Ed Morrissey, Progressive Liberal infiltrator running HotAir defends David Axelrod.

Bet ya didn’t see that coming did ya. Michelle Makin must be proud of what Ed Morrissey and Salem Communications have done with the once preeminent Conservative Bog. Now it is little more than a apologist site for the Progressive Liberal Marxists ruining our once great Republic.

Video: In (limited) defense of David Axelrod

Green Room
Video: In (limited) defense of David Axelrod
posted at 2:52 pm on April 16, 2013 by Ed Morrissey

I’ve seen this going around conservative circles, with the description that David Axelrod or Barack Obama believe that the Boston bombings had something to do with yesterday being Tax Day. But that’s not what Axelrod was saying. In discussing why Obama didn’t immediately call the attack yesterday “terrorism,” Axelrod replies that no one really knew what it was by then — and that a bad call could have serious consequences around the world:

David Axelrod is a disgusting piece of human feces, that Ed Morrissey is offering even a limited defense is all the proof anyone needs that Ed Morrissey is no Conservative, and no friend to any Conservative. Ed has his eye on the ball though, no doubt that ball is a lucrative gig with MSLSD and not anything good for America.

But hey, you don’t have to take my word for it, just wake the hell up and smell the coffee. How many stories has Ed run at HotAir pushing how Conservatives will eventually have to accept Same Sex Marriage, how eventually they will have to accept Amnesty? No, those are not Conservative positions, those are Progressive Liberal position.

Everybody put your hands together and cheer for Ed, what a great guy he is, betraying you selling you down the river, using propaganda and indoctrination tactics on you, brainwashing you to be just like him, a good little progressive liberal pretending to be a Moderate.


One thought on “Ed Morrissey, Progressive Liberal infiltrator running HotAir defends David Axelrod.

  1. Axelrod responded with his own answer, his own warped perspective, his vision of world. His and Obama’s. Sick, and twisted, and always looking to maximize a crisis. They want so desperately for this to be about a ‘right-winger’ – they might even figure out how to make it so. Who trusts them? We live in Bizarro land.

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