Ed Morrissey Marxist and Fascist you always knew he was

Ed has come out of the closet as the Marxist stooge of the Fifth Column Treasonous Media that many of us have known him to be for a long time. Don’t believe me, read Ed’s own words and decide for yourself.

Ed Morrissey

7:15 AM (15 minutes ago)

to me
Your comment about politicians becoming streetlamp decorations on Pennsylvania Ave is completely unacceptable. I’m adding your account to our moderation queue as this is not the first warning I’ve had to send you. If you want to endorse lynchings instead of the political process, stick to your own site.

Ed Morrissey

7:26 AM (6 minutes ago)

to me
“The answer is painfully obvious… But nobody wants to say it. The “Professional Blogging Class” have embargoed the words necessary to explain it.”

OK, bye-bye, nice knowing you.

Ed is a coward, pure and simple, silencing not calls for violence as he claims, but simple dissent which is protected by the First Amendment. Ed has been using HotAir to push Marxist Progressive propaganda ever since taking it over, Salem Communications, the owners of HotAir either are on the same page as Ed, or are ignorant of his actions, at any rate anyone who believes the fiction of Salem Communications being a Christian organization are fools.

As for Ed Morrissey being a Catholic, yea, less of a Catholic that Satan Himself.


89 thoughts on “Ed Morrissey Marxist and Fascist you always knew he was

  1. I’m not done boycotting yet!…I have to see the same cut and paste…and insane repeated comments from blueballs…and get cut off from Walker because he gets frisky one day?

  2. Wow, I hate to see you gone! I still lurk, but seldom comment these days. All the good commenters are gone, or most of them. What a shame. I’m always up for new websites to visit. HA has become seriously mushy to me. It used to be my go-to website, not any longer. My favorite is QOTD, when everyone is off topic.

  3. Hi.

    We support you SWalker. I won’t be around tonight on HotAir QOTD so unfortunately I will miss the boycott.


  4. Well, this was my last HA comment. 0bama had just been re-inaugurated. Maybe it set Ed off? Actually, I am making the assumption that it as Ed who banned me. Maybe it wasn’t. What sticks in my craw was that as a four-year poster who generally stuck to the issues, I feel I at least deserved an e-mail. Stealth-banning does not sit well with me, as I am a straight-forward person and would have appreciated a warning or at least an explanation. It just seems like something that the Left would do.

    English Standard Version (©2001)
    “But when you see the abomination of desolation standing where he ought not to be (let the reader understand), then let those who are in Judea flee to the mountains.
    Mark 13:14
    cane_loader on January 21, 2013 at 12:23 PM

    • While I am honored and touched, I do not really foresee it having any impact. Ed is a typical narcissist, dishonest, self-centered intransigent and intractable. As far as Ed is concerned, he is 100 percent in the right, has done nothing wrong.

    • ROTFLMAO…. WordPress format, all first time commentor comments go into moderation until I can approve the status of the commentor. It’s a wordpress thing.

  5. This doesn’t surprise me. He wants nothing to be construed as violent/evil to be used against him and the site. I remember listening to Ed on election day as part of the salem radio group’s team coverage with Hewitt. He struck me as your typical middle of the road conservative, go along to get along nice guy MN “conservative”. I’ve seen that type all my adult life in CA and OR. Heck, I used to be one in many ways.

    What Ed and his ilk don’t understand is once those “extremists” are totally marginalized, he’s the new fringe extremist according to the left. Look at how the tea party has been treated and before that anti-feminists. Did Clinton’s cigar incident discredit him? Not among his supporters. After awhile you become so pragmatic you compromise your beliefs away. Its rapidly becoming obvious that the only way out of this is violence. Voting sure isn’t working sadly.

    I’ve had a few comments eaten by the filter for some reason in the last few months. It seems rather random at times as I don’t post much and stay away from getting too heated on my pet issues.

  6. SWalker (and Cane Loader); Outrageous that you two have been banned. Sign of the times. I’ve always had great respect for the comments, and courage of both of you. I’ll be visiting your site ofen

  7. >makes a comment praising undemocratic methods used in fascist regimes
    >calls moderator fascist without any sense of irony

    Grow up you old homophobe.

    • ROTFLMAO… I’m guessing that you have never studied the American Revolutionary War, of if you have, that your head is so far up your ass that your brain has died of oxygen starvation.

