Muslim Brotherhood “coup” overthrown by Egyptian Military, Muslim Brotherhood cry foul.

Anyone with two functional braincells that has been watching the Middle East will no doubt find the recent events in Egypt ironically amusing. The Muslim Brotherhood are the progenitors of every single modern day Islamic terrorists organization on earth. They are absolute masters of the Islamic doctrine of Taqiyya, the lying to infidels to further the conquest of all of the “Infidel Ummah”.

Islamic terrorist groups such as Al Qaeda are in reality and truth, well documented militant operatives of the Muslim Brotherhood. Seemingly spun off from the Muslim Brotherhood for the purposes of plausible deniability. Nothing less than an act of Taqiyya designed to separate the financial base of Islamic terrorism from the militants themselves so as to preserve the financial base.

The high level clerics of the Muslim Brotherhood recognized and understood that they had no chance what-so-ever against the military power of the western nation in a direct confrontation. While devoted Muslims, they are not stupid. They recognized that the western nations both could and would utterly destroy their ability to fight any kind of military conflict if the western nations ever discovered their command and control and financial structures.

The Muslim Brotherhood have instigated violent military coups all across the Middle East going as far back as Afghanistan after the Soviet Union withdrew their troops in 1989. Using terrorist tactics they have brought Middle Eastern Arab nations to their knees in violent civil wars and then held fraudulent election afterwards in which they seized control of what remained of those nations governments. Transforming those nations into Islamic theocracies where violence and bloodshed become the normal way of life.

Through outright bribery and the mind numbing stupidity of various corrupt American elected officials they have obtained obscene amounts of financial aid and support from the American Government. Throw in a smattering of high level Islamic Useful idiots like Valerie Jarret, Samantha Power, and Barrack Insane Obama and the Muslim Brotherhoods conquest of nearly all of the Middle East’s Arab nations has seemed in recent years to be all but a fait accompli. This is what the so called “Arab Spring” really is, nothing less and nothing more than the Muslim Brotherhoods violent military conquest of the Arab Ummah.

Muslim Brotherhood presses US to declare military takeover a ‘coup’

“I don’t understand what naivete can behold any person to see all the ingredients, political signs of a coup, and not see the coup,” El-Haddad said in an interview Sunday on ABC’s “This Week.” “It’s military junta on TV, tanks on the streets, troops on protest. Military people shooting civilians. I mean, it’s every ingredient of a full police state. I mean, what else are people waiting for?”

El-Haddad also vowed that there would be more clashes if military leaders did not “return the president back to his rightful place”

“There is no plan B. Again, we will stick by our principles,” he said.

El-Haddad’s comments come as Egypt faces another day of protests and clashes between pro-supporters and opponents of Morsi.

The Muslim Brotherhood leader was ousted last week and placed under house arrest by the military after days of mass protests over his rule. Morsi’s supporters though have vowed to restore the democratically elected leader, and on Friday the country saw more than 30 killed in violent protest.

Which brings us to today. The Muslim Brotherhood, like all good devout Muslims believe that the entire world must be subject to Islam, and that any of the nations or Peoples of the Book absolutely must pay the Jizzia tax. The financial aid given by the United States to Arab Islamic nations is seen as exactly that Jizzia tax. Since the Muslim Brotherhood consider themselves to be the only true heirs to the Ottoman Caliphate they believe that they and they alone should not only rule all Arab Islamic lands peoples and nations, but should likewise be the sole recipients of the Jizzia tax.

The Muslim Brotherhood absolutely are not and do not believe in democracy, they don’t give a rats ass what the people under them think or want. They engage in highly deceitful and violent practices exclusively for the purpose of obtaining and retaining political and military control over the people of the various Arab nations. Their control over Egypt was nothing less than a coup against the Egyptian people. Now, having the Egyptian military reverse their coup, they are crying foul, claiming that the military has enacted a coup and begging the Obamanation Administration to cosign their lies and murders and to return them to power.

Considering that the Obamanation Administration has openly supported every Islamic terrorist organization that they could since being elected, supplying Al Qaeda with weapons and financing in Libya and Syria, I have little doubt that they will find a way to come to the support of the Muslim Brotherhood yet again.


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