Your Grabberment at work.

Looks like the corrupt lying douche bags in Congress are at it again. This time around the douche bag in question is Sen. Mike Enzi (R-Wyo.) and typical of form, he has a scheme to milk the American Tax Payer yet again. Does one even dare to ask, if their is anything these corrupt lying douche bags are not scheming to levy a tax on?

Senate to vote on bill to end sales-tax exemption on Internet commerce

The Senate may act to raise taxes today, and barely anyone knows about the effort. A bill that would allow all states to collect sales taxes on Internet purchasers by their residents may get a floor vote today:

The days of tax-free online shopping could finally be numbered.

The Senate is planning to vote on a bill as soon as Monday that would give states the authority to collect sales taxes on all Internet purchases, handing local governments as much as $11 billion per year in added revenue that they are legally owed — but that hasn’t been paid to them for years. …

The bill introduced by Sen. Mike Enzi (R-Wyo.), called the Marketplace Fairness Act, would grant all states the power to collect taxes from out-of-state vendors selling goods to their residents.

That a Senator has come up with another way to steal the fruits of the average Americans labors really comes as no surprise to anyone I suppose. However, where this story really throws salt on an open wound is in the propaganda angle thrown in by the fake conservative blog HotAir’s head linguistic prestidigitator, one Mr. Ed Morrissey.

In the end, though, the question is one of equal application of the law. Is it just to keep the exemption on tax collection almost twenty years after the commercialization of the Internet, which shows no sign of abating at all? The competitive disadvantage for brick-and-mortar stores is real, and they’re already in big enough trouble without forcing them to collect taxes while their competition doesn’t. Enzi’s proposal is certainly reasonable, and arguably necessary — and worthy of serious debate, which would be nice to see before a floor vote on the proposal.

This is a straight up indoctrination tactic, employed to make utterly vile practices acceptable by arguing that there are in fact justifiable and reasonable purposes in accepting what is clearly a absolutely unacceptable position. That a Bog whose entire reputation is predicated on being a “Conservative Blog” has anyone on their staff would mount any sort of support for what can honestly only be described as a Marxist Progressive’s wet dream of an idea, really only places on public display the disgusting depths that Ed has dragged HotAir down to.

Clearly Hot Air, under Ed Morrissey’s guidance is anything but a “Conservative Blog” Fraudulent Prevaricators Disseminating Progressive Propaganda and Indoctrination would be a far more accurate description of Hot Air under Mr Morrissey.

The United States Congress does not need one damned single penny more in tax receipts, anyone who thinks otherwise is either a damned fool or a Liberal Progressive Marxist fool. What the United States Congress needs is to face criminal prosecution for gross incompetence and corruption. They need to be prosecuted for exceeding the legal scope of their authority. They need to shut down every single federally funded bureaucracy for which a direct reference cannot be found in the United States Constitution. What Congress needs to do, is quit thinking that the American peoples hard earned money belongs to them and that the American people are nothing more than an ATM machine for their Marxist Progressive Utopian nightmare. Congress needs to adopt a binding legal resolution that makes it a federal felony to propose any spending that would result in a budget for the next year greater than 80% of the previous years gross tax receipts. Congress must be forced to live within their financial means, operate on a balanced budget just like everyone else. More importantly, Congress must be forced to understand that their are consequences for their actions especially when those action amount to armed robbery.

That Ed Morrissey thinks there is anything even remotely reasonable about a group of habitual Ponzi scheming thieving bastards imposing a new tax on the American people only proves how unacquainted with the concepts of Conservationism he really is.


6 thoughts on “Your Grabberment at work.

  1. Its most amusing that they’re talking about internet taxes again after gutting the STOP act last week. Congress can insider trade but no one else but what we need, to be fair of course is more taxes. Taxes that will cripple the internet economy. At best, these idiots are just incompetent bought off fools.

    • Indeed we should consider ourselves lucky if they were only incompetent bought off fools. However since their behavior displays a pattern of unmistakable mendacious malfeasance we are left to suffer until we are able to rouse the required number of our fellow citizens from their propaganda indoctrinated state of somnolence for us to take such action as if required to correct this situation.

      Waking the electorate up to the fact that the vast majority of our elected officials are corrupt career criminals is no small or easy task, I keep hoping, praying and looking for another Andrew Brietbart, who was such a master at what we need to do.

      • “I keep hoping, praying and looking for another Andrew Brietbart, who was such a master at what we need to do.” Just look in the mirror 🙂 You are in the same category… You have the skills and talent!

        • Wow, Chrissy,

          I had to think long and hard how to respond to that It’s an amazing compliment to say the least. Tragically, though my ego would like to pretend otherwise, the truth is that I am no where near being in Andrew Brietbarts league.

          In all honesty I am just a insignificant and brash little Blogger. Which is why Ed was able to squash me so easily and with no consequence.

          But I honestly do thank you for that compliment.

  2. The more you write the more I am convinced… YOU need to go mainstream somehow. We can’t even link to your blog from there any longer…it was tried last night 😦 I wish you all the best SW! 0_o for real man…you may be gone but not forgotten!

    • That you cannot, well, it ought to tell you everything I told you about Ed is true. He is doing exactly what a Progressive Marxist would do. sadly, 99% of the HotAir folks, well, they have their Bread and Circus, they don’t care in the slightest who rules them, after all, they have their HotAir accounts/Bread and Circus.

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