Will he or won’t he…

Gen. David Petraeus has agreed to testify before the Senate Thursday today, will he come clean on what the POTUS knew and when he knew it. Will he tell congress that Obama personally denied the requests for help made by Glen Doherty and Tyrone S. Woods? Will Gen. Petraeus officially admit to congress that the Consulate annex in Benghazi was a CIA rendition facility? That several al-Qaeda terrorist’s were being held in the annex and being interrogated there?

Is there any possibility that Gen Petraeus will inform congress that Ambassador Stevens was running a Iran-Contra styled weapons transfer program and arming Syrian rebels? Or that Ambassador Christopher Stevens was suppose to be captured alive and exchanged for the Blind Sheik? Will he admit that Glen Doherty was in Libya attempting to track down and retrieve shoulder fired Stinger missiles similar to those Ronald Reagan supplied to the rebels fighting Soviet occupation of Afghanistan?

Let’s see by a show of hands who believes that Gen Petraeus will do any of the above… Come on… get those hands up if you think Gen Petraeus is going to come clean and change his testimony in any way shape or form…

What? None of you think that Gen Petraeus is going to be the one to bring down the Won? Yea, me neither. Gen. David Petraeus had wrapped himself in a cloak of Honorability for many years. A cloak that it now appears indisputable has been nothing but a charade for a very long time. Gen Petraeus sold his soul a long time ago and a man like him isn’t capable of the humility or contrition required to redeems ones soul. When he testifies before congress the one thing you can be certain Gen. David Petraeus is going to do, is to double down on protecting Barack Insane Obama.

There will be no repentance, no seppuku, no final redemptive act of valor on his part, but he will fall on his sword, albeit with a considerable amount of help from the Obamanation Administration. When you take the devils coin, you stay bought, Gen Petraeus will be no different than anyone else who has taken the devils coin.


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