Do not allow yourself to be deceived.

Obvious exit question: Whether Attkisson was monitored or not, it can’t be just the AP and Rosen whom the feds have snooped on in four years. How many other reporters?

Those in the “Professional Blogging Class” can be so amusing at times. Helloieeeee, NEWS FLASH… It isn’t just reporters, it’s anyone who makes the mistake of disagreeing with the Obamanation Administration in anything even remotely resembling a public forum.

Yes, yes, it’s now that time in the program where the audience gets to participate. Yes, I’m obviously a tin foil hat wearing conspiracy theorist.

If you have ever read this blog before than you now that it is anything but being a Obamanation Administration friendly blog. This blogs highest single concentration of readers by some strange coincidence just happens to be individuals residing in Mordor on the Potomac, ( a little fact I happen to be aware of courtesy of Alexa )

Sharyl Attkisson: Something fishy’s been going on with my computers since early 2011

Yea, well, you’re not the only one sweetheart. For about the last year or so my computer has periodically suffered from sudden and inexplicable bouts of inability to connect to the internet. No, there is nothing wrong with my computer, or my internet connection. It just periodically refuses to connect. Getting it to do so again requires jumping through all sorts of flaming hoops and what not. But it comes down to this, periodically my network card suddenly decides that it will not permit network traffic, then it decides that it will turn itself off.

Ya, your right, my tin foil hat is screwed on way to tight. Just because Alexa once reported that someone from the DOJ was reading my blog and then my computer started misbehaving doesn’t actually mean that there is any connection between the two events. Ya, you’re right, I probably just screwed something up on my computer that explains this strange behavior of my computer. No reason to suspect that it’s anything else, right?

It’s not like the DOJ has actually taped into the computers of individuals who refused to worship the Obamessiah… I mean, right? Ya, I know, I know, after all, I am about as small and insignificant as it’s possible to be in the grand scheme of things. No rational or logical reason to think that the DOJ or any other federal bureaucracy would bother wasting their time on anyone as insignificant as me especially while their are genuinely threatening targets out there like Attkisson or Rosen, right?

Try keeping this thought fixed firmly in your mind while considering just how paranoid and foolish this all sounds. Before the Berlin Wall came down the East German Secret Police (the Stasi) kept files on every single East German, and 1 in every 6 East Germans were informants of the Stasi.

Yes, make no mistake about it, what these various Obamanation Administration faceless bureaucrats and bureaucracies are doing is exactly what the KGB and the Stasi used to do, no, they haven’t gotten to the stage that everyone associates with the KGB or the Stasi yet, but even the KGB and the Stasi didn’t start out the way they ended.

HotAir’s Ed Morrissey threw me off HotAir for making a comment there that I had made hundreds of times over a course of two or three years. It was a act of hypocritical cowardice on Ed’s part. All things considered though, looks like Ed might have been encouraged. Is the new statistic going to be, 1 in 6 Professional Bloggers is an informant for the Obamanation Administrations Cyber Secret Police?


2 thoughts on “Do not allow yourself to be deceived.

  1. doriangrey – You seem to have really stepped up your writing skills lately. Either that, or I have mentally drifted more towards the “stout hemp rope” fringe. 🙂

    Eitehr way, keep it up!

  2. Gates, and others, computer hardware, software and Internet ‘gurus’, all met with & supported BHO early on. A little “help” from his friends….is not such a big leap….

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