BRIAN KIMBERLING: Imbecile writ large.

The New York Slimes writer Brian Kimberling like all good Marxist Progressives just can’t help exposing himself as a complete and total imbecile.

What Do the Birders Know?

And what are today’s birds telling us? The Audubon Society estimates that nearly 60 percent of 305 bird species found in North America in winter are shifting northward and to higher elevations in response to climate change.

For the imbeciles employed by the New York Slimes pretending to be writers, placing on public display the extent of their roaring bumbling stumbling stupidity appears to a badge of honor. These Marxist Progressives just cant let go of their Anthropogenic Global Warming Ponzi scheme? It’s a damned shame no Attorney General has to testicular fortitude to start arresting and prosecuting these thieves for the hundreds of billions of dollars that they are stealing.


One thought on “BRIAN KIMBERLING: Imbecile writ large.

  1. As our earth spins on it’s axis and every so often wobbles slightly and moves higher or lower depending on so many natural factors, is it no wonder that over some eons or millenia or whatnot we can expect climactic changes? I am sure if asked, our northern bretheren especially those Canadians, would relish the chance at a shorter winter period and a longer summer one! Ye Gads Forsooks! The man is a lunatic! A veritable ‘Bird Brain’! Thanks for such a heartwarming giggle at someone elses expense!! 🙂 ^ 5

    PS When Iceland becomes ice again or Greenland becomes green again, or some such nonsense, should we worry? Nah, not so much…

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