Los Angeles officially becomes a Dystopian nightmare.

The great Dystopia’s of fiction have come to us from authors such as Yevgeny Zamyatin, Aldous Huxley, Kurt Vonnegut, Ray Bradbury, or my own personal favorite Philip K Dick, who whose highly memorable Dystopian nightmare was from “Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep” or, as you are more like to remember it, “Blade Runner“.

Dystopia’s are by their nature visions of society where pretty much everything that can go wrong has gone wrong, and yet somehow like an animal or hero that refuses to die, the society still clings bitterly, desperately to life. The literary device of a dystopia exists as a cautionary tale, a warning sign on the highway warning that the bridge ahead is out, an air raid siren warning you that you are about to be bombed. Most people read or watch stories about dystopia’s for the vicarious thrill of seeing how bad things can get and yet witnessing the triumph of the human spirit over the adversity in the apocalyptic events of the story.

What the majority of readers/viewers don’t get, is that the writers of dystopian novels are usually describing to them, the very societies that they live in. Philip K Dick’s Dystopian nightmare from “Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep”/Blade Runner, depicts a dystopian Los Angeles in November 2019. Though written in 1968, it never the less describes Los Angeles in its brutal ugly seething anti-war Vietnam protest civil unrest cultural upheaval hippy counter culture throes and then forward projects it to it’s worst case scenario.

Well, welcome to 2013, a mere 6 years short of Philip K Dick’s projected time line and Los Angles has officially arrived at Philip K Dick’s Dystopian future. Substitute Christopher Jordan Dorner with the androids in Blade Runner and the rest just sort of writes itself.

From the mid 60’s on the LAPD have managed one unbelievable misstep after another tragically avoidable blunder. From 1965’s Watt’s Riots to the Rodney King Riots to the Rampart Division’s “CRASH Unit” scandal. The LAPD’s single most consistent characteristic has been it’s arrogant condescendingly corrupt “Thin Blue Line”.

If you lived in or live in Los Angeles from 1965 on up until today and were, middle class or upper class and white, then odds are you think the LAPD are good guys doing a difficult job and taking an unfair rap over a few unfortunate incidents. You think this because, you’ve never had an unpleasant or misunderstood encounter with the LAPD.

If you you lived in or live in Los Angeles from 1965 on up until today and are a minority, then odds are really good that you do not hold such a warm and glowing opinion of the LAPD, and you do not because unlike the white middle/upper class Angelinos, the LAPD never treated you with kid gloves, they never gave you the benefit of a doubt and they never ever politely requested your cooperation.

Hell, most Los Angeles residents still know nothing what so ever regarding the single worst police corruption scandal in the history of the United States of America, even though it took place right there in Los Angeles during the 80’s and 90’s. A scandal that was breaking at the exact same time as OJ Simpson was going on trial for murdering his wife and Ron Goldman. A scandal that was taking place at the very same Rampart Division that was responsible for arresting and producing the evidence in the OJ Simpson trial.

So, yes, the LAPD and the Los Angeles city attorneys office, the Mayor and the city counsel all made the intentional decision to sweep the Rampart scandal under the carpet until after the OJ Simpson trial so as not to jeopardize their ability to obtain a conviction against OJ Simpson. Wow. Not only did they sweep it under the carpet for the OJ Simpson trial, they kept it there nearly an entire decade. And when it finally did find it’s way out to the public, well, let’s just say that it never actually did find it’s way out to the public. What the LAPD did finally did admit to, was less than 1% of the reality of what the Rampart “CRASH Unit” was guilty of doing.

Los Angeles is no longer a majority white, middle/upper class city. Those days are long gone and they are never coming back. The minority communities might not be the majority now, or even any time in the foreseeable future, but they have not forgotten the treatment that they received at the LAPD’s hands just a few short decades ago.

What the arrogant, ignorant white middle/upper class Angelinos don’t know about the LAPD, the African-America and Hispanic communities cannot and will not forget. They remember what they could not get the news in L.A. to investigate. They remember all to well.

They remember what the Rampart “CRASH Unit” was really doing in their neighborhoods. Not what the News was reporting, not what the police briefings were claiming, not what the Mayor’s office was boasting about. No, they remember what the Crash unit was REALLY doing in their neighborhoods. They were selling drugs, running prostitutes and murdering anyone who got in their way or tried to oppose them or compete with them. But most importantly, most profoundly critical to everyone’s memory, it wasn’t the 4 or 5 officers that the LAPD finally allowed to be scapegoated in their Potemkin village Kabuki Theater pretend show trial, oh look hey we cleaned up a few corrupt cops now were the good guys again bullshit parade.

How does this all connect at all with Christopher Dorner? Well it connects indirectly and directly. It’s direct connection is that it is the rationalization that Christopher Dorner himself makes for his own actions. Through a rather long and at times seemingly disjointed and rambling manifesto Dorner basically makes the assertion that the systemic culture of corruption that fed the Rampart Scandal was not only never addressed, but was in fact rewarded. And that that exact same culture of corruption and those exact same corrupt and now senior LAPD officials destroyed his career as a LAPD officer because he attempted to fight that corruption. It is Christopher Dorner’s contention that resorting to violence as he is doing, is and was his last resort in bringing this systemic culture of corruption into the light for the entire world to see. Personally I am not buying that part of Dorner’s story. The victims he has chosen suggest that he is more of a unstable sociopath than just a misunderstood anti-hero.

The indirect connection can be found in the disturbing amount of public support Dorner has been receiving. As I said above, the LAPD has managed to pretty much do everything wrong that could be done wrong when it comes to their relationships with Los Angeles’ minority communities. So you end up with exactly what L.A. now has, a monster on the loose. A, for lack of any better description, serial killer running around hunting cops and anyone related to them, and 30 percent of the population of L.A. is rooting for the serial killer.


One thought on “Los Angeles officially becomes a Dystopian nightmare.

  1. OK then, 30 percent of the population of LA should be forbidden from ever calling the police, or 911, if they are ever in any sort of trouble. That seems fare to me. The line has been drawn.

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