  8. Once upon a time..I was a newbie and had a Pal named Dorian..
    a few years later..I had a new brother..who was an old brother..this Walker guy..
    One day I will have another pal..I just know it.
    in the meantime..prayers for you to find employment,health and happiness..
    I only come around HA for the posters I like now…time spent has dwindled. Had to cheat a while ago. You would be one of those posters.. You always speak your mind…and never sugar coat or bow to PC bullshit. You fight like a pitbull..but have a good heart..I have seen it..
    I’d rather read a straight shooter, then the kissy kissy ass, suck up pack.
    I know when Ed finds it personal..he won’t debate or discuss but the hammer drops.
    Lost 2 faves from that. Especially, once Salem took over. 0_0.

    I see a note from Cane Loader..which I liked…I just thought he was taking a break.
    How many have been banned without notice..I wonder.
    Hell..I never have even got a warning email…which surprises me..
    I have my had ..ahem..moments. I await it.

    I’ll need a little Walker from time to time…got ya book marked.
    Heres to you bud! >A cold Dirty Bastard…
    love ya.B9

    • You’ve got to read it more finely than that. Notice that I used the words “convicted of treason.” That means due process. I worded it that way because I do not advocate just going around killing people – that would be anarchy. Seems like Ed also didn’t read it finely. Do you believe that treason should be removed as a capital offense?

    • Bmore, I have been a stalker at HA on an off for a few years, but never a commentor. How do I know when open regs start? Multiple emails to HA asking this question have been ignored. I’d also like to say that due to the comments I’ve read on HA (which are some of the most enjoyable, barb-loaded on the net), I’ve become a better conservative, a burr under liberals saddles, have a shorter fuse with BS and no longer suffer fools for any reason. Thanks to all of you for making me a better human being. I will miss you SWalker, but have bookmarked your site and will return for doses of reality and truth to heal my sick psyche.

  9. Bmore says:

    ha! You lucky fuck!!! ; )
    one of these days…I’m going to say that…instead of phuck…so I’ll get the hammer!

    • Cane_loader, I was just thinking that I hadn’t seen you in a while. Now I know why. Makes me angry that you were banned as well. Your comment was absolutely right on point, as was SWalker’s. There are definitely sinister forces colluding under the radar and have been since before Obama’s election. I sometimes can’t get my head around it, it’s so vast and varied and coming at us from all directions.

          • naomi22 = PatriotGal2257: years ago when I registered for a WordPress account, something went awry with my display name. Fixed it now.

        • Yeah, go figure. I was merely agreeing with you and SWalker and adding some personal reflections. I was not attacking anyone. The 1st Amendment is still in force as far as I can see, despite the tremendous efforts to promote politically correct speech.

  10. SWalker, i think this is the comment that got me banned – ironically, responding to you. Note the similar vein of my comment and yours of this morning:

    Obama won the same way dictasters always win, through massive fraud. Take away the fraud, and Obama didn’t win at all.
    SWalker on January 21, 2013 at 11:53 AM

    The blatant, unethical media bias unarguably made more of a difference than the final vote margin. Without it, today President Romney (or Palin, to take the thought one step further) would be sworn in.
    In other words, the MSM stole the election, plain and simple.
    In my opinion, conspiring to steal an American presidential election should be a capital offense.
    In other words, I believe that certain MSM executives, producers and reporters should be convicted of treason and shot by firing squad or hanged by the neck until dead.
    They stole the election and abetted the destruction of America.
    I mean every word of this and it is not hyperbole. Leaving possible vote fraud aside, the MSM stole the election of 2012.
    cane_loader on January 21, 2013 at 11:58 AM

    • I miss the give and take with y’all!

      I saw this same story go down at littlegreenfootballs, too.

      Mad Johnson got me there, too.

      Walker, did Mad Johnson get you?

  11. Tea is supposed to chill you out, I think. Listen to Mark Levin tonight and you’ll get fired up again.

    I think part of this is that Ed’s profile has slowly been rising in conservative media… more and more trackbacks, interviews, etc. He may have decided that the kitchen was getting a little hot and so maybe is cracking down lately for the sake of seeming “mainstream” conservative?

    • Great, just what actual conservatives need, Ed Morrissey speaking on their behalf. Ed is not and never has been a conservative. He is a damned moderate squish like John McCain.

