This is exactly why nobody trusts the Fifth Column Treasonous Media anymore.

The Communist News Networks Opinion Columnist Miller Francis gives a dictionary perfect example of why the American people not only no longer trust the Fifth Column Treasonous Media, but have grown to outright hate the Fifth Column Treasonous Media.

What about Martin’s right to ‘stand his ground’?

Here’s what I think: Assuming Martin did engage Zimmerman physically, perhaps if the teen had hit back a little bit harder, perhaps if he had been able to prevent Zimmerman from grabbing his concealed and loaded gun and perhaps if witnesses had come to Martin’s aid, then maybe he would be alive today. That’s speculation.

Hey Miller, NEWS FLASH: This does not constitute thinking. At best it constitutes masturbation in public, not that a deviant perverted reprobate such as yourself has the moral capacity to be embarrassed by public masturbation. Trevyon Martin is dead for one reason and one alone. He is dead because he was a gangster wannabe who believed he had the physical power and moral authority to assault anyone who he thought was WHITE. That is it, period, end of story.

Let us be 100 percent perfectly clear about this. Being Black does not give you a moral, ethical or legal right to assault anyone, period. You do not have any right to assault someone because they are white and you are Black. If you assault someone who is carrying a concealed weapon, you are going to DIE. Being a shit for brains liberal propagandist who couldn’t think his way out of an open park doesn’t and isn’t going to change that. No one has to submit to being assaulted.

On a personal note, Miller Francis, please go fuck yourself, (preferably with a 9 foot rusty chainsaw) and then die, (preferably in a fire that leaves you in a burn ward for at least 2 years in screaming agony before septicemia finally finishes you off)…


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