John Boehner calls it quits.

Speaker of the House John Boehner finally does something that is in America’s best interest, he decides it’s time for him to step down as the Speaker of the House. His tenure has been an unmitigated disaster, his crying in public a national disgrace, his negotiating skills profitable on to the Marxist cabal entrenched within the Obamanation Administration.

Mitch McConnell needs to follow John Boehner’s lead and resign as well.

The Speaker of the House need not be an elected Representative, it’s time to think outside the box, it’s time to elect a Speaker of the House who put’s American ahead of his own personal gain. It’s time to use that dusty old document that the Obamanation Administration finds so offensive. It is time to elect Col. Allen West, a man with proven morals and ethics, a man who has proven that he will fight for what is right, not for the opportunity to remain seated at the tables of power, but for what is best for America as a whole.

John Boehner was a damned coward and a crybaby who couldn’t negotiate his was out of a wet paper bag with a chainsaw and a stick of dynamite. Col. Allen West is a proven warrior.

This is the letter I am sending to my congressman, I am urging everyone to copy it and send it to your as well.

Dear Congressman

With Speaker of the House John Boehner resigning from his position as Speaker of the House a new Speaker needs to be elected. As my congressional Representative, an elected official whose responsibility it is to Represent those constitutes who elected you, I am making it known to you that my will in this matter is for you to submit Former Congressman Allen West’s name as the New Speaker of the House.

Allen West has shown himself to be a proven leader and a powerful advocate of the United States Constitution. What America needs are solutions to the fiscal problems facing us today. Allen West has proven himself to have the courage to attack serious problems and the strength to get results.

Our Congressional Representatives are suppose to represent us, for them to do that, they must hear from us. Let the e-mails fly, let them know that we want change, that we demand strong leadership.


3 thoughts on “John Boehner calls it quits.

  1. You might be right but Mr. West voted for too much of the Crap , that they are shoveling.
    I prefer Mr. Wilson you know the One who screamed Liar,
    Too bad he backed down.

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