      • Well, I don’t want to start a piss on Ed thing…. I’m just wondering how he is picking and choosing, because there are some pretty useless and offensive trolls who slide by. Maybe they are paid by management to keep the site debating?

  12. Fare you well, bro. I never appreciated your blog pushing but I did like your posts, and agreed with many – the ultimate one including. I guess I won’t be relying on Hot Air for coverage when the Million Rifles March on DC is organized.

  13. INC,
    That’s what I thought… that sometimes it will be a time-out to send a “message.” So that’s apparently what they did to you. I’ve tried every few weeks since Jan but no dice.
    I’m wondering if there have been a lot of stealth-bannings lately? If you have no one’s contact info, there’s no way to let anyone know. I never was real buddy-buddy with my posting anyway…. rathered to just attack the issues. I did leave notice of my banning on kingsjester’s blog in case anyone wanted to know, but I think it was wiped right away. Don’t blame him/her, as he/she didn’t know me from Adam.

    It was Inauguration Day….

    • I didn’t know you’d been banned. I feel bad for not noticing, but so many of the oldies say nothing for several months and then show up on a thread. It’s hard to know who’s still around.

  14. I’m not sure I’ve seen the original comment that brought the ban-hammer? But regardless, it really bugs me that serial thread-jackers still have their commenting privileges. Is there really a boycott of tomorrow’s QOTD? Count me in.
    I feel like we should have a buddy system in case this stuff happens…if I were stealth-banned, I wouldn’t know how to get people over to a forum like this…I’d just be poof, gone, scary thought!

    • Jackalope, I used to be concerned about that as well, but there are enough of the little people with blogs for word to get around. Kingjester has one. RWM has one. I have one. Scrumpy is presently coming and going with one! I’m sure there are others.

      • I’m actually looking into that as well. Signed up for a wordpress class, but it was canceled due to lack of numbers. I just have to find the time and get er done.

        • You can sign up for a free blog immediately and learn as you go! A class would speed you along, but WP itself has some forums and there are some people with their own sites who post lots of helps. Let me know if you ever decide. WP isn’t perfect, but it’s the best of the freebies that I’ve looked at.

      • It would be nice though if there was another conservative blog we could all go to if things get worse at HA. I’m really going to miss you SWalker-I enjoyed your post and your music 🙂

  15. SWalker, sorry to hear.

    I was stealth-banned Jan. 21 with no prior warnings of any kind. Ed and Allah have refused to reply to any of my e-mails, so I quit trying. I think I may have been collateral damage in the banning of another – and my comment may not have been read carefully before my banning, and so I would have appreciated at least a response that indeed I was banworthy.

    I am wondering how many other people have been stealth-banned, because I’ve been reading Hot Air since, and the quantity and quality of discussion among old-timers seems to be going down.

    • cane_loader, I was stealth-banned—rather consigned to the purgatory of headlines only—about a year ago when I wrote a couple of e-mails in a row. I asked a little too pointedly what the standard for trolls’ comments was.

      I only realized it when I couldn’t get front page comments to post. After years of commenting there, without even coming close to the edge in what I said, I was angry and decided I wasn’t even going to e-mail and protest, but just leave. About four or five days later I tried the front page and found I could comment again. I’ve never known any of the details. It wasn’t a coding problem, because it wasn’t a time when HA was going through one of its glitches.

  16. Holy moly, this is nuts. I’ll definitely miss you, SWalker. Complete BS that some of the commenters who are just dreadful are still around, but the likes of you are now gone 😦 Lame, lame, lame.

  17. Ed isn’t a Marxist. He’s an establishment useful idiot. Always giving the benefit of the doubt to Democrats. I loved his post yesterday about the “Curious” display of vile comments regarding Thatcher’s death. Curious? Bonehead, they’re liberals. What’s curious about it?

    This is why the right will never win elections again. Kos and HuffPo spend 24/7 calling Republicans Nazis who want to kill women. Ed Morrisey on the other hand wonders about the “curious” nature of liberals.

  18. I just found this out. I’m so sorry to hear this. This is more about not wanting to get on any fishy list than it is about anything else. I’ve had a poor opinion of Salem for a loooong time. Months ago on my blog for Christian women I deleted a link to one of Salem’s Bible help pages because I was so disgusted with their sell-out.

