It’s the End of the World.

Well, it is finally here… The Mayan’s, Nostradamus and countless History channel conspiracy theorists have been proclaiming December 21st 2012 as the end of the world for decades now, and it’s finally here… Enjoy your End of the World Party, throw back a couple of cold brewski’s for me and if we don’t make it till tomorrow, it’s been great.

Edit: Huh, well it would appear that the doomsday predictors were wrong and the world didn’t end on December 21 2012 as they predicted… who could have seen that coming…


One thought on “It’s the End of the World.

  1. I don’t believe the myans disappeared by chance and I also do not believe we will disappear by chance. With our skies, air, water, food, vaccines, and medicines all poisoned by the powers that be, we are headed in the same direction of the myans.
    Also there is the matter of the weather and biological and psychological warfare against all of us.
    So, I am not ready to start partying quite yet. So I also will keep looking out for your next post because I enjoy all of your post.
    Lets hope for a happy new year.

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