Hell hath no fury…

For the last 4 years this little insignificant blog of mine has been dedicated to exposing the mendacious maleficence of the Fifth Column Treasonous Media. Let me tell you, it has been an effort akin to an ant trying to move the earth out of it’s orbit. As much as I wish I could take credit for what I read today over at the Washington Post, I honestly cannot, it was the Fifth Column Treasonous Media who did all the heavy lifting themselves.

Last Sunday I chanced upon an article in the New York Slimes by Op-Ed Propagandist Frank Bruni in which said propagandist whined and cried over the fact that the American People have grown wise to the lies, deceits, omissions and propaganda that the Fifth Column Treasonous Media has been peddling for decades now. So, yes it was with a great deal of schadenfreude that wrote this article.

Who Needs Reporters FRANK BRUNI?

Let me make this 100 percent perfectly crystal clear to you Frank. You and your fellow traveling Fifth Column Treasonous Media whores have earned a place of disgust in the minds of the American People below child molesters and murderers through the hard work of diligently lying to the American People. This thing called the internet came along and allowed the American People to check on the supposed facts that you have been claiming to report. What we discovered, because of this internet thing, is that you and your ilk are the most corrupt lying bastards on the face of the earth.

Do we still need reporters? Yes, why yes we do. It honestly is a damned shame that America hasn’t seen a genuine honest reporter/journalist in the last 60 years. So while we do need real reporters/journalists, currently, we do not have any. The internet is not killing the print new media Frank, you and your Marxist fellow traveling Fifth Column Treasonous Media whore comrades are 100 percent responsible for that.

Well the article I ran across today over at the Washington Post was another glorious schadenfreude moment. Here, Chris Cillizza, another Fifth Column Treasonous Media propaganda whore adds his gnashing of teeth and lamenting to that of Frank Bruni, with uproariously hilarious results in the Washington Post’s comment section. Suck it up Frank and Chris, the gig is up and we’re on to you.

Is political reporting dying?

As Bruni notes in his piece, many people celebrate this diminution of the media’s role as a deserved punishment for our bad behavior. Sure, there are bad reporters. And, yes, the tendency to consider every story as a mountain (no molehills exist anymore) is detrimental to our long-term job of educating the public about what matters in their lives and why.

There is no question that reporting is under assault by a political class that understands the benefits technology affords it to end-run the traditional (and even not-so-traditional) media. No matter your partisan leanings, that should be a scary notion.

Electing people to the highest and most powerful offices in the country (and, in some cases the world) should mean that voters get the whole story before making up their minds — not just the story a politician wants them to hear.

(By all means please go read the comments at the Wa-Po, they are a riot as the commentors there let Chris have it will both barrels)

The schadenfreude of watching Frank Bruni and Chris Cillizza standing thunderstruck, blinded by the light and utterly incapable or willing to comprehend what is happening to them is utterly delicious. Like deer caught in the headlight of a 90,000 lbs Kenworth tractor trailer speeding at them at 90 miles per hour, the rhetorical face of pure incomprehension is priceless. It isn’t just the the American People no longer blindly believe whatever lies these propaganda douche bags throw out, it has transcended that, to where, now like the crowd watching the Emperor strut about without any cloths on, after the little boy has said what everyone else was afraid to say. The Emperor has no cloths on and now the crowd is openly mocking the naked Emperor.

How much longer will the Fifth Column Treasonous Media faithful like Frank Bruni and Chris Cillizza continue casting about desperately, frantically attempting to find a scapegoat to blame for the destruction of their industry? One can only speculate, but I honestly and profoundly doubt that anyone in the Fifth Column Treasonous Media is going to be having an epiphany or suddenly need to clear their conscious any time soon.

The wailing, gnashing of teeth, crying and blaming any and everyone else for their woes will continue for quite some time because, quite honestly, these tools lack the intelligence, integrity or capacity for honest self introspection necessary for them to understand why the American People would rather have a child molester or starving cannibal renting a room in their house from them then one of their ilk.


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