The Invasion of America gains speed.

Thousands rally nationwide in support of comprehensive immigration reform

WASHINGTON — Thousands of immigrants and activists rallied nationwide Wednesday in a coordinated set of protests aimed at pressing Congress to approve immigration reforms that would grant 11 million immigrants living here illegally a path toward citizenship.

Organizers said demonstrations were taking place in at least 18 states and in Washington, D.C., where a large, festive crowd gathered on the west lawn of the U.S. Capitol Wednesday afternoon.

“We won’t win immigration reform just coming to Washington. We need to walk the streets all over the country,” said Ben Monterroso, national director of civic participation of the Service Employees International Union, which represents nurses and lower-wage employees including janitors and child care workers.

In Atlanta, more than 1,000 people marched around the Georgia Capitol Wednesday midday, calling for comprehensive immigration reform and an end to deportation.

In San Francisco, demonstrators planned to build an altar at the federal building with 1,000 paper flowers, symbolizing the number of people deported daily for immigration violations. A gathering in San Diego was being billed as marking “Undocumented Coming Out Day.”

The Fifth Column Treasonous Media, in yet another of a very long line of nothing short of treasonous actions has gone into full propaganda and promotion mode employing their bully pulpits to hammer away at any and everyone who wishes to see the United States of America retain it’s national sovereignty.

These treasonous bastard are employing every single deceptive trick that Joseph Goebbels ever conceived of and doing so with the same self righteous abandon of Stalin’s propaganda and indoctrination ministry officials.

What is even worse is how many of the Fifth Column Treasonous Media’s ilk have infiltrated the so called conservative blogsphere. HotAir’s Ed Morrissey comes instantly to mind, more concerned with growing his fraudulently marketed TEMS broadcast as a Conservative Internet program then actually being honest Ed is more progressive and Marxist Liberal then actual conservative. If his readers and listeners understood what a Marxist stooge Ed was, who would listen to him?

Oh well, back to the subject, once upon a time the United States of America was a sovereign nation, a Constitutional Republic, where the rule of law not only meant something, but had placed upon it restraints and restriction as codified by the United States Constitution. Things that neither the individuals states nor the federal government could do.

Once upon a time, not only was it illegal to enter into the United States and take up residency here without obtaining legal resident alien status, but far far more important, it was against the law for any local, state or federal employe or elected official to refuse to enforce America’s immigration laws.

What part of when 11 million people illegally cross your border that is not an illegal immigration issue, that is a god damned invasion is it that the moronic blockheads in the so called Conservative “Professional Blogging Class” —-> points straight at Ed Morrissey are incapable of comprehending? That the regular talking heads in the Fifth Column Treasonous Media refuse to call it what it is isn’t surprising in the slightest, they are treasonous Marxist bastards, what is the “Professional Blogging Class” —-> points straight at Ed Morrissey, excuse? Well aside from their wanting to be full fledged members of the Fifth Column Treasonous Media so badly that they would sell their mothers souls to the devil to get there.


3 thoughts on “The Invasion of America gains speed.

  1. I leave the computer for one day and you get banned, I can’t take you anywhere, and all over the politicians becoming lamp pole decorations or was there more because I didn’t see it, but again I was only away from the computer this afternoon, I mean you could have at least waited for another browncoat to show up and help carry you! BTW hit me back on my real email, that way we can keep in touch while I am traveling here in a few weeks.

    • Some one asked, when would the president be honest, and when would congress grow a pair. I responded “Not until after politicians become streetlamp decoration along Pennsylvania Ave.”

      The post that got me banned was even less offensive.

      “The answer is painfully obvious… But nobody wants to say it. The “Professional Blogging Class” have embargoed the words necessary to explain it.”

  2. I’m still trying to figure out other than a voter uptick for the Democrats, how this helps the US. I guess in that sentence I answered my own question. The crash for many it will be a surprise and a hard way to go….I say to hell with them! This poor boy knows how to survive in hard times…them “not so much”.

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