The Path Forward.

If we, who are Conservatives, are to undo the damage that the Marxists have done to our once great Republic, we must dismantle the various Teacher’s unions and find a way to create incentive’s that will lead Conservatives into education. The American Educational system has become nothing less than a Marxist indoctrination system.

History is not taught objectively nor honestly, in large part because to do so would make it impossible to indoctrinate the vast majority into Marxism or Socialism. The unvarnished truth is that in every single instance where any nation on earth attempted to implement a Marxist/Socialist/Communist society it has always ended in unmitigated disaster.

Not only have the Marxist based systems resulted in the most horrendous tyrannical governments, those governments have racked up a death toll in the hundreds of millions of innocent people eliminated to protect those tyrannical governments or to advance the agenda’s of those governments.

The only way to continue to indoctrinate people into a system that fails so catastrophically is to lie to them, to make promises that cannot be achieved. The only way to get them to believe those lies, is to demonize the only economic or political system that history has proven to work.

The favorite lie that is used to promote Marxist based political and economic ideologies is that Marxism will work, if only the right people were to implement it. Implicant in that lie, is the notion that those being fed the lie are the ones who can make it work this time.

Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels created Marxism at a time when “The Enlightenment” was at it’s peak. The Enlightenment was also called, “The Age of Reason” a time when individuals coming out of the “Dark Ages” believed that there was no problem that human logical reasoning could not solve. It was, to put it bluntly a time of erroneous assumptions of simplicity.

We have since that time learned of a mathematical theory which basically destroyed the most basic premises of the “Age of Reason”, that mathematical theory is known as “Chaos Theory”. What Chaos Theory has taught us, is that their are systems which are to large and complicated to be accurately modeled.

This has very real world implications with respect to Marxism and it’s bastard children Socialism and Communism. This political and economic systems utterly rely on something known as a “Central Committee Command and Control”. The predicated assumption in a “Central Committee Command and Control Economy” is that all of the variables in any economic system can be calculated and modeled and thus controlled.

Reality however has proven that this a fallacy, as Chaos Theory dictates, there are simply to many variables within any functional economic system for any model to accurately predict, and without incredibly accurate predictions, no economy can be controlled.

Marxism likewise as a political system, aside from it’s economic considerations, falls for the same false assumptions, that human behavior can be so accurately be predicted that it can be completely controlled. Human behavior, like any other Chaotic system simply has to many random variables to be modeled with the precision required by the Marxist based ideological system.

Marxism also has another 100 percent fatal flaw inherent within it. That fatal flaw is that the Marxist ideology absolutely requires a radical modification of human behavior. What is amazing about that required modification is, that also inherent within the Marxists system is Atheism, and it’s accompanying dedication to the evolutionary theory, which dictates that certain human behavioral characteristics evolved over hundreds of thousands of years.

Those practicing Marxism believe that within a couple of generations at most those behavioral characteristics that evolved over hundreds of thousands of years can be changed. They believe that perhaps the oldest and most primal of all human behavioral characteristics, the individuals own personal survival instinct can be supplanted and rewritten t the survival of the social order rather than the individual.

At the heart of the individuals survival instinct is what I have called, The Awful Truth, here is what I wrote in that article.

Planet Earth is the habitat for three distinct life forms.

Chemosynthesic, is the biological conversion of one or more carbon molecules (usually carbon dioxide or methane) and nutrients into organic

Photosynthesic, is the process of converting light energy to chemical energy and storing it in the bonds of sugar.

Animals, which can only survive by consuming the flesh of other once living creatures.

You and I are technically listed under the heading of Animals; in order for us to survive and propagate, we must consume things that were once living creatures. We have no other option for survival.

For every day we are alive some other living creature must DIE, no if’s and’s or but’s about it. Whether it is a plant or another animal without their flesh or their reproductive systems, we die…

Scientific evidence now suggests that our intelligence is directly linked to a combination diet of both plant and animal flesh, heavy on the animal flesh. The evidence also clearly indicated that a strict vegetarian diet results in shrinkage of the brain. Intelligence is directly linked to brain size.

We go to the grocery store and purchase food stuffs , we don’t kill our own food anymore (well most of us anyways). We have become removed from the death cycle and begun a new death cycle in the process.

We cannot sustain our current level of intelligence on a purely vegetarian diet. And a growing segment of our population cannot endure the grief of eating the flesh of animals.

These members of our society hide their revulsion of one kind of act mandatory for survival behind a hypocrisy of shades. Vegetables have no self-awareness they assert and are thus acceptable for consumption; it eases their sense of guilt at the cost of their survival.

Yet those plants are no less alive than any animal. The hypocrisy is that since plants are not ambulatory they some how are less deserving of their lives. This is hypocrisy of the rankest and most foul kind. It denies the indisputable reality that for them and you and me, something must die every day for us to remain alive and for us to retain our intelligence a significant porting of those things that must die are ambulatory animals.

This is the awful truth behind our civilization. We are killers and we must kill to survive and remain intelligent.

The significance here is that, this is a basic biological imperative, it cannot be changed. Furthermore, it is the foundation of the survival instinct. Having embraced atheism and evolution Marxist proceed to conclude that the most basic fundamental physiological aspect of human life can be changed. Rather than accepting the reality of what evolution has created, they believe that they can “Play God” and create a human being in their own desired image.

Marxism, in essence is attempting to defy the very evolutionary process that the Marxist attempt to use to influence and control the people it enslaves. It seeks both to halt the evolutionary process, while rewriting it at the same time. For Marxism to work, all human development must become static.

None of this is even remotely possible, which is why Conservatives must break the Marxist’s hold on the educational system. To do that, we must break the hold of the teachers unions over the educational system. Marxism is a suicidal political ideological system.

For decades conservatives have seceded the educational system to the Marxist’s, perhaps the greatest reason has been, that being a teacher really never has been the most profitable occupation. Conservatives have been too busy earning livings that provide for their families and allow them to ensure that each generation has a better future than their parents.

Those of us who are conservatives have made the mistake for the last 60 or 70 years of trusting others to attend to certain obligations while we earned our livings. We work long hard hours that leave us exhausted at the end of the day. We have come to expect that our off hours are ours to do with exclusively as we desire.

It is not that we have become lazy, we have become detached. While we were resting and recovering from what it takes to earn a decent or even good living, those who we foolishly trusted to attending to details like educating our children or running our communities or representing us in our government have been slowly, quietly and consistently betraying that trust.

Our Republic will fall, it will collapse if we do not find the strength and the motivation to reengage in not just the political system, but in the very system that educates our children. If our children continue to be indoctrinated into Marxism in the public educational system, then no amount of political involvement will halt or reverse the Marxist assimilation of our Government, we will become a failed Marxist State.


One thought on “The Path Forward.

  1. absolutely correct. we must fight back with all our might. Marxist have been poisoning our children’s minds for much too long. I remember my son came home from school one day and he was very upset at what has happened at school that day. They had a visitor from DARE, and they had told all the kids it would be the right and smart thing for them to do if they were to turn in their parents or friends in if they were doing drugs. I was a single mother and had no problem with drugs but my son even knowing that, was still very shaken by the experience. This was back in the mid 80’s, and I suspect that this kind of crap is still going on under our noses. Somehow, we have to get the agendas out of the schools and colleges and teach a real and legitimate curriculum to our children. I am also sick and tired of hearing tales of kids not being able to pass exams for college or read after leaving high school. enough is enough.

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