Joe Biden, Paul Ryan and Bibi’s “Red Line” time line.

Joe Biden asked a question during the Vice Presidential debate, “Who are you going to trust, Romney and Ryan or Obama and me”. Joe told what can only be described as a blatant lie when he claimed that the Whitehouse had no idea that Ambassador Stevens had requested additional security for the Consulate in Benghazi, and he lied again when he threw the Intelligence Community under the bus claiming that they had informed the Whitehouse that the attack on the Consulate in Benghazi was a spontaneous protest over a movie that nobody had seen.

So, who are you going to trust, someone who blatantly lied to you twice in as many breaths? Or someone who told you the truth right up front? Personally I would rather hear a painfully inconvenient truth then be lied to, but hey, that’s just me, your mileage may vary. One of the subjects that came up during the foreign policy segment of the VP Debate was the Iranian nuclear weapons program.

I was a machine operator for a Aerospace contractor, in other words, I ran machines, Mill’s, Lathes, saws, grinders, brakes, presses. You get the idea. The technical specifications for the physical housing of a nuclear device are well known and documented. Iran is known to have purchased those designs from Dr. A.Q. Khan’s proliferation network. Any reasonably competent machine shop can assemble the physical housing for a nuclear device in just a couple of weeks. The most difficult part of making a nuclear weapon is the fissile material, after that it’s the triggering device.

The IAEA has already indicated that they found what they believed to be the remains of a decommissioned Iranian Nuclear triggering device prototype development facility. In other words, Iran already has worked out the triggering device, can manufacture the weapons external housing in any machine shop in the entire country and only needs the fissile material to become a nuclear weapons possessing nation.

Bibi is and was 100 percent entirely correct with his “Red Line” time line, Iran is just a few months away from acquiring nuclear weapons capability. Joe Biden and the Obama administration have with regards to the Iranian Nuclear Weapons Program and the Iranian Mullah’s fervent desire to acquire Nuclear Weapons at any cost consistently ignored reality, preferring instead to live in a fantasy land where the Mullah’s will behave like rational individuals placing the financial and economical well being of the Iranian people ahead of their own personal ambitions and religious dogma.

The Iranian Mullahs have consistently stated that they believe that it is their destiny to obtain Nuclear Weapons, to use those Nuclear Weapons to destroy Israel and force the Twelfth Imman out of the well he is hiding in and to usher in the New Islamic Caliphate from which Islam will enact the final chapter of Islamic doctrine, the complete subjugation of the planet Earth to Islam.

To believe that any amount of economic or financial sanctions against Iran will effect a change in the religious fervor or dedication of Iran’s Mullah’s to achieving what they believe is their sacred duty to Allah and their destiny requires, to borrow a phrase from Hillary Clinton, “a willful suspension of disbelief”.

Joe Biden is, as he proved all to clearly in that debate, perfectly willing to compromise his personal religious beliefs any time financial matters make those beliefs inconvenient. He, having no clear moral or ethical compass assumes that that particular personal attribute is universal, and he could not be more mistaken. The Mullah’s in Iran have not been sponsoring terrorist activities all across the globe for decades because their personal religious beliefs are negotiable or for sale. They will not stop their plans because the entire rest of the world objects to their plans. They will not stop just a few feet short of their goal because the rest of the world bankrupts them financially.

The Mullah’s in Iran know perfectly well what their plan of acquiring nuclear weapons means in terms of Iran’s economic future, they have weight the cost and found it to be an acceptable price to pay for the “Glory” that will be bestowed upon them when they accomplish what they believe is Allah’s plan for them. They know that millions of Iranian’s will die if their plan is successful, and they are willing and able to accept this outcome because they believe that Allah will reward those Iranians who die as martyrs who died in service of Allah.

You cannot reason with the Iranian Mullah’s about this, you cannot sanction them and have the Mullah’s come to their senses. The Mullah’s know exactly what they are doing, they have counted the cost and are 100 percent willing and prepared to pay that cost. These are not issues that are abstract negotiable constructs, these are deeply held core religious issues and the Iranian Mullah’s will not surrender or willingly damn their own souls to hell according to their beliefs to pacify the west.

Believing otherwise is to live in a delusion where you project your own complete lack of absolute moral compass on others with a complete and total disregard for what the other individual believes or how tightly they cling to their own convictions. Joe Biden and Barack Obama have no absolute moral compass, to them, everything is negotiable, everything and everyone has a price, all you have to do is find it. The Islamic faithful do not strap bomb to themselves and blow themselves up because their core beliefs are negotiable, they do so because their core religious beliefs mean more to them then their temporal lives do. If the leaders of the Western World do not wake up to this reality and wake up to it soon, then they will damn us all to a world of unimaginable violence. Sometimes it really is better to kill one single individual than to let a thousand die because of your inaction. Sometimes a war to prevent a slaughter of unimaginable proportions is really the correct moral and ethical decision.


2 thoughts on “Joe Biden, Paul Ryan and Bibi’s “Red Line” time line.

  1. Ladies and gentlemen, First off, you have to have a sincere desire to ‘know the truth’! No
    matter who it ‘offends’. Even if it offends YOU!
    What I will share with you is irrefutable, it can-
    not be denied! Oh, it will be, lets say,, you all up the ‘c.a.i.r.’ org., and they will invoke what
    the islamist’s call ‘taquia’, ( not the proper spelling), but it is a rule/technique if you will,
    that absolves the muslim from punishment
    for ‘ lying’.! It allows muslims to deceive/lie
    to promote ‘islam’ ! ‘islam’ is not a religion
    per se, it is a ‘political/governmental religious
    cabal’, Who’s dedired goal is to ultimately
    take over the whole world and put it under the rule of Islam! This is FACT. I am giving

    you some sites to check out, it is in direct
    violation of our, ‘WE THE PEOPLES’, U.S.
    Constitition,Bill of Rights,Declaration of Independence, everything this ‘Republic’
    is founded on and stands for, to even Build a mosque in America! You shall see. Go to: atlasshrugs2000 atlas exclusive: 2010 Congressional candidate, Vijay Kumar: “the muslim mosque: a state within a state”. ” vijay kumar” the muslim mosque, a state within a state” wake up America!

    per se, it is a

  2. I watched the vice presidental debate and it was a complete joke. I have a new name for biden, Obiden – because he sounded just like obamanation with all of his double talk and lies. He tried his damnest to flub up Ryan but failed miserably. Ryan did a good job and kept his composure at points where I would have stood up and punched the hell out of obiden.
    But something bothered me in the debate where obiden refered to Afghanastan as the Cabal, I thought that title belonged to the fake jews that came out of Russia and set up shop in Brittan, and now practice zionism.
    As for Iran, Ryan repeated that obamanation had loosened santions, I had not heard that and if true, Why would he do that?

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