“A bunch of mindless jerks that were the first ones up against the wall when the Revolution came.”

All across America, perhaps even all around the world, in the places where less than legal numbers are run, you can bet that bookies and odds makers are already taking bets on which agency of the United States Federal Government is going to earn the distinction of, to quote Douglas Adams, being “A bunch of mindless jerks that were the first ones up against the wall when the Revolution came.”

At the moment it probably won’t come as any surprise to the NSA Toodie reading this (who no doubt is frantically emailing this to his equally Toodie FBI buddies), that his agency is currently right at the top of that particular dead pool. Though, to read the Mary Katharine Ham article Save the Cheese over at Hot Air, it would seem that various and sundry FDA Toodies are making an heroic attempt to ensure their own bureaucratic cluster fuck of an agency is well represented on that list.

Save the cheese!
posted at 6:41 pm on June 14, 2013 by Mary Katharine Ham

We may have to bid adieu to yet another delicious French cheese, caught up in the FDA’s protect-you-from-yourself racket, which it turns out is about as unsatisfying and expensive as a traditional protection racket. Katherine Mangu-Ward reports on a small, Virginia cheese purveyor— and a good one, I can testify—who is pushing back on an FDA lockdown on mimolette:

The process for making mimolette sounds pretty gross. The rind of this French gouda competitor is aerated by tiny cheese mites, which burrow into the skin. When the cheese is ready for market, the mites are removed—mostly. It’s tough to get every single one of those little buggers off, which means the cheese poses a minute risk to customer who might be allergic to the mites.

The Food and Drug Administration’s solution: Total cheese lockdown:

Since March, several hundred pounds of the bright orange cheese have been held up by US customs because of a warning by the Food and Drug Administration that it contained microscopic cheese mites.

The mites are a critical part of the process to produce mimolette, giving it its distinctive grayish crust.

An FDA spokesperson, in true bureaucrat style, denies to Dairy Reporter there’s any ban on mimolette, but kinda sorta defends one if there were one, which he’s not saying there is. Mimolette, it turns out, may fall outside the FDA’s mite-per-square-inch limit, which I for one, am so glad it’s spending time establishing and policing:

According to the FDA’s Patricia El-Hinnawy, there’s no official limit, but the target is no more than six mites per square inch. For Mimolette, that’s a near impossible standard.

Benoit de Vitton is the North American representative for Isigny, one of the largest producers of Mimolette. In March, de Vitton began receiving letters from each of the dozen importers he works with, saying that their Mimolette shipments had been detained.

De Vitton estimates that he now has about a ton of cheese sitting in FDA warehouses in New Jersey. “They say the product, because of the mites, it is not proper for human consumption,” de Vitton sighs.

Ironically, de Vitton notes that Mimolette itself is rumored to have been created because of import issues in the 17th century. “The French were at war with Holland, and the king didn’t want any more Dutch Gouda coming to France. So he asked to create kind of the same cheese.”

But, hey, these bureaucrats are just here to keep you safe. And, that’s what they’re doing, right? Not really:

At this point, you pretty much have to be a brain dead zombie Marxist useless imbecile to not view the United States Federal Government as an oppressive dictatorial Marxist tyranny. From the IRS targeting the political opponents of the current regime for intimidation to the EPA forwarding the names of those same individuals to various democrat/Marxist political attack groups.

When the NSA is spying on every American citizen because the Department of Homeland Insecurity has declared mainstream Christians to be a greater terrorist threat than Muslim Extremists, when the Department of Injustice smuggles firearms to Mexican Narcotics cartels and blames it on ordinary law abiding Americans and the FBI director can’t even be bothered to investigate who murdered an American Ambassador. And we haven’t even gotten to the TSA strip searching 70 year old grandmothers and kids under 10, while refusing to even look at Muslims hiding behind their burqa’s.

No, no honest rational American would be surprised to hear that Las Vegas bookies were laying odds on who in the United States Federal nightmare of a Government stands the greatest chance of ending up as “A bunch of mindless jerks that were the first ones up against the wall when the Revolution came.” Hell, given the number of scandals with the Obamanation Administration, it might not even be a question of who is first, but more like, who didn’t end up against the wall when the revolution came.

Sic semper tyrannis anyone???


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