On the tragic loss of 20 innocent children.

Many if not most people in America today are, in the wake of events on Connecticut, failing to understand the significance of that tragic event. Some see only the evil perpetrated by the young gunman, others, the liberals amongst us and a great percentage of the political class seem to be focusing their attention exclusively on the guns that he used and missing the point that the guns didn’t kill anyone out of their own volition. The truth however is that the political class and the liberals are not missing the point, they are intentionally acting to obfuscate the point. What they do not want you or anyone else to focus on is the responsibility that the individual bare in their actions.

If the individual is responsible, then there is nothing that the political class can do. Their are no laws they can pass, no money for them to appropriate, no committees to chair, no hearing to hold, no power to be obtained. It really is that simple.

What the shooter in Connecticut did when he took all those poor innocent lives was endemic of a mentality that has been carefully cultured in our society by our political class and the Fifth Column Treasonous Media. They have carefully nurtured a hedonistic narcissistic class of individuals for whom the notion of personal responsibility is alien and foreign. They have done this over the last 5 or 6 decades for one very simple reason, because it is profitable for them.

The media uses the allure and promise of sex to sell everything from candy to shoes. 15 and 16 year old girls are sexed up to sell lipstick, face-cream and hair care products to 30 and 40 year old women under the unspoken promise that if they just use these products they will look and feel like teenagers again. Scantily clad women are used to sell mid 20 through 50 year old men practically every product known to man, from shaving cream to power-tools and alcohol.

For the political class, the less each individual is responsible for their own actions, the more the state must step in and intervene and assume that responsibility. With each failure of the individual to take responsibility for their own action another law must be passed, another committee must be chaired, a study must be funded money and power must flow to those in the political class who will protect society from the wanton abandonment of moral and ethical responsibility by the individual.

Through propaganda and indoctrination that spanned his entire life, the young man who took so many innocent lives in Connecticut had carefully been conditioned to think certain things. What some of those things were can be deduced by the nature of the actions that he took. Through years of indoctrination he had been taught to see the entire world as revolving around him. His want’s, desires, needs, goals, aspirations, for his entire life he was taught that these were the most important things in life.

Moreover and perhaps even more importantly he had been indoctrinated into believing that the responsibility for, and any consequences of, his actions existed exclusively in the hear and now. In order for anyone to commit an atrocity of the nature and magnitude that he did there are several things that it is absolutely imperative that you believe.

You absolutely have to believe that something in your life is so painful and torturous so impossible to endure that the only possible solution, the only conceivable alleviation of that suffering is the heinous atrocity you are perpetrating. You have to be completely and totally of the belief that any consequence that might come after your actions is worth enduring in order to provide the relief from your current situation.

What we know by the Connecticut shooters final act is, that he did not believe that there would be any eternal consequences that would compare to those that he would face here and now because of his actions. By committing this atrocity and then killing himself he made the simple statement, Game Over, I Win.

No, it was not the guns fault, it was not the fault of inadequate firearms regulations, it wasn’t the fault of poor or insufficient mental health care. It wasn’t even the fault of the people around this young man who failed to see the warning signs of his coming actions. Regardless of the amount or degree of vile and despicable indoctrination from the Fifth Column Treasonous Media heaped on him during his life, honestly it isn’t even their fault. No matter how much the media indoctrinated him to believe that his needs could supersede those of his victims, that when he died it was over and there was nothing else, in the end, that young man, and no one else is responsible for his actions.

Meanwhile back in the real world, the carrion feeders in the Fifth Column Treasonous Media and the Political Class continue to put every bit of energy they can muster into finding any and every conceivable way to exploit this tragedy, to wring every last dollar, every last microgram of power and authority out of a shocked, horrified and painfully vulnerable public. The vultures in the Fifth Column Treasonous Media will interview the shocked and devastated survivors while the Political Class parasites pontificate and bluster with great verbosity attempting at all costs to assign blame for this horrific tragedy on something that they can exercise authority over. This is the culture they have created, that they knowingly and with a foreknowledge of malice continue to sustain.

Why? Because as I said before, it is profitable to them, power and money. Yes, it really is that simple.


3 thoughts on “On the tragic loss of 20 innocent children.

  1. Great article and all very true. There is another strategy that the political puppets and fifth column treasonous media use to control the people.
    By working together to create chaos by exploiting the tragedy (that I believe they had some hand in) they are able to make people cry to them for their useless and unfounded protection, they become justified to make everyone give up their right to bear arms for protection.
    So out of the chaos comes their idea of order which is BS. Was anyone there to protect the children from the gunman? Was anyone there to protect the people at the mall last week? Was anyone there at the theater when the people got all shot up? If one person with their right to bear arms was present at each event with their weapon, the people and children may be alive today, but people are too afraid to carry their weapons with them for fear that the police will shoot them for merely practicing their right to bear arms.

    • Fifth column
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      For other uses, see Fifth Column (disambiguation).

      A fifth column is a group of people who clandestinely undermine a larger group, such as a nation, from within. A fifth column can be a group of secret sympathizers of an enemy that are involved in sabotage within military defense lines, or a country’s borders.[1] A key tactic of the fifth column is the secret introduction of supporters into the whole fabric of the entity under attack.[2] This clandestine infiltration is especially effective with positions concerning national policy and defense.[2] From influential positions like these, fifth column tactics can be effectively utilized, from stoking fears through misinformation campaigns, to traditional techniques like espionage.[2]

      1 Origin
      2 Contemporaneous usage
      3 Later usage
      4 See also
      5 References
      6 Further reading


      Emilio Mola, a Nationalist General during the Spanish Civil War, told a journalist in 1936 that as his four columns of troops approached Madrid, a “fifth column” of supporters inside the city would support him and undermine the Republican government from within.[3] The term was then widely used in Spain. Ernest Hemingway used it as the title of his only play, which he wrote in Madrid while the city was being bombarded and published in 1938 in his book The Fifth Column and the First Forty-Nine Stories.[4]

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