The GOP Leadership’s betrayal of America.

The Republican House Majority just doesn’t have the leverage to bargain with the Democrat controlled Senate or the POTUS.

See, that is the lie we are being sold to allow the Marxist infiltrators to destroy America. The House GOP has NEVER in America’s history been in a stronger position to demand and get all the spending cuts that they want. Harry Reid by failing to pass a budget for the last 4 years has given the House a nuclear weapon to demand and get anything they want in the way of concession from the Senate and the POTUS.

This nuclear weapon is called… The Continuing Resolution, which is how ALL of the Federal Government bills are being paid right now. IF Mitch McConnell and John “Bonehead” Boehner really wanted to solve our problems the solution is very simple. Refuse to allow the Continuing Resolution to come to the House Floor.

The Democrats and the POTUS and their Fifth Column Treasonous Media allies could scream bloody murder all they want, but once the money stop flowing, they would have ZERO choice but to capitulate. It really is that simple. The GOP leadership really don’t care about solving America’s financial problems, it’s all political Kabuki Theater.

Newt Gingrich was probably the last Speaker of the House to employ this strategy and force genuine reform on Congress and the POTUS. For doing so and limiting the degree and ability of his fellow Republican self anointed aristocratic GOP elitist leadership brethren to loot and plunder the finances of everyday working Americans, they repaid him by betraying him and throwing him to the wolves. Nancy Pelosi used it frequently demonstrated just how powerful the Speaker of the House really is, love her or hate her, nobody can deny that she set the political agenda in America during her tenure as Speaker of the House and she got everything that she wanted.

That brings us to John Boehner and Mitch McConnell, currently the two most powerful men in America, the two men who could, if it were their actual agenda, produce a solution to America’s current financial crisis. Since instead of producing a genuine solution they chose to betray the American people for their own personal profit in terms of political gain and financial gain we can conclude about them one of two things. Either they are cowards, afraid of losing their seats at the table of power,afraid of suffering the fate of Newt Gingrich at the hands of their fellow Republican leadership elitist aristocrat brethren, or, they are active participants in a con-job being run on the American people that make Bernie Madoff look like a kindergarten cub scout amateur.

Mitch “May he rot in Hell” McConnell produced a bill to bypass the fiscal cliff that generates $1.00 in spending cuts for every $41.00 in tax increases, and that doesn’t even take into account the unparalleled tax increases coming from Obamacare. Hey Mitch, I know that math is hard, obvious way to damned hard for you, but a 1 to 41 ratio isn’t a spending cut, it’s a straight up 40 to 1 tax increase.

I’m going to type this very slow, since it has become obvious that you either aren’t very bright, or are just a damned grifter. America does not have a revenue problem. It has a spending problem. You assholes in Mordor on the Potomac are more addicted to power, influence and spending than even the worst heroin addict is to heroin. You make the morals and ethics of a crack whore look pristine and admirable by way of comparison. To describe you as being sociopaths might actually be demeaning to those genuinely diagnosed with Anti-Social Personality Disorder.

Those who have been paying attention to the Obamanation Administration know by this time that Barack Obama and his entire inner circle are dedicated Marxists whose strategy is to implement a steroid enhanced version of the Cloward-Pivens Strategy for the purpose of collapsing the American Economy so that they can “Fundamentally Transform” America into a Marxist Command and Control Central Committee Driven Economy and usher in their glorious Marxist Utopia.

Over the last week we have been subjected to literally dozens of Marxist screeds telling us it is past time to abandon the US Constitution, by vile despicable Marxist infiltrators masquerading as Constitutional Scholars, Journalist, pundits and talking heads. Boehner and McConnell are by their own actions shown to be no different than those treasonous bastards, their goals, obviously the exact same, to loot, plunder and pillage the wealth and future finances of the average America while retaining a seat at the table of power.

We have yet again been betrayed by these sociopaths, these lying douchebags, wolves in sheep’s clothing the whole lot of them. Will this abomination of Mitch “May he rot in Hell” McConnell Joe “The Villages Idiot” Biden and Harry “Asmodeus” Reid pass in the House? You bet you ass it will. It will because John “Bonehead” Boehner and his GOP elitist self-anointed aristocrat leadership brethren have been on-board with the Marxist in the Democrat Party for decades, it’s why they betrayed Newt Gingrich when he forced Bill Clinton to enact genuine reforms back in the 90’s. It’s why John “Bonehead” Boehner enacted his corruptocrat coup and purged all of the Conservative TEA Party congressional Representative’s from position of authority in the House. John “Bonehead” Boehner will stand up in front of the America people lie his ass off, wring his hands and cry that he did the best he could but the Democrat’s just had a better position from which to make their demands, he had no choice but to surrender.

John “Bonehead” Boehner and Mitch “May he rot in Hell” McConnell can go right straight to hell.


10 thoughts on “The GOP Leadership’s betrayal of America.

    • Compromise is for Losers that is how we got here.
      Don’t bother to reply Em, I deleted my Net connection to start Stocking up on chemicals for my Dependence.

      GOD Bless those who will not compromise like Em on our Freedom.

      So Long

  1. Ignorance is temporary , compared to you permanent Condition of STUPIDITY.
    Compromise is for losers and libs and liars.
    Right or Wrong as the Lord says, too much Grey just creates a fog to trip in.

  2. Our taxes do not pay for their bogus spending, these asses borrow the money from corrupt banks and our taxes are used to pay the interest and loans. this is beyond corrupt. we are literally being strongarmed by mafia style thugs.
    and to bloodyspartan, especially the judicial has to go because they declare everything the executive and legislative as legal and binding when we all know it is all bullshit.

    • I have always said no lawyer should be Judge, I want someone versed in Logic , who comes to a valid constructive conclusion based on Logic.
      Not Treason , BS emotions or EGO.

  3. i hope my body does not give out before I get to take some of the Traitorous pussies with me.
    This entire government HAS to go. Executive.Legislative and Judicial.
    When we are moral again.
    We TRY Again.

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