Like a dog to it’s own vomit.

Look around, if you dare, what you will see will make your sin crawl. The Fifth Column Treasonous Media have already began closing rank around the Obamanation Administration. That despite the recent revelations concerning the illegal activities of the Obamanation Administration specifically those involving the Fifth Column Treasonous Media itself.

House Judiciary Committee to Justice: Explain snooping on AP, please

Remarkably, only the Republicans on Judiciary signed the letter. That’s all that is necessary to seek subpoenas if it comes down to that, but it’s an indication that Democrats might dig in to defend Holder and Cole even at the risk of attacking the Associated Press and the rest of the media by extension. At the very least, it makes it clear that Democrats don’t put a high priority on protecting a free press — or as the New York Times put it yesterday, demonstrate “insufficient concern about a free press.”

Make no mistake about this. Had the “Operation Fast and Furious”, “Benghazi” or “IRS vs AP and FoxNews” scandals taken place under a Republican POTUS… No, let’s make this even clearer to those out there suffering from self inflicted stupidity, had it taken place under the Sarah Palin Administration, how would the Fifth Column Treasonous Media be behaving today. I dare anyone of you out there to show that you have courage or integrity. I dare you to say what nobody wants to admit, though everyone knows that it is true.

I choose Sarah Palin as the ultimate example of the Fifth Column Treasonous Media’s mendacious and malfeasance for reasons that most will understand, though, tragically many will find incomprehensible. During the 2008 presidential race Sarah Palin was subjected to a degree of slander and libel no politician in American history has ever been subjected to. This dishonest and vile behavior continued even after Mrs. Palin and John McVain lost to Barack Insane Obama, it continued through the 2012 presidential race even though she was not a candidate.

Yes, I know, there are psychologically, morally and ethically stunted and twisted people out there on both sides of the political isle who believe that the treatment Mrs. Palin received was justified. The issue here is not whether Sarah Palin was qualified to be Vice President or President of the United States of America.

What is at issue here are the moral and ethical standards being applied to her as opposed to those being applied to Barack Insane Obama. The Fifth Column Treasonous Media applied their single solitary moral and ethical standard to Sarah Palin and to Barack Insane Obama, one might even say, equally. But such a statement can only be made once one agrees with exactly what the single and solitary moral and ethical standard was and is. That standard is, “The End Justifies the Means”.

The various members of the Fifth Column Treasonous Media knew exactly who both Sarah Palin and Barack Insane Obama were, make no mistake about that. They knew that Barack Insane Obama was one of their very own Marxist fellow travelers and that Sarah Palin was a US Constitution believing reformer. Hence the equal application of their moral and ethical standard. They used every deceitful dirty trick they could think of to ensure that Barack Insane Obama was elected while at the same time employing every deceitful dirty trick they could think of to ensure that Sarah Palin was destroyed as a political force, politician and human being.

Now, it turns out however that Barack Insane Obama genuinely is a Marxist with dictatorial ambitions willing to destroy anyone who isn’t 100 percent loyal to him. AP (the Associated Press) broke the cardinal rule they made the mistake of now bowing down at the proscribed time and place and looked into a possible scandal when they were suppose to be worshiping. The consequences of that failure to show obedience as required by the Obamanation Administration’s was the Erick Holder Department of InJustice illegally seizing records of over 20 AP employees.

For about one skinny minuet a few members of the Fifth Column Treasonous Media almost looked up from the places where they have planted their faces in worship of the Obamanation Administration. A few even dared to mutter under their breaths that what the Obamanation Administration had done was wrong. But make no mistake about this. At this very second the vast majority of the useless imbeciles in the Fifth Column Treasonous Media are wracking their brains for ways to justify the Obamanation Administrations illegal abuse of one of their own.

They have already begun doing with this scandal exactly what they have done with every other Obamanation Administration scandal. They have already begun the process of marginalizing, justifying and otherwise obfuscating what has taken place. They will and are already doing everything that they can think up to make this scandal disappear like a small cloud of smoke in a hurricane. They have already began the effort to push it to the back page, to move it out of the spotlight. To relegate it to the inconsequential past.

They honestly have no other choice, since to give it the coverage that they would be giving it were Sarah Palin President of the United States of America and this had happened under her administration would in reality be tantamount to admitting that their chosen messiah is not only a fraud, but that they had played the role of those in the crowd before Pontius Pilate who cried out… “”Give us Barabbas”…


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