Obama’s rubber duckies refuse to stay in a row.

Despite the best efforts of the Fifth Column Treasonous Media, what really happened in Benghazi Libya, when the Whitehouse knew, and what they really did are all coming out, and the story read’s like a really bad parody of a rejected James Bond script. As it turns out Ambassador Stevens was involved in arming the Syrian rebels with a combination of Muammar Gaddafi enormous stash of weapons and certain American made weapons (Stinger Missile’s).

This weapons were apparently smuggled out of Libya, through Turkey and into Syria. How the American made Stinger missiles were delivered to Syria can only have Ambassador Steven’s fingerprints on them. But make their way to the Syrian Civil war it now seems indisputable that they did.

That the Obama Administration was clandestinely arming the Syrian rebels really isn’t surprising considering both Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton’s fanatical love of various Islamic bad actors. It would seem that the only talent Obama possesses that is greater than his ability to choose losers or make bad decisions, is his propensity to do so. Sorry to inform you all, but their are no good guys in the Syrian Civil War, just as their are no good guys in the entire so called Arab Spring. The only people who think that there are, are those who even after reading what the various Arab Islamic leader’s have said, utterly and completely refuse to take those Islamic Arab leaders at face value.

Iran is not alone in it’s fanatical desire to wipe Israel off the face of the earth or to see America in flames. This is a sentiment common across the Arab Islamic world. It is not a sentiment that can be bought off or negotiated away, it is a deeply held Islamic religious sentiment. They will no more sell or negotiate this away willingly then they would deny Mohammad or Allah, convert to atheism and openly embrace homosexuality. To fail to understand this, is to completely fail to understand religious convictions altogether.

To fail to understand the depth and breadth of religious conviction is to willfully and intentionally poke out ones own eyes, to completely and totally delude ones self to thousands of years of recorded history. The only ideology to be the root of more human suffering and death than religion, is atheist Marxism. Atheist Marxism has by far killed more humans being in the previous century than all the religious wars in history, but the number of wars fought in the name of religion is literally in the hundreds.

The so called Arab Spring is in reality nothing less than a fight between Iran, the Muslim Brotherhood and Turkey over who will rule the new Islamic Caliphate. Syria’s civil war is just one more battle in that fight. What happened in Benghazi Libya was a tragic part of that much larger picture. Ambassador Steven’s was playing a dangerous game on behalf of the Obama Administration, providing the Syrian, aka Anti-Iranian faction with weapons.

If that was where it stopped, it would be bad enough for the Obama Administration, but tragically it appears that that is not where it stops. It now seems incontrovertible that Ambassador Steven’s was playing a role that even he was not aware of. The Obama Administration and the Clinton State Department have clearly chosen the Muslim Brotherhood as the heir designate to the New Islamic Caliphate.

So, in what seems to have been a very convoluted path by which Ambassador Steven’s could be laundered out of the Syrian Arm’s trafficking arrangement, the Whitehouse seems to have had another cloak and dagger clandestine plan in the works. At the request of the new Muslim Brotherhood President of Egypt, the Obama Administration and the Clinton State Department were seeking a means by which they could release the Blind Sheik Omar Abdel-Rahman into Egyptian custody.

Enter an unusual styled assault on an American Consult in Benghazi Libya. Instead of employing their usual tried and true drive a truck though the building laden with explosives and blow the entire building into a billion pieces, they risked the lives of dozens of their fighters in a pitched battle that lasted 7 hours or more. Those fighters were not there to kill Ambassador Stevens, they were there to take him hostage.

Obama was evidently 100 percent fully aware of this, which is why one hour after being briefed of the on going assault on the Consulate in Benghazi, he went back to bed. And he went back to bed, because everything was going exactly according to plan.

Senate Intel vice chair: We’ve been demanding these e-mails since the Benghazi attack

Bear in mind that since this time, we have discovered that the State Department watched this unfold in real time and has video of the attack which is still hasn’t shared with Congress. The CIA station chief told them in a cable 24 hours later that this was a terrorist attack, and that they even knew who had commanded it. Finally, we have last night’s revelation that the Situation Room got e-mails from the intel community while the attack was underway that clearly gave evidence that this was no spontaneous demonstration gone amok. They had plenty of evidence — “concrete evidence,” to use Jay Carney’s terminology — that the sacking of the consulate and assassination of our Ambassador was a planned terrorist attack.

Except, that apparently nobody bothered to inform either Ambassador Stevens or the two former Navy Seals with him that they were suppose to be taken hostage so that they could be traded for the Blind Sheik Omar Abdel-Rahman.

One of the problems with covert opps or clandestine actions, is that when they go to hell, they go to hell with a vengeance and usually take everyone involved with them. Try as they might, the Fifth Column Treasonous Media has been unable to sweep this under the carpet. Perhaps they should not have tried to throw the intelligence community under Obama’s bus. Or perhaps, just perhaps the iron grip that the Fifth Column Treasonous Media once held over what the American people know is irrevocably slipped and they simply are no longer able to deceive and manipulate the American people.

What ever the case, the news is getting out, and it isn’t good for the Obama Administration. Nixon had his Watergate and Reagan had the Iran-Contra affair, Obama has Fast and Furious and Benghazi. Nobody died in Watergate or the Iran-Contra affair, how Obama can possibly survive the rising tide of American Blood created by his administration is one hell of a question, especially considering that Obama was suppose to be the man who caused the oceans to recede.


6 thoughts on “Obama’s rubber duckies refuse to stay in a row.

  1. TWG: Why there has been ANY delay in this is beyond appalling. CLEARLY, the obama/clinton/jarrett regime includes several members of islamic terrorist groups and individuals. They’ve been working diligently installing the islamic caliphate abroad and they’ve been derelict in their responsibilities to secure America and Her Citizens from such terrorists by ignoring the South American islamic threat, NOT securing our borders and by promoting islam in our public education system and Chrislam in our churches. islam is thick as thieves in our White House, Pentagon, Education and Intelligence communities.

  2. I believe, doriangrey1, that you are spot on with your analysis. It fits: BO sits in the Oval Office (sometimes) with a kill list and plays war. Why would this be any different? It’s more war games to him. And, since he’s the smartest guy EVER, he has it all figured out; only this time people died. And that is why he went with the “look squirrel” video excuse. He’s just trying to make it past the election so he can bury this for good.

  3. In one of the debates obamanation said he takes full responsibility but still lies like a rug about the whole cover up. He claims to be going after the guys who did it but obamanation is the one who hired them, what a joke.
    obamanation can claim responsibility because he knows he has a myriad of drone surrounding him to protect him.
    what he won’t do is accept the consequences and be totally accountable for his crime, he is like a child that denies his guilt to avoid mom or dads wrath.
    It is beyond mind Boggling to me that his drones and followers are so blind to the truth.

    • They are not blind Laura, they have the political and moral ideology that the end justifies the means, and because that it their primary ideology, nothing that helps them achieve their goals are off limits.

      • You are right, and I do have a huge problem acknowledge that fact. I just cannot put stupid and evil agenda together in the same sentence.

  4. The Russians also confirm the involvement of American weapons. We also have reports of US special forces being present to ID and try to recover some of those weapons when things went south. I think John Bolton and whistleblowers at the CIA agree. This seems to be an Obama coverup of the worst kind. Use an ambassador sympathetic to Arabs to smuggle arms, then arrange for his kidnapping to facilitate transfer of the Blind Sheik.

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