When is a scandal not a scandal.

When is a scandal not a scandal? When the congressman who let the cat out of the bag retracts his assertion, that’s when. California congressman Devin Nunes made a very shocking and disturbing assertion the other day. From a statement made by Nunes on Hugh Hewitt’s Show Wednesday night.

DN: No, I absolutely do not, especially after this wiretapping incident, essentially, of the House of Representative. I don’t think people are focusing on the right thing when they talk about going after the AP reporters. The big problem that I see is that they actually tapped right where I’m sitting right now, the Cloak Room.

HH: Wait a minute, this is news to me.

DN: The Cloak Room in the House of Representatives.

HH: I have no idea what you’re talking about.

DN: So when they went after the AP reporters, right? Went after all of their phone records, they went after the phone records, including right up here in the House Gallery, right up from where I’m sitting right now. So you have a real separation of powers issue that did this really rise to the level that you would have to get phone records that would, that would most likely include members of Congress, because as you know…

Strip away all the superfluous crap, and what Nunes said is that the DOJ was tapping phone calls taking place in the congress cloak room. To say that the DOJ doing that would be illegal is kind of like asking if killing your mother-in-law and eating her live on television might possible be a little bit illegal.

Now however, Congressman Nunes has changed his tune. His office is now “clarifying” what he said:

What Rep. Nunes meant by “tapped” was that the DOJ seized the phone records, as has been widely reported. There was a little confusion between him and the host during the conversation: He did not mean to refer to phone records of the cloakroom itself, but of the Capitol. This refers to the phone records for the AP from the House press gallery, which the DOJ admitted to looking at. He was explaining that if those phone records were seized, they would reveal a lot of conversations between the press and members of Congress, since reporters often speak to Members from the press gallery phones. The notion of the DOJ looking at phone records from the Capitol of conversations between Members of Congress and reporters is something that concerns Rep. Nunes, bringing up issues related to the separation of powers.

Now, either Congressman Nunes got excited while talking to Hugh Hewitt and overstated his case, shall we say, was confused. Or….. Congressman Nunes was 100 percent direct and on the money, but someone in a significant position of authority used sufficient leverage for Congressman Nunes to retract his assertion.

What is the truth here? Was Congressman Nunes telling the truth the first time, or was he mistaken? Did someone get Nunes to “Clarify” away his assertion? It is profoundly unlikely that we will ever know. Anyone who thinks that their isn’t more skullduggery committed by Congressman/women everyday than in an entire years worth of cheap spy novels is either still in kindergarten or they are on life support in a Coma ICU ward somewhere in a third world banana republic.

The evidence is otherwise incontrovertible that the GOP Leadership has zero intention of doing anything what-so-ever that might result in Barack Obama facing any serious investigations over anything that he has done. It was no less than the GOP Leadership that killed the investigations into Joe Sestek’s dropping out of his senatorial race, likewise it was the GOP Leadership that ensured that there was no real serious investigation into “Operation Fast and Furious” and “Benghazi”.

There will be no real serious investigation into the DOJ tapping of AP phone records let alone the possibility that perhaps the DOJ tapped phone conversations in the Congressional Cloak Room. Given the nature of recent revelations with regards to various illegal actions taken by various Obamanation Administration officials, Congressman Nunes original assertion should be investigated even if everyone thinks that Nunes was mistaken.

The truth however, tragically is exactly at I already told you. The GOP Leadership are not going to. They will not allow themselves to go down in history as the people who brought down America’s first Black President. They would rather sit back and watch America be destroyed than be accused of “Racism”.


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