Amnesty, once again our elected officials betray the people who elected them.

The Aristocrats in the GOP and Democrat parties are once again betraying the people who trusted them to faithfully represent them. We saw this exact same behavior with the passage of Obamacare, when 80 percent of the country stood up at various town-hall meetings and told their elected representatives, not just no, but hell no.

When average American’s got together in loosely organized groups to bring the pain to their elected representatives because of their Obamacare betrayal, those elected representatives in collusion with the Fifth Column Treasonous Media took a page out of the old Soviet Politburo play book and began a vicious attack on those organizations.

Uh oh: New IRS chief says inappropriate screening of tax-exempt groups was broader, and lasted longer, than thought

Most of the so called “Right” would like to hang the IRS intimidation of the TEA Party groups on the Obamanation Administration. It’s the easy convenient target, the target that requires little to no thought or action. The problem is, that the Obamanation Administration is merely complicit in this scandal. The real culprits are the high ranking Congressional and Senate members who were threatened by the TEA Parties.

These so called elected representatives do not give a damned what their constitutes ask of them. Their sole concerns are personally profiting financially from their positions and protecting their seats of power. These douche bags have exempted themselves from laws that apply to regular tax paying American’s. Ask Martha Stewart what happens when you engage in insider trading while not being an elected representative. When you are a Congressman or Senator, it’s perfectly legal.

File your taxes wrong, go to jail, unless you’re a Congressman like Charlie Rangle or the head of the Treasury like Tim Gietner. Don’t pay your taxes, go to jail, unless you are an employee of the federal government.

Who, exactly, as in tell me the name, from the IRS is being held accountable for intimidating the TEA Party people? By held accountable, no I do not mean, given a promotion. Ask yourself who really profited from that IRS intimidation? Yes, that intimidation definitely helped Obama get reelected, but that, honestly was just tangential. The Republican RINO’s are who really profited.

The high ranking powerful RINO’s and the Democrats who voted for Obamacare are who profited. In 2010 the TEA Parties made a lot of politicians pay for their Obamacare votes. Those high ranking powerful survivors of the 2010 bloodbath made damned certain that there was no repeat of that bloodbath in 2012 and they both were and are attempting to ensure that 2014 likewise is not a repeat of 2010.

They know damned well that once they pass this amnesty bill, that their constitutes are going to be pissed off. So no, nobody in Congress or the Senate are going to do anything about the IRS scandal. Those assholes need the IRS to continue intimidating average American’s so that 2014 does not become a repeat of the 2010 bloodbath.

Make no mistake about it, 2010 was a bloodbath of historic proportions, but not purely as a referendum against the Democrats, it was a repudiation of Obamacare, and those who voted for it. These elitist self anointed Aristocrats in Congress and the Senate will do anything that they can to protect their positions of power.

Rubio favorability drops 15 points among GOP in Rasmussen poll

Given the available facts here, who in their right mind thinks that Senator Rubio is going to push for prosecution in this IRS scandal?

Edit: Need more proof that the IRS scandal is never going to result in anyone being prosecuted? Check out this latest poll on what the GOP and Independent base are saying they are going to do if this Amnesty farce passes.

Poll: Near-majority of Republicans say they’re less likely to vote for incumbents who support path to citizenship


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