Michael Tomasky savors the flavor of Obama’s backside.

Fifth Column Treasonous Media propaganda artist Michael Tomasky is getting weapons grade frantic in his latest propaganda piece.

The Coming Attempt to Impeach Obama

Impeachment is crazy, the Daily Mail is crazy, and the idea that Obama has any direct culpability in either of these matters is, given what we know today, utter madness. Okay?

But this is my point: utter madness is what today’s Republicans do. You can present to me every logical argument you desire. Benghazi at the end of the day was a terrible tragedy in which mistakes, bad mistakes, were certainly made, and in which confusion and the CYA reflex led to some bad information going out to the public initially, but none of this remotely rises to the level of high crime. The IRS cock-up was just that, a mistake by a regional office. I get all this, and I agree with you.

This load of crap is 100 percent pure propaganda the sole and exclusive intent of which is to make the very notion of impeaching Barack Insane Obama unthinkable, to place it in the tin foil hat range right next to alien anal probing.


2 thoughts on “Michael Tomasky savors the flavor of Obama’s backside.

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