Who Needs Reporters FRANK BRUNI?

In what can only be described as a case of narcissistic personality disorder combined with the mentality of a swaggering, overbearing, tin-plated dictator with delusions of godhood, New York Slimes Op-Ed columnist Frank Bruni proceeds to inform anyone who still reads that third world excuse for toilet paper that “Reporters” are silly little people who are easily mislead because of their cynicism.

Who Needs Reporters?

Lately we journalists have been agitated, justifiably, by the Obama administration’s prosecution of leakers and spying on the reporters and news organizations who set up or sop up those leaks. It’s an overzealous overreach and a serious threat to our ability to police government, which has shown time and again that it needs policing.

But our role and relevance are arguably even more imperiled by politicians’ ability, in this newly wired world of ours, to go around us and present themselves in packages that we can’t simultaneously unwrap. To get a message out, they don’t have to beseech a network’s indulgence. They don’t have to rely on a newspaper’s attention. The Bachmann, Weiner and Clinton videos are especially vivid examples of that, reflections and harbingers of an era in which YouTube is the public square, and the fourth estate is a borderline obsolescent one.

Some of you are nodding and saying: “Great! You journalists have brought this on yourselves.” To a large extent, we have. With our cynicism, superficiality, susceptibility to carnival barkers and tendency to see all politics in terms of the contest rather than the content, we’ve earned a level of public esteem not much higher than the one that members of Congress bask in. The repugnant hounding the reviled: that’s the Beltway media situation in a rancid nutshell.

This is what one might describe as one of those self evident moments, like when a rapist claims that the woman he raped had it coming because of the way she dressed. What is in evidence here is that Frank Bruni has the same kind of tenuous relationship with the truth as Attorney General Erick Holder has. Which is to say, the two of them have never even been introduced to, let alone had a relationship with the truth.

Let me make this 100 percent perfectly crystal clear to you Frank. You and your fellow traveling Fifth Column Treasonous Media whores have earned a place of disgust in the minds of the American People below child molesters and murderers through the hard work of diligently lying to the American People. This thing called the internet came along and allowed the American People to check on the supposed facts that you have been claiming to report. What we discovered, because of this internet thing, is that you and your ilk are the most corrupt lying bastards on the face of the earth.

Do we still need reporters? Yes, why yes we do. It honestly is a damned shame that America hasn’t seen a genuine honest reporter/journalist in the last 60 years. So while we do need real reporters/journalists, currently, we do not have any. The internet is not killing the print new media Frank, you and your Marxist fellow traveling Fifth Column Treasonous Media whore comrades are 100 percent responsible for that.


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