The Fifth Column Treasonous Media goes into disinformation mode (Again).

There are a number of rhetorical questions that are ubiquitous to the internet. Usually expressed when someone posts something that is mind numbingly stupid or outright dishonest. Is water wet? Is the Pope Catholic, does a bear shit in the woods, does fire burn? One of my personal favorites isn’t a question, but a rhetorical statement reflecting outrage just the same.

“Paging Captain Renault, Captain Renault to the white courtesy phone please… I’m shocked, shocked I tell you”…

Well, Wednesday May 8th Congress held special hearing on the Benghazi scandal. The Obamanation Administration and the Clinton State Department were shown to be complaisant in the deaths of Ambassador Stevens, Information Officer Sean Smith,[57] and two embassy security personnel, Glen Doherty and Tyrone Woods.

Sworn testimony proved that both the Obamanation Administration and Foggy Bottom lied their asses off from the very get-go about what happened. More importantly, sworn testimony proved that the Obamanation Administration ordered military assets that were attempting to go to the rescue of those in Benghazi not to interfere. There was a stand down order issued from the highest levels of the Obamanation Administration.

While utterly disgusting and a straight up example of dishonorable conduct and corruption, the actions taken by various members of the Democrat Party came as absolutely no surprise to anyone with two functional brain cells. Their response was nearly a picture perfect repetition of their conduct during the “Operation Fast and Furious” Congressional hearings.

Various Democrat’s such as Congressman Elijah Cummings set new standards for conduct that should be considered criminal. He lied, misrepresented, distorted, obstructed, refused to allow relevant and important testimony, and otherwise engaged in behavior that in a criminal court of law would have resulted in his arrest for obstruction of justice. This is nothing new, it was a genuine repeat of his Fast and Furious performance.

Those who have been paying attention recognize that their is not one single Democrat who has any morals or ethics. Their only personal value is “The end justifies the means” which can also be translated as, “Win at any cost”. The unified Democrat performance yesterday was a perfect example of that belief system.

No, the Democrat performance was no surprise.

The only thing that even comes close to a surprise is how fast the Fifth Column Treasonous Media killed/buried the results of the Wednesday May 8th Congressional Benghazi Hearings. Literally overnight, that fast. Despite the utterly indisputable sworn testimony that proved the Obamanation Administration and the Clinton State Departments complaisant actions and willful and with a fore thought of Malice obstruction of Justice the Fifth Column Treasonous Media instantly acted to black out the testimony given to Congress.

One can only come to a single solitary conclusion, it is beyond inescapable. The Fifth Column Treasonous Media made their decision to kill/bury the results of the Benghazi Hearings precisely because of the damaging nature of the testimony given. There is no other possible explanation.

Anyone who hasn’t been either living in a cave or had their head up their own ass for the last 6 years knows that the Fifth Column Treasonous Media has been engaging in a war of propaganda against the American People on behalf of the Obamanation Administration. Hiding information, engaging in misdirection, outright lying and smearing anyone who challenges their false narrative.

The truth is inescapable and the intellectual exercise that proves it both tragically sad an insanely funny at the same time. It proves beyond any conceivable shadow of doubt the extent that the Fifth Column Treasonous Media has both bought into the ideological premise that “The End justifies the means” and has become corrupt beyond redemption.

What is that intellectual exercise? Ask any managing editor, journalist or talking head. Would you have covered “Operation Fast and Furious” or “Benghazi” the same was had they taken place under the Presidential Administration of Sarah Palin.

No…. This question is not meant to advocate for a Sarah Palin Presidential Administration. It is meant exclusively to demonstrate the shockingly immoral and unethical behavior of the Fifth Column Treasonous Media. Barack Obama was never subjected to the vile, despicable and dishonorable treatment by the Fifth Column Treasonous Media that Vice Presidential Candidate Sarah Palin was.

The contrast between how Sarah Palin was treated and how the Fifth Column Treasonous Media have covered the scandals of the Obamanation Administration tells anyone with two functional braincells just how corrupt and dishonest the Fifth Column Treasonous Media has become. In America today, you simply cannot make a statement that carries more veracity than this. The single greatest and most dangerous enemy of the United States of America and the United States Constitution is The Fifth Column Treasonous Media (Mainstream Media).


6 thoughts on “The Fifth Column Treasonous Media goes into disinformation mode (Again).

  1. We all have sins to atone for, the red in my ledger runs deep as well, but as you pointed out it doesn’t mean we should have to sit idly by. I am home by the way, Okinawa a distant memory, and ready to start the next phase. Will be out your way in about a month, so once in Portland I will ensure you know. Something I think you would appreciate is this, as I get older and years go by I begin to hear more clearly the messages of one of my favorite bands in a different light. I don’t agree with all their politics for sure, but the Eagles most certainly have some relevant songs through the ages, and Don Henley in particular, Dirty Laundry for sure, but their latest album Long Road out Of Eden has so many relevant songs well, I thought you and I would share the irony of that thought. You are a good friend, and I am glad that we are so.

  2. The reality is that the treasonous media will continue to get away with this crap because too many in the American Citizenry think the same way the lying Hillary Clinton does, i.e. “What difference does it make?”

    Also, these idiots don’t know what they don’t know and what they are not being told because they don’t want to know.

  3. There is not one untruth that you have expressed. I wholly side with you on this. I just hope that somthing actually comes of this, or what the hell was the point? More to come so says Trey Gowdy, that guy could be unstoppable, same as Chaffetz… Too many dems allowed to speak, Cummings so pissed me off, well they all did, dems I mean. All I want to know now is WHO ordered the stand down twice? Then let heads roll. Good piece!

    • Yes, Trey Gowdy and Jason Chaffetz have impressed me a great deal. My hope is that they are as honorable as they appear. I made a comment the other day to another visitor here, and as it bares direct relevance on why I write this blog I will repeat it here for you.

      While I have never been a liberal, I have my own sins to atone for. I spent nearly 20 years as a professional musician. Completely oblivious to what was going on around me politically. The many things I could have done with my educational opportunities that I did not do because I was blindly chasing fame and fortune. To many drug offenses in my past to be directly involved in politics.

      But I have a keen and sharp mind, and a moderate way with words. So I do what I can to wake people up and make them understand what has happened to our country and that the way out of the trouble we are in, is through the ballot box and a careful examination of the candidates.

      We must retake what has been lost through neglect. We as a country have focused on our own personal lives and families. We put earning a living above the important things. Letting people we had not personally vetted teach our children, make our laws, run our country. Those people betrayed our trust, some for money, others because of their political ideologies.

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