Fidel Castro finally meet’s up with Satan

Well the rumors are flying fast and furiously yet again. Fidel “The Butcher of Havana” Castro reputedly has finally walked quietly into that good night. Word on twitter is that he suffered a massive stroke and has died. There are few living individuals, if Castro is indeed still alive contrary to the twitter post’s and rumors, who in my personal and not particularly humble opinion, more deserving of shuffling off this mortal coil, and in I might add a most painful and hideous a manner.

Many on the left here in America have a great reverence and respect for the Cuban Dictator, or Dicktaster as I prefer to call him. When it come to Fidel and his loyal rabid attack dog Che Guevara the majority of leftists here display a vomit inducing affection for individuals who are and were nothing less than brutal serial killers. If you are a fan of either man, well yes, I do hope you are in a fire that burns of 70 percent of your skin off and leaves you suffering indescribable agony in a burn ward for an entire year before you finally succumb to septicemia and die.

Oh… I’m sorry, you think that is an unwarranted and hateful thing for me to say? Yea, well FUCK YOU. Che Guevara was the single worst serial killer in human history. He personally walked over 700 people into the woods and put a bullet in them and ordered the executions of another 3300 people whose only crime was that they did not think like he did.

Fidel Castro set Che lose on Cuba to terrorize the Cuban people into submission, and that is exactly what Che did. In overthrowing the Dictator Fulgencio Batista, whom I admit was an evil bastard nearly as bad a Fidel (Bapista executed 20,000 Cubans), Fidel and Che killed over 100,000 innocent Cubans.

I can honestly say that while my own personal religious beliefs tell me not to speak ill of the dead, and I do indeed make every attempt to uphold that position, their a a few individuals who were so evil I am willing to violate my own principals when I learn of their deaths. Fidel Castro is one of those individuals. I hope and pray that these rumors of his suffering a massive stroke and dying are reality and not just another rumor of his death.

I can also honestly say (and god please forgive me for doing so) that I hope and pray that if he has died, that Fidel Castro is burning in hell and suffering the most horrible and indescribable agony. It is the fate I pray is also shared by Adolph Hitler, Joesph Stalin, Mao Tse-tung and Pol Pot. These men were the purest incarnations of evil that the world have ever suffered under and witnessed. Their political ideologies cost the lives of somewhere in the neighborhood of 300 million innocent people.

If you idealize any of these men, if you think they were cool or good men, if you have anything but the most burning hatred of these men, then yea, I do hope you die in a fiery accident that leaves you screaming your brains out for a year in a burn ward before you finally join them in the lake of eternal fire and unending torment.

“Vive la Revolution… Oh hell no… Try Burn in Hell Fidel… Burn in Hell…


7 thoughts on “Fidel Castro finally meet’s up with Satan

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  2. This may sound strange, but this is what I fear about these type of evil personas, they have no conscience, they feel no guilt, and they feel no shame. People like this commit hideous crimes and still pass lie detector test while innocent people with a conscience fail because of the fear of the unknown.
    Is it possible that these empty people with no soul can pass the pearly gates because their evilness is undetectable?
    I hate these creeps with a passion, so is my hate sending me to hell while these empty whacko’s get off scott free of their crimes against humanity?
    Jesus said “Love your Enemies”, and I find that impossible to do. Anyway, this is my biggest fear for all of us who give a damn.

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