The Obamanation Administration Lies while the Middle East Burns.

Obama administration officials from Barack Obama himself, Hillary Clinton, Susan Rice all the way down to Whitehouse Spokesman Jay Carney have spent the last 4 days blaming the deaths of Ambassador Christopher Stevens on a virtually unknown youtube video called “The innocence of Muslims”. Rather than admit the truth that the Libyan Government itself stated as a fact, that the attack on the American Embassy in Libya was a carefully planned in advance assault by members of Al Qaeda designed specifically for the 11th anniversary of 9/11, the Obama Administration has chosen to assault America’s “First Amendment”.

No, Ambassador Stevens death could only be explained in terms of a little known and seen internet video. A video which the Obama Administration actually had the nerve to attempt to force Youtube to remove. Google, the parent company of Youtube, has a pretty long history of less than admirable qualities, what with it’s tracking of pretty much everything that anyone who uses Google does. Their reputation has taken such a hit for these activities that their internal motto “Don’t Be Evil” has pretty much become a joke on the internet.

Yet, despite all of this, despite Google/Youtube regularly deleting video’s for being “Unsympathetic” To Islam and banning anyone from Youtube who posts a such video’s, Google/Youtube apparently have just enough respect for their own free speech (while they don’t mind making the decision of which video’s are sufficiently offensive, or insufficiently sympathetic) they apparently have no intention of allowing anyone else to dictate to them what will or will not be allowed to remain on Youtube.

So, having had the Libyan Government contradict their narrative of what brought about the attack on the Libyan Embassy and the death of Ambassador Stevens and those with him. Having had Google pretty much tell them to go get stuffed and having video’s show up from other riots around other US Embassies throughout the Middle East where the rioters can clearly be seen to be chanting “Obama, Obama, We are all Osama Now”. The Obama Administration in frustration that their video meme simply wasn’t getting the traction they demanded it receive, and being constantly exposed to a deluge of questions by a Media that couldn’t be more friendly to the Obama Administration if every member of the Media were Barack Insane Obama himself, found it necessary to tell the Media to sit the fuck down and shut the fuck up they were not answering any more questions.

It wasn’t bad enough that upon receiving the news that Ambassador Stevens had been murdered Barack Insane Obama promptly ran off to Las Vegas to party with Beyonce and Jay Z. Nor does the Obama Administrations attempting to force Youtube to comply with their propaganda meme of blaming America’s First Amendment for the coordinated pre-planned assault on an American Foreign Embassy by members of Al Qaeda and possibly The Muslim Brotherhood rise to the level of offensive behavior of the Obama Administration informing the Media that they do not have the right or ability to question the actions of the Obama Administration.

If you think that all of this is offensive or unconscionable, then the real reason for the Obama Administration going dark on the crises unfolding in the middle east will not only shock your sensibilities, but damned well ought to enrage you as well. As it turns out, the Obama Administration was given 48 hours advanced warning of Al Qadea’s intentions to attack the US Embassy in Libya on the 11th anniversary of 9/11, and the Obama Administrations response was to allow a known Homosexual Ambassador not only to travel with minimal security, but to reduce the security at the various state Department facilities in Libya as well as other Embassies and State Department facilities across the Middle East.

If this were the very first incident of the Obama Administration employing what can only be called in the most charitable terms imaginable, “Poor Judgement” one might be, (were they drunk or stoned enough), able to rationalize this as inexperience and nativity. Sadly United States Border Patrol Officer Brian Terry and ICE Officer Jamie Zapata are unavailable to opine on the subject, having been murdered by Mexican Narcotic’s Cartel members who were armed by the Obama administration in the infamous Obama Administrations “Operation Fast and Furious”. Not only is their a similarity in the callous disregard for the lives of those employed by the United States Government (we’ll speak nothing of “Fast and Furious” blatant disregard for US Law here) But there is also a frightening similarity in the Obama Administrations response to the facts involved in both cases becoming public knowledge.

In both cases the Obama Administrations first response was to deny culpability, then blame someone else and finally to stonewall. Perhaps the only thing more insulting and damaging to the American people than the actions directly taken by the Obama Administration in both of these cases are the actions taken (or perhaps more accurately not taken) by what was once seen enviously around the world as America’s “Fourth Estate”. America’s Fifth Column Treasonous Media invested the totality of their souls and reputations in getting Barack Insane Obama elected. Were every single member of the Fifth Column Treasonous Media Barack Insane Obama himself they could not have been any more pro Obama. Told to sit the fuck down and shut the fuck up previously on the “Operation Fast and Furious” they happily complied, told yet again with regard to the attacks on the US Embassy in Libya and other Middle East nations to sit the fuck down and shut the fuck up, the Fifth Column Treasonous Media seem bound and determined to do exactly that.

History has buried within it many rumors and legends, Nero, it is reputed, having set Rome on fire, retired to his palace where he played his violin. Since Barack Insane Obama apparently lacks the musical inclination, self-discipline or skills required to play the violin he apparently was forced to go to Las Vegas while the fire he set in the Middle East burned out of control and settle for hanging out with Beyonce and Jay Z.

There is absolutely no question what-so-ever that the United States of America is capable of enduring the ruinous tenure of the Obama Administration. What tragically is not in evidence is whether the United States of America can endure the stupidity and malfeasance of the percentage of the American population that placed Barack Insane Obama in residence at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. in the first place.


3 thoughts on “The Obamanation Administration Lies while the Middle East Burns.

  1. I gag every time I hear him. I don’t want to believe that “47%” really like the basturd. And YES everything has been a propaganda load of b.s., everyone has been lying and deceiving worse that any corruption in Chicago and I really vomitted when I saw the super Hail to the Chief fawning on the Letterman show bite I saw.

    Big Kudos to you Doriangray1. Its a great post AND I am disseminating. STAT!

  2. How very sad that we have a Commander in Chief who considers those who so bravely serve just dispensable commodities. His hypocrisy of acting like the great President who cares so much for his underlings and (we are all his underlings). If people could just keep an open mind when he does his cheer leading to the gullible crowds who applaud and cheer him on as he becomes exceeding bolder in reading from his prepared, teleprompter speeches. The lives lost are less important to the uncaring than Obama’s grand gesture of sanctioning same sex marriage in the military. I suppose this should make up for all his failed policies.

    It will be no different under Obamacare. Those who serve and risk their lives and limbs for the freedom of the United States are of no value to his goal of transforming American than those who will suffer and die under his government regulated health care.

    None are so blind as those who just refuse to see.

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