  19. SWalker – my nuclear friend – What the HEY?!! I can’t believe this! You are an impeccable man and the LAST person that I would have expected to be “banned”. I have enjoyed our talks – and our repartee! I never saw you do or say anything in what could be construed by anyone as an untoward manner! This needs to be reversed – your voice is the rug “that tied the whole room together” in The Big Lebowski! Take care!

  20. SW, I have bookmarked your page so I can find you without having to go through HA.
    If this was 1776, I fear there would never have been an America because of the cowardice of our leaders and our so called sympathetic media.

    Anyway, I have always followed your links and enjoyed your site and will visit often.

  21. I’ll work to change things from the inside of HotGas, like an alien chest-burster waiting for the opportunity to spurt forth and ruin everyone’s day.

  22. Want us to swamp Ed with repatriation e-mails on your behalf? Psst… you have my email so email me sometime 🙂

    • What I do not want you to do is anything that might jeopardize your own account at HA. I doubt that Ed is gong to reinstate my account for any reason first I dared to speak the forbidden words, and then I insulted him in an e-mail after he banned me.

      “The ironic hypocrisy of your actions just can’t penetrate that solid bone bald skull of your can they Ed.”

      Again, just the truth, not very tactfully, but the truth. Contrary to his assertions otherwise, Ed isn’t a particularly honest person, the truth is something that he just cannot accept, and will not tolerate being exposed.

      • OMG what are you gonna say to Marshfox!!?? he will champion your side also.
        We are gonna boycott QOTD tomorrow night… no one will comment that’s in the gang..
        Be of good cheer my friend… (hugs)

  23. Aw, man, I’m sorry to hear this. I’m a relative newcomer to HotAir, and I feel I missed its glory days, but even I am noticing that the tone recently is changing, and not for the better. Nevertheless, Godspeed and best of luck, and I’ll be sure to tune in here. Take care.

  24. Mr. Walker, I think your getting banned was totally unwarranted. A rare few times I thought you were full of it, I still respected and liked you—still do. Many posters are allowed to continue on HA with posts entirely designed to piss people off and they don’t get banned.

  25. Ed is an establishment tool. It’s sad, but I stick around to see AllahPundit’s take, which is sad in itself. Best of Luck, SW.

    • More like Charles “Icarus” Johnson minus the screaming hysterical public outbursts. By keeping things quiet Ed is hoping to avoid a Little Green Footballs styled self immolation.

  26. I don’t like this! WTF is happening to HA! Yeah I know, I seen it coming, I am sorry you are banned, it will be discussed in qotd tonite cuz I will bring it up!
    God Bless and I shall be a regular here from now on SW!
    Love you xxx 🙂

    • While I appreciate the sentiment Scrumpy, Ed knows something. He knows that he is the King. His readers do not tell him what to do, they get in line to praise him, or they get thrown out.

      Ed knows that all he has to do is, nothing. Any objections to his actions will die down in a few hours, and most importantly, won’t really be taken up by many people.

      Ed has become the Charles “Icarus” Johnson of HotAir, he doesn’t give a damned what anyone who reads HotAir thinks, you are suppose to think what Ed tells you to think.

    • Hi Scrumpy. We need to get SWalker unbanned. But how? First I get a desk job and now this.

      Perhaps there will be a hung jury and SWalker will be freed as long as the jury isn’t hung from a streetlamp.

  27. Pingback: Ed Morrissey Marxist and Fascist you always knew he was | ChristianBookBarn.com

    • No it’s not, it’s become a Marxist Gulag. Ed makes people who do not support his Gay Agenda, his Amnesty agenda, his “Reasonable Firearms Regulations” agenda quietly disappear, just like Joesph Stalin used to make Soviet dissidents disappear in the middle of the night.

      Nobody says anything because they are afraid they will be the next to disappear, or they just dot notice the people who have disappeared.

      There is one thing Ed is right about though, just like Stalin before him, the powerful and famous can make the small and insignificant disappear and nobody will notice or care.

      Nobody will leave HotAir just because Ed got his Marxist Control freak panties in a wad and banned me, they don’t want to share my fate anymore than the average Russian wanted to be made to disappear in the middle of the night.

      What is happening at HotAir, is what is happening to the United States in a microcosm. Everybody is busy feeding the alligator trying to be the last one eaten.

  28. Ah, man. Can’t find the debris field on HA? Maybe the whole thing’s deleted. I guess it doesn’t really matter.

    Ah, man.

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