File this under: You have to be a Liberal to be this dishonest.

The Liberal Talking Heads, made infamous by the Fifth Column Treasonous Media, have spent the last week hoping and praying, in public no less, that the terrorists involved in the Boston Marathon Bombing would turn out to be white males and right wing christian terrorists connected to the TEA Party and the Republicans.

David Sirota ‏@davidsirota 58m

Our reaction to terrorism shouldnt be predicated on the demography of the terrorists. Sad that bigotry apparently obscures this simple truth

Well, those hopes dreams and prayers were brutally dashed when they turned out to be Muslim Jihadists from Chechnya. Now the wailing and gnashing of teeth and lamenting that we must not rush to judgement from the left begins, predictable as clockwork.

Did David and his ilk demand that same degree of civility and caution when they were ridiculing the TEA Party as “Teabaggers”? When they were breathless rushing to try to pin the attempted assignation of Gabby Giffords on right wing TEA Party members? Or when they were trying to paint a narrative that the Sandy Hooks murders were a right wing TEA Party person? Oh hell no they they didn’t. It was all breathless anticipation and excitement that they would be able to lay those atrocities at the feet of Conservatives and Republicans.

David Sirota and is fellow propagandists have no genuine interests in the truth, only in advancing their Marxist based Socialist political ideology and agenda. They are the worst sort of liars and charlatans imaginable, because they have deceived not only those who read or listen to their lies, but have deceived themselves as well.

Where is this moral outrage that a majority of innocent people not be painted with the actions of a few insane individuals when it come to the 90 million honest law abiding gun owners in America? Where is this indignation that tens of millions of innocent, honest law abiding citizens who consider themselves members of the TEA Party were slandered?

I’ll tel you where it is, it doesn’t exist, that’s where it is. These Joseph Goebbels School of Journalism graduates, these Alinskyites, have sold their souls to the devil to advance their evil perverted ideological agenda. Their sole and exclusive moral value is, that “The End Justifies the Means”. There is no lie, no matter how obvious or outrageous that they will not tell and repeat Ad infinitum to achieve their end goal.

There is simply no point in asking if David Sirota and his despicable brethren have any shame over what they do, they do not. It’s as alien concept to them as differential calculus is to a common red ant.


3 thoughts on “File this under: You have to be a Liberal to be this dishonest.

  1. I ventured over to Salon a few days ago, needless to say I won’t visit again, Salon is appalling as is Sirota. Nice expose! Kudos!

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