Obama’s chickens are coming home to roost.

Spanish language channel Univision has aired two massively damaging exposies on the Obama adminostrations failed attack on America’s second amendment, Operation Fast and Furious.

CBS and ABC are begining to bring their big guns in on the story, not because they want to, but to avoid looking like they were trying to hide the story or were seriously scooped by Univison.

Vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan has officially called upon President Obama to fire Attorney General Erick Holder.

If all of this wasn’t bad enough for Obama, he also now has leaks proving that Hillary Clintons State department denied additional security resuests from murdered Ambassador to Libya, Christopher Stevens.


5 thoughts on “Obama’s chickens are coming home to roost.

  1. Meanwhile the killing continues on the Arizona Border. Sheriff Larry Dever was killed in a vehicle crash while on his way to join his sons on a family hunting trip, this is the same agent that exposed Obama and his thug administration of ordering the patrol agents not to arrest any aliens but to turn them around South. In turn Napolitano made false claims that less aliens were attempting to cross the border. Also just today another border agent was shot and killed and another shot and wounded, both worked at the Brian Terry station.
    How many more people have to die before people get angry enough to demand action? Holder should not just be fired – he should be put in a cage with a sign on it saying “Do Not Feed The Beast”! And lets put Obamanation and Hellery in the adjoining cages too.

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