Rolling Stone want to suffer the consequences of their perverse admiration, never themselves.

These retrograde retards place genuinely evil individuals like Che Guevara, Osama Bin Laden, Charles Manson and now Dzhokhar Tsarnaev up for admiration and adulation before their brain-dead hipster liberal readership. Hell, if Barack Insane Obama were to rape a 9 year old little white girl on television, murder her, then cook her and eat her out of her own skull, Rolling Stone Magazine would undoubtedly declare him to be man of the century and dedicate dozens of front page articles to him.


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