Disclaimer: I am not a Journalist.

These days the word journalist is spit out of my mouth (and from my keyboard) with the same vile disgusting distaste as the words murderer, rapist and pedophile. No, I absolutely am not a journalist. I make no pretense of being “Objective”. I do not lie to my readers, I do not deceive them for the sake of my personal political ideology.

I am what I am, a insignificant little blogger, and I make no pretenses of being anything else. I am not engaged in the propagation of propaganda for any political party. I intensely hate Marxism and it’s evil children Communism, Socialism, and Progressive Liberalism. I am an American, I ardently believe in Laissez-faire Capitalism, The United States Constitution and the Republic that it is the foundation of. I am utterly unapologetic in my love and belief in the United States of America as a Constitutional Republic.

While in College, many many years ago, I was required to write (as were any college student) a substantial number of term papers and essays. The rouge that I was back then, took rather considerable pleasure in writing papers that contained more pages of ibid citations than the actual papers I was writing. It is true, I found it intensely amusing to watch the consternation cross my various professors faces as they struggle through my 10 page papers with their 12 pages of ibid citations.

These days I no longer take that perverse pleasure with my writing, though what has not changed is the amount of research and ancillary reading that goes into what I write about. It has taken me years to both learn and accept that “Brevity is the soul of wit”. I include just the links or citations required to give my readers the background information necessary to follow the logic I employ in my writing.

Something else that I must make absolutely clear that I am not. I most assuredly am not a member of the “Professional Blogging Class”. I harbor absolutely no ambitions of ever becoming a member of the Fifth Column Treasonous Media, a journalist (spit) or a talking head, nor do I desire to be invited to appear as a guest of any talking head.

While I do admit that it would be nice to get paid for my writing, getting paid is not my goal. What I write, I write because I feel deeply about the subject, consequently it makes me a poor blogger. Moreover unlike those in the “Professional Blogging Class” I am not politically correct in what I write. In fact there are certain members of the “Professional Blogging Class” (points a finger directly at Hot Air’s Ed Morressey) who have found what I write to be so politically incorrect that they have banned me from the Blogs that they administer.

Too many of those in the “Professional Blogging Class” (points a finger directly at Hot Air’s Ed Morressey) dream of making the jump to the Mainstream Media, either as “Journalists” or Talking Heads. They worry about maintaining their appearance of respectability or reasonableness. In my personal opinion this makes them little different then those in the Fifth Column Treasonous Media. The only difference is in their own personal political ideology (differences which apparently amount to little more than shades of gray).

It troubles me not in the slightest that the likes of Ed Morressey and his peers in the “Professional Blogging Class” find me vulgar or disrespectful. I write things that most people think, but can’t bring themselves to speak or write, things that those in “Professional Blogging Class” won’t even allow themselves to think, lest it destroy their chances of ever being elevated into the Fifth Column Treasonous Media.

As a blogger, I remember with considerable admiration the tenacious and fearless manner with which Andrew Breitbart approached his craft. Like myself, Andrew Brietbart considered the Fifth Column Treasonous Media America’s single greatest enemy. Unlike me, he was a part of the ruling elite, able to move with ease through to aristocratic jungle of concrete and glass that is Los Angeles and New York.

I am not one of the “Chosen elite” not an aristocrat, and never will be, nor am I a moderate or progressive liberal. What I write is aggressive and bold, I call a spade a spade and make no bones about it. This offends the previously mentioned “Professional Blogging Class” for the previously mentioned reasons. It’s easy for them to discount what I write as insane conspiracy theory crap, that’s fine with me, I’m not trying to become part of the Fifth Column Treasonous Media nor be invited to pontificate with any of the talking heads.

The things I am interested in, that I believe to be important are not the same as those in the Fifth Column Treasonous Media or the Professional Blogging Class. I want the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. I owe no allegiance to any political party, politician or special interest group, my allegiance is to the truth, to the United States Constitution and to the Constitutional Republic of which it is the foundation.


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