A rather odd spam left on one of my articles.

Were it not for the fact that I was once a professional musician this rather odd comment left on one of my articles would have gone straight from the spam folder into the trash. Perhaps I am writing about it because it appeals to my vanity. At any rate here it is.

adwokat warszawa

Submitted on 2013/05/18 at 10:25

You also probably has a few songs of your purchased as guitar helping material.
People from around the world come over to enjoy particular divine show.

The IP address which I have omitted appears to be from Germany, the article was not about music or any of my musical material, and the syntax does not seem to be English, though it could be a bot of some sort. I must confess to finding the premise of the comment amusing. Since I was many years ago both a song writer and guitar player. Alas, as I said about, no doubt my vanity prevented me from trashing it straight away.


2 thoughts on “A rather odd spam left on one of my articles.

  1. The name’s kind of a dead give away, too. LOL
    I just came to check out your blog and see how you’re doing. I tweeted Flora Duh yesterday. She was my only twitter follower, and I haven’t seen her tweet since January. I hope she’s okay. Well, I’m going to continue reading now.

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