God I hate Illinois Nazi’s California Enviro-Nazi’s…

Well, the California Enviro-Nazi’s are at it again. Today’s agenda… Blocking the construction of a Power Plant adjacent to Mission Trails Regional Park. San Diego, California imports the majority of it’s electricity from Arizona. The San Onofre is currently operating at 70% capacity and may not be allowed to return to full capacity. These damned fools are already trying to close three of San Diego County’s largest power plants, the Encina Power Station in Carlsbad, the San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station north of Oceanside and the South Bay Power Plant in Chula Vista.

These Enviro-Nazi’s are the most disgusting of hypocrites, they want all the benefits of living in a high tech society, but none of the energy requirements. It is my personal feeling that anyone who protests the construction of any power generating station should be required by law to be disconnected 100 percent from the power grid, no electricity, no natural gas, no gasoline, no diesel. In other words, forced to live without the power that they are attempting to deprive everyone else of. Are you a “NIMBY” (Not In My Back Yard) ok, fine, no power of any kind for you. If these are your convictions, then prove it, live by those convictions.

To call these assholes raging imbecilic morons would genuinely be an insult to raging imbecilic morons. Former Bob Marley guitarist Pete Tosh once wrote a brutally honest statement in one of his songs, “Everybody wants to go to heaven, but nobody wants to die.” Ok, everybody (Atheist excluded perhaps) wants to go to heaven, but nobody goes there alive. Ya got to die to get there. Well, living in a first world high tech society has it’s parallels, everyone wants to enjoy the benefits of a high technological society. You want your cell phone? You want your computer? How about your stove to cook on, your refrigerator to keep your food safe to eat? You want lights at night? You want heat in the winter? Air Conditioning in the summer? You want to own an automobile, you want a damned job? Hell, let’s be brutally honest, you want food to eat? None of these things are possible without electricity. Wake the hell up and face reality, we do not live in an agrarian society, the population of the United States alone is to great for us to ever return to being an agrarian society. Not without between half and 2/3rds of the American population having to DIE first.

Ok you brain dead worthless imbeciles, you want to return to being a agrarian society, let’s make a list of who has to die for that to happen, but get this 100 percent fixed in your heads, you want this, your name is first on that list. First on the list to be kicked off the power grid, first on the list to loose all of the benefits of technology. First on the list to loose your toys, your tools, your creature comforts, your homes, your cars your cell phones, your computers, your cars, your homes, your damned jobs and even your food. No medical care, no ambulances, no fireman, no nothing that you cannot do yourself with simple hand made tools. Grow your own food, no fertilizers, defend yourselves, no police and no firearms. Oh… and suck it, no land for you either. Try growing your food without land.

Sorry you worthless fucks, electricity is a necessary evil of a technological society. It is a necessary evil of living on planet earth with a population of 7 billion people. Don’t like it, tough shit, be the first to prove the depths of your convictions, make that list of who has to die to bring your utopia about, but remember, the very first person on that list is… YOU.


3 thoughts on “God I hate Illinois Nazi’s California Enviro-Nazi’s…

  1. Yeah! You tell ’em! WOW! Impressive to say the least… I even feel better having ready that! Get MF’ers off the grid and let them do without… I would buy tickets to see that!

  2. I suspect they want people to live in denser areas .
    Try Stanley Kurtz’s book ” Spread the Wealth ” .
    The theory fits in with what you’ve written .
    Well done again !

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