OUCH…. Now that’s going to leave a mark…..

Now I know that I have a small and insignificant little blog, I’m not offended by that fact, it is after all what it is. When I first began to comment on blogs it was over at a blog, which at the time was one of the most prominent conservative blogs in America, “Little Green Footballs”. Well, that was before Charles Johnson went nuttier than squirrel shit and banned the very people that had made his blog successful.

Well here we are, a good number of years later, and “Little Green Footballs” is, well to be honest, it has gone into the shitter. Charles utterly destroyed his reputation and made a colossal ass out of himself. He honestly has nobody but himself to blame for his current situation, the depths of that situation can be seen pretty damned clearly in this screen shot taken from Technorati. Sucks to be you, eh Charles…



8 thoughts on “OUCH…. Now that’s going to leave a mark…..

  1. Personally I think he must have had a credible threat on his life that scared the shit out of him. Think about it, the guy ran a blog that became the vanguard against radical Islam after 911 and he pulled the plug on it. What else would motivate someone to do something like that? Either that or he was bought off to remain silent, which is what I’m sure Pam Geller meant by “cash the check Chuckie”. Keep up the good blog DG

  2. Somewhere in Culver City, in a small house, at a computer desk next to the pantry a lone breathless voice was heard: “Bite me.”

  3. Oh, that is hilarious to see how far the Magical Jazz Man has fallen. And, nice to see you rise up in the ranks, Dorian.

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