When is a Conspiracy Theory not a Conspiracy Theory?

The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines a conspiracy theory as follows.

: a theory that explains an event or set of circumstances as the result of a secret plot by usually powerful conspirators

Everybody and their mother has heard at least half a dozen full blown conspiracy theories. Ya, you know what I’m talking about.

Roosevelt and the US Government knew in advance about Pearl Harbor and let it happen to draