Fifth Column Treasonous Media Mendacious Malfeasance in the wake of Hurricane Sandy.

I used to live in the city of San Diego California. Moved out to the countryside 12 years ago. Oddly enough, a good portion of my decision to move out to the countryside came from my research into what doomed the Mayan Civilization. To put it simply, big cities are death traps just waiting to happen. They can only function so long as certain essential services can be provided to their citizens. Once those essential services break down or collapse human nature and the self preservation instinct kicks in.

When your options are reduced to, starve or die of thirst, or take by force from someone else, things absolutely will get violent, and they can and will do so with a blinding speed. Blaming those who live in the big cities is a fools games of self aggrandizing arrogance. The basic equation of self preservation crosses all geographical boundaries. People move to the big cities and live there, because that’s where, in good times, the money is. It’s where all of the positive benefits of a technologically advanced industrial civilization are to be found. Hospitals, schools, consumer goods.

There is a lot to be said on the positive side for living in a big city. When wisely and carefully administrated they are great places to live. But they are like living on one of the Hawaiian Islands or in the shadow of one of the earths great volcano’s, Washington State has Mount Rainer while Rome has Mount Vesuvius. They are really nice places to live, but they are also ticking time bombs just waiting to one day explode without any warning. The East Coast of the United States is in a very similar situation. From the the Gulf of Mexico up to New York City and even further north their is always a very real even if remote possibility that a incredibly powerful hurricane will come roaring up the coast removing every trace of human habitation.

As I said, I live in Southern California, where we pretty much always face the possibility that an major earthquake might send us in a matter of minuets from being a beautiful highly populated paradise, to a stone-age culture fighting for survival. Which brings us back to another early statement of mine, why I chose to move out to the countryside. When I was looking into the collapse of the Mayan Civilization I came across another Mezzo-American civilization that experienced a very similar collapse. They were the Anasazi, The ancestral Puebloans were a prehistoric Native American civilization centered around the present-day Four Corners area of the Southwest United States. They like the Mayans built a very sophisticated and complex culture centering around, basically big cities.

Both the Mayan and Anasazi civilizations collapsed when, after hundreds of years of centralizing their populations in large cities, something happened that disrupted the basic essential services required to make those cities inhabitable. Something that all of their best advanced planning was unable to compensate for. It’s going to take a lot more than what brought down the Mayan or Anasazi civilizations to bring down America. But that doesn’t mean that America isn’t susceptible to collapse.

Florida, New Jersey and New York are currently getting a brutal lesson in why the Mayan and Anasazi civilizations collapsed. When you concentrate a large number of people in a small geographical area you do so at the expense of available resources. In a healthy well ordered civilization the wealth concentrated in those high density population areas allows massive amounts of resources to be transferred to those areas. Amounts sufficient to sustain the populations in them.

If anything happens to disrupt that transfer of resources the population in those area’s has to adjust. If the disruption is slow and gradual, the population adjusts by conserving and slowing moving to other area’s. When that disruption is sudden and dramatic, things get ugly in a big fat hurry. Human nature kicks in and self preservation takes over. Human Civilization came into existence because of a pretty simple reality. That reality is this, no matter how strong any one single individual is, a large enough motivated enough group can and will eventually overpower that one individual.

When the basic essential resources required for survival become sufficiently scarce people will do whatever is required to secure those resources. There will also inevitably be those who see the disruption and ensuing chaos as opportunity to obtain material wealth through theft and or acts of violence. Parts of New Jersey and New York are experiencing exactly this right now.

This is where the mendacious malfeasance of the Fifth Column Treasonous Media comes into this article. What is happening in various parts of New Jersey and New York is unnecessarily happening. It is happening because the Fifth Column Treasonous Media has placed their own political ideological need to manipulate the 2012 Presidential Election and keep their Marxist fellow Traveler Barack Insane Obama in office ahead of needs of the People of the United States of America, specifically those who are suffering the ravages of Hurricane Sandy.

Just as the Fifth Column Treasonous Media intentionally played the role of the corrupt gatekeeper and kept the truth about Operation Fast and Furious and Benghazi from the American people so are they now likewise keeping the truth about the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy from the American people. They are doing so for one single solitary reason, to protect Barack Insane Obama from the consequences of his actions with regard to each of these horrific situations. If the American people knew exactly what role Barack Obama either played, or failed to play in these tragedies, then on Nov. 6th 2012 Barack Obama would lose his reelection bid in the most lopsided landslide in American history. The Fifth Column Treasonous Media is 100 percent fully aware of this and have made the decision with a the foreknowledge and malice of intent to deceive the American people in order to protect Obama.

Yes, that does mean that they made the intentional decision to sacrifice the lives of those in the most devastated areas touched by Hurricane Sandy. That is exactly what that means, just as they made the exact same intentional decision to sacrifice the lives of hundreds of Mexican Citizens and perhaps as many as a dozen Americans in order to protect Obama from the fallout over his criminal campaign to weaken the United States Constitutions Second Amendment, know better as Operation Fast and Furious. Just as they made the decision to protect Obama from the political consequences of his utterly failed foreign policy in Libya that resulted in the deaths of Ambassador Stevens and three other Americans with him. Their decision to cover up Obama’s decision to abandon Ambassador Stevens when he was being attacked because it would destroy the facade of Obama’s foreign policy is nothing short of willful with a foreknowledge of malice criminal intent.

IF the Fifth Column Treasonous Media were doing it’s job, rather than covering up the corrupt Obama Administrations actions the people in New Jersey and New York would not be in eminent danger of death through starvation, exposure, thirst or violent confrontation over basic survival necessities. No matter how civilized we get, so long as we remain mortal certain aspects of human nature are not going to change. Self preservation is one of the most basic and primal of all human attributes, and it isn’t going to be sublimated away by wishful thinking or group think.

Once again, IF the Fifth Column Treasonous Media were doing their job, the rest of America would know how precarious and perilous the situations are in certain parts of New Jersey and New York. Hurricane Sandy was devastating on a local level along the East Coast, America however on the whole was undamaged by Hurricane Sandy. Because America itself was undamaged by the catastrophe on the east coast the disruption of vital resources to those affected area’s is only temporary. In other words, it can be restored without causing any other significant disruptions. The Fifth Column Treasonous Media are 100 percent aware of this, they are equally aware that the death toll will be determined by the time it takes to completely restore those vital supplies.

A human being can survive somewhere around 100 days without food, they can survive somewhere between 3 and 5 days without water, and depending on the temperature, just a matter of hours. This is what makes the Fifth Column Treasonous Media’s intentional decision to not keep average Americans informed on what is happening in the area’s devastated by Hurricane Sandy mendacious malfeasance.


5 thoughts on “Fifth Column Treasonous Media Mendacious Malfeasance in the wake of Hurricane Sandy.

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  2. I have a fb friend from the area that reports:
    “the damage is not that significant and yet the agents in charge are refusing to let people go back to their homes for 2 months. also the agencies such as fema and red cross are not responding to any of their request for loans or aid and that it is ordinary citizens who are supplying their immediate needs.”

    I personally am outraged and fear that the false hope agents out there are going house to house and removing guns.
    I also urge no one to donate to any of the false hope liars who are pretending to be giving aid.

    • The entire Federal Government needs to be overhauled. Hopefully, a clear thinking Romney and clear thinking Congress can turn this Ship upright and get us back to our foundation.

  3. One thing I realized is the destruction by Sandy is going to be costly, not so much because of the damage… but because the damage was done to “expensive” stuff. I mean when Brian Williams was bemoaning about the multi million dollar homes..13 and 15 million dollar homes being destroyed…. I don’t really have much sympathy for them… because that is probably one of many homes they have and insured to the hilt as well. I am just saying there should be some sort of guidelines to the price of coastal homes to be within a “lower” price range!!!! Because when something like this happens… it is the rest of the country that is paying for the well to do because they “choose” to live in expensive homes on the coast where this naturally is going to happen over and over again. So when is the country going to wise up and say enough is enough!!! And those boats piled up on each other??? Those weren’t exactly someones fishing boat to make a living… they were recreational boats for the “well to do people”. And then the price tag they put on everything…. I don’t think so. It isn’t my fault that people will pay exhorbant prices for a cubicle to live in, and 1500 shoes and suits, and artwork that looks like 3 year old could paint! And while I know there are working class people who are suffering greatly… where are their neighbors who are well to do??? No where to be found. I would suggest move out and go somewhere cheaper to live and work and safer as well. New York is still a self serving, egotistical, arrogant minded city. They never learn their lesson. New Jersey and other places… perhaps less democrat leadership and some good old conservative work ethic and beliefs will bring “real change.”

    • Unfortunately once all the government money is spent on the luxury homes, possessions, and their five star hotels to live in while restoration is occurring there will be little left for those truly in need and it is the well-heeled that will be served first while the hard working needy wait for the leftovers.

      Congress will jump right in to help and I certainly do not begrudge that but if the same people want to rebuild in an area subject to these disasters they must be made to forfeit any reimbursement in the future. Insurance can raise their rates and limit the damages they will pay so the U.S. government needs to do the same.

      No more hand-outs to the super rich or to those who will not work to provide for themselves. We all need to take responsibility for our own life choices.

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