Have you ever wondered?

It is said that “All that is required for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing”. The full weight and significance of that phrase not only seems to balance precariously upon the word “Nothing”, but to be in the very process of being tested, by America’s Marxist elitist ruling class, to the furthermost outer limits of that definition.

When the Obamanation that is Obamacare was foisted upon America, only one who had aligned themselves with evil could make the proclamation that good men had done nothing. For indeed, all across America good men and women confronted their elected representatives in record numbers and demanded that Obamacare be rejected. Only to have those selfsame elected representatives not only completely ignore their demands, but lock them out of the very public meetings that they scheduled to ask the general public what they thought about Obamacare.

Following hotly upon the heels of the passage of Obamacare came the 2010 mid-term elections, which, coincidentally, displayed itself as one of the most costly bloodbaths in American electoral history. Those that had voted for the Obamanation that is Obamacare, whose seats were up for reelection, found themselves in hotly contested struggles, with a record number of them being unable to secure their own reelections.

Sadly, the truth of what had taken place at the polls was, with no small degree of mendacious malfeasance, withheld from broadcast by the Fifth Column Treasonous Media. In short, the Fifth Column Treasonous Media conspired to collude with the Marxist elite party leadership of both the Democrat and Republican parties to prevent the American people from knowing the full extent of the American peoples displeasure.

Webster’s Dictionary, founded by Daniel Webster, one of those dusty old dead white men whom we are now increasingly informed deserve only our derision and mockery, defines the word “Nothing” thusly; “not any thing : no thing . 2. : no part. 3. : one of no interest, value, or consequence . — nothing …”

With 84 seats changing hands, one would need to be both intellectually disingenuous as well as dishonest to make the assertion that, “not any thing : no thing . 2. : no part. 3. : one of no interest, value, or consequence . — nothing …” had taken place.

Yet, here we find ourselves, once again looking squarely into the face of an intractable foe committed to achieving it’s own agenda despite our taking such clear and indisputably harsh and drastic actin against it. Not a single individual possessing the bare minimum of two functional brain cells could reasonably come to the conclusion that the leadership of the Democrat or the Republican Parties were unaware of the exact reasons for the 2010 bloodbath.

Not only could they not come to that conclusion, but given the recent revelations that the IRS and other very powerful federal bureaucracies were instructed to engage in illegal acts of intimidation and harassment of individuals and groups that had taken part in that historic rebuke of what can only be described as an intransigent, hostile and disloyal congressional body, it becomes only to obvious the leadership of both parties are engaged in what can only be named with accuracy and honesty as a coup d’état.

When the Supreme Court of the United States of America ruled on June 26th, that private citizens of the State of California did not have standing to defend the lawfully enacted legislation known as “Proposition 8” if the State government refused to defend it, they basically declared to the Citizens of the United States of America, you are no longer citizens, but now chattel, property of the State, subject to the will of the ruling elite.

Once upon a time not so long ago, in a far distant country, a single man stood in the middle of a public square, grocery bags in his hands, in front of a Tank. He refused for hours to stand aside and grant the great war machine to pass by without first running him over.

It is said that one single man, standing up at the right moment in time and saying no can change the entire course of history. In 2010 millions of American’s stood up and said not just no, but HELL NO. The consequence thus far has been that the federal government has responded by telling those citizens, your opinion is neither required nor desired.

At what point does that special moment take place, where one single action taken by one single individual set’s off a cascading chain of events, where the tipping point is reached, and those who have been standing, waiting, take action?


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