The Truth about Karl Rove

I do not like Karl Rove, let me be perfectly clear about that. The man is, like Dr. Charles Krauthammer, a pragmatic moderate, literally a genuine centrist. More than that though Karl Rove is a ruthless opportunist, a man who has embraced the notion that the end justifies the means. Rove is a strategist, he plays a hardcore numbers game in all of his strategies.

That game is not predicated on getting any particular candidate elected, but on the sheer numbers of candidates who self identify as Republicans. Every move Rove makes politically is calculated by the numbers. Which so called self identified Republican candidate has the greatest mathematical probability of successfully getting elected. To that end Karl Rove will do anything that he believes will enhance his candidates odds of a successful outcome

This is where the problems arise.

:At this point please allow me to make this disclosure. I am a Conservative Constitutionalist with libertarian leanings. What I most assuredly am not is a blind partisan, nor a bandwagon conservative. My political ideologies derive from my readings of a) The United States Constitution, b) the writings of the Founding Fathers (Washington, Jefferson, Madison, Monroe, Franklin, Adams, Rush) c) the Federalist Papers d) the Anti-Federalist Papers:

As I said this is where the problem arises. Let us make no mistakes here, Karl Rove is not a stupid or dumb man, quiet the contrary, he is an extremely intelligent man. He is also a profoundly conflicted individual. On the emotional side he knows that something truly terrible is happening in America right now, and he is fighting with all he has to correct that. The problem is, that on the intellectual side he is in profoundly deep denial with regards to what exactly is wrong.

To quote perhaps the greatest human military strategist to have ever lived, the Chinese General Sun Tzu, “The enemy you cannot identify, is the enemy you cannot defeat”. This more than anything is what makes Karl Rove and the Republican leadership disastrous for America. They have some kind of mental block that prevents them from identifying the greatest threat to America. They live in complete and total denial with regards to whom the enemy is.

If we were to draw a line scale number it from 0 to 10 based upon the traditional American political ideologies, mark the first line on that scale 0 and call it traditional American Liberal ideological values, and on the line at the other end, 10, mark as traditional American Conservative values the line in the middle number 5, would be the genuinely moderate centrists like Rove and Krauthammer. This is where the genuine pragmatic moderate centrists live. It is where the vast majority of sway-able American voters once lived.

The problem is, that the Democrat party leadership no longer live at 0, they, the Fifth Column Treasonous Media, Academia, and the Judicial System Justices now live at -5. They are not traditional American Liberals, they are straight up full on Marxists. This is what Karl Rove, Dr. Charles Krauthammer, and the vast majority of the Republican Party Leadership are in complete and total denial about.

Like I said above, Karl Rove is a brilliant political strategist, but his tactical strategies are predicated upon the Democrats being Traditional America Liberals. Upon their inhabiting number 5 on the traditional American political ideological scale. However, because they, and the most importantly, the Fifth Column Treasonous Media actually live at -5 on the scale the Overton Window has been deceptively cast as having been dragged 5 full points to the left.

This is why the Republican Party Leadership and individuals like Dr. Charles Krauthammer and Karl Rove consistently attack the TEA Party candidates. With the illusion of the Overton Window having shifted 5 full points to the left the inescapable consequence is that those who would by the traditional American Political ideological scale have fallen between 5 and 10 on the scale are now seen as being far right extremists.

All of Karl Roves political calculations regarding the electability of those candidates he chooses to back are based upon this fallacy. Were this the end of it, I probably would not care about Roves political inclinations. However, since Karl Rove has chosen to do what a great number of those on the conservative side of the isle have been screaming that conservative need to do, something that I completely and totally disagree with, well I have a problem. What is this something? It is to adopt the Marxist principal that the end justifies the means.

Karl Rove has done this and those conservatives who hold a visceral hatred of Rove are actually hating him for dong exactly what they insist that conservatives should be doing. Those conservatives hate Rove because he is 100 percent willing to use the politics of Personal Destruction against any “Republican” TEA Party or Conservative candidate who falls to far on the right of the scale. Whom, for the average swing voter, fall outside of the Overton Window of electability.

This is why Rove keeps trashing the TEA Party and Conservative candidates, because refusing to believe that the Democrats and the Fifth Column Treasonous Media are full blown Marxists and that they have created the illusion of the Overton Windows leftward shift, he mistakenly believes that the TEA Party and Conservative candidates are mathematically unelectable. Like I said above, with Karl Rove, everything is about the mathematical probability of success.

My personal dislike of him is that he has adopted the Marxist strategic principal that the end justifies the means. It is my personal conviction that no individual can hold fire to their chest without getting badly burned. You cannot adopt the ideological principal that the end justifies the means and continue to hold those so elegantly articulated by America’s Founding Fathers. The concepts of Liberty, Freedom and Rule of the People by the People and for the People are utterly and completely antithetical to those of the end justifying the means.

Unless and until Karl Rove, Dr Charles Krauthammer and the rest of the GOP Leadership come to the Epiphany that opens their eyes to what is really happening in America they are doomed to suffer the fate predicted by Sun Tzu, they will be defeated again and again and again until they are utterly destroyed, because unable to identify who their enemy is, they will never mount an effective counter strategy against their enemy. They will continue to fight amongst themselves, inflicting utterly needless wounds to those who should be their allies in round after round of misguided recriminations. Turning friends into enemies, committing fratricide instead of attacking their real enemies.

This is the brutal unvarnished and nonpartisan truth about Karl Rove.


7 thoughts on “The Truth about Karl Rove

  1. I remember you mentioning that error message. After we talked about it, I noticed I would get it if I refreshed a page, but if I went to the page from a new tab it wasn’t there. It did stop for me as well. I was beginning to think WP didn’t like my non-PC tactics as well!

    • Last month I was having problems with WordPress repeatedly trying to tell me that my blog didn’t exist, while also telling me that there was a new update to my Blog Theme, so I updated to get rid of the error message, took about two weeks, but the error message did stop.

  2. Rove’s behavior has encapsulated everything bad about the Republican political class. It’s never about principle, it’s about winning; it’s ego first, and anything done to better the country happens sort of by accident.

  3. Very good piece and I totally agree . Karl has been looking sheepish on TV appearances .
    I believe both Karl and Charles have been caught out and they are both aware of that fact .

  4. You have a brilliant insightful mind! Well done!
    I would like to copy this if I may…
    I must get back to reading The federalist and anti-federalist papers.
    You always amaze me with your vision… 🙂

    Thank you!

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