Nuclear negotiations with Iran burst into flames… Again… West stunned.

In what is becoming an all to familiar display of narcissistic hubris Western powers today were stunned when the negotiations between the P5+ and Iran produced the exact same results today that they have managed to produce over the course of the last decade. Which is to say, after exchanging a shit load of dialog about nothing, when things got serious, the Iranians threw a tantrum and walked out.

Whenever a Marxist is asked to explain the constant and repeated failures of every nation which has attempted to implement Marxist, the standard response is always the same. Rather than being the fault of the ideologies themselves, the failure is always blamed on the individuals attempting to implement it. It will work, the Marxist’s always insist, if only the right people implement it.

This is narcissistic hubris, and it’s the exact same narcissistic hubris being put on display again and again and again by the P5+ western nations as they attempt to negotiate with an intransigent Iranian regime. Each western administration, especially Mordor on the Potomac, believes that they are the “Right People” to finally cause the Iranian leadership to see the light on the nuclear weapons issue.

Yet just like Marxism, they continue to fail, over and over and over again, and the one thing that they utterly refuse to do? Is to examine their most basic premise, the ideological bases for even holding these negotiations. Instead, like finding peace in the Middle East, each dreams of the glory that will be theirs if they are the ones to succeed where everyone else has failed.

Never mind why everyone else who has ever tried has failed, these are the special ones, the people who received trophies just for showing up, not for actually doing anything. They’re so damned special they don’t actually have to do anything, all they have to do is show up. What could be a more perfect epitome of this narcissistic hubris than Barack Hussein Obama, who gleefully accepted a Nobel Peace Prize without having done one single thing to earn it?

The Iranian track record is indisputably clear to anyone with two functional brain cells who cares to look. Iran has absolutely no intentions what so ever of abandoning it’s quest for nuclear weapons. Why should they? Obama made it 100 percent perfectly clear when he orchestrated the overthrow of Libyan Strongman Muammar Gaddafi that cooperation with the United States carries no positive benefits, and holds only the potential promise of destruction at the hands of the United States.

Muammar Gaddafi had at one time, like Iran, held nuclear weapons ambitions, also like Iran he was at one time a major supporter of Islamic Jihadist terrorism. When George Bush invaded Iraq Muammar Gaddafi saw the writing on the wall. He surrendered his nuclear ambitions and not only ceased his support for Islamic Jihadist terrorism, but began cooperating with the United States in hunting down terrorists operating in Iraq and Afghanistan.

For his efforts, Barack Hussein Obama masterminded the overthrow of Muammar Gaddafi’s government, resulting in the rather brutal murder of Muammar Gaddafi at the hands of, you guessed it, pissed off Islamic Jihadist terrorists, terrorists who were armed and financed by, again you guessed it, Barack Hussein Obama.

Given the example of Libya’s Muammar Gaddafi, why on earth would Iran give one single solitary second of consideration to surrendering their nuclear ambitions?

Among the P5+ are representatives of Russia. Not exactly what anyone in their right mind would call an unbiased or disinterested party. Russia is only making tens of billions of dollars selling to and building for Iran nuclear reactors. What a rational unbiased observer would call, a conflict of interest of the highest order. To say that the Russians have a vested financial interest in seeing Iran continue to assert that they have a legitimate national interest in developing nuclear technology would be a multi-billion dollar understatement to say the very least.

Before any international negotiation ever has any hope of achieving positive beneficial results, certain basic foundational concepts have to understood. These concepts are the absolute bedrock upon which any such negotiations must rest. Primary among those foundational concepts is this. No nation will ever enter into good faith negotiations where the very first point of negotiation requires them to place the best interests of any other nation above their own best interests.

Unlike Iran, the leaders of the P5+ nations are basically secular atheists. While some, like Barack Hussein Obama make public professions of religious faith, their public actions expose those professions for what they really are, empty words designed solely to pander to the populations of their nations. Iran on the other hand is a Theocracy administered by men whose religious faith is anything but a publicity campaign.

The nations of the P5+ have been working as diligently as they possibly can to convince the Iranian Mullahs that it is in Iran’s best national interests to cease any attempts or ambitions to build or acquire nuclear weapons. Yet, these efforts have always been predicated upon appealing to Iranian secular rational and logic. The problem of course is that, secular rational and logic are playing absolutely no role in the decision making process of the Iranian Mullahs.

The Iranian Mullahs are using Iranian Islamic prophecy as the basis of their decision making processes. It is their belief that Iranian national best interests are served not on a secular foundation, but on a spiritual one. Because their belief system requires that they place their eternal rewards ahead of their temporal secular needs the first and most basic principal of international negotiations is voided before a single word is exchanged between their representatives ad those of the P5+.

I will repeat, No nation will ever enter into good faith negotiations where the very first point of negotiation requires them to place the best interests of any other nation above their own best interests.

The Iranian Mullahs are counting on a couple of things to allow them to achieve their nuclear weapons ambitions and goals. They are counting on the narcissistic hubris of the American Administrations. Barack Hussein Obama shows absolutely no indication of disappointing them. They are equally counting on Russian greed and corruption to buy them the time they need to achieve those ambitions. But most important, they are counting on Allah’s direct intervention to guide them to success.

As I said before, the negotiators from the P5+ are basically secular atheists, as a consequence they are utterly and totally incapable of comprehending the ideological foundation of the Iranian decision making process. It is utterly incomprehensible to the P5+ negotiators that the Iranian Mullahs religious convictions could possible be strong enough that they would consider it 100 percent acceptable to sacrifice the entire Iranian population in a nuclear holocaust to achieve their goals.

The foundational religious belief of the Iranian Mullahs is centered around an Islamic prophecy that the 13th Imam is hiding in a well in Iran, awaiting his Iranian warriors bringing about the end of the world. That when those Iranian warriors destroy Israel he will climb out of the well and bring about the final Islamic Caliphate and that every single Iranian citizen who dies while performing this special Jihad on Allah’s behalf will be rewarded for all eternity by Allah.

As far as the Iranian Mullahs are concerned, achieving this magnificent goal on behalf of Allah is worth whatever pain, death and suffering the Iranian people might have to endure to please Allah. So, the Mullahs continue their rope-a-dope doing whatever is required to keep the narcissistic hubris of the West and the greed of the Russians going. They continue to make empty worthless promises stringing along the marks in their confidence scam while they continue to inch along towards the acquisition of nuclear weapons.


4 thoughts on “Nuclear negotiations with Iran burst into flames… Again… West stunned.

  1. United States 7000 nukes, Russia 8,000 nukes, United Kingdom 225 nukes, France 300 nukes, China, 240 nukes, Iran 0 nukes, sounds like an imminent threat to me.

    • That’s because you just aren’t all that bright. The countries you noted that have nuclear weapons keep them as a deterrent. They did not acquire them for the purpose of bringing about the end of the world in accordance with their religious beliefs.

      The Iranians believe that it is their destiny and obligation to Allah to destroy Israel and bring about the end of the current world through violent Jihad ushering in a new world order where the 12th Iman, also called the “Hidden Iman” will rule the world for Allah.

  2. Once again you hit it out of the ball park, your insight into the troubles is amazing, marxists believe they are the ones to right everything. History will be proven once again that the west cannot defeat the Islamists. Every time I read your blog I learn and re-learn somthing new or forgotten! Keep up the great work!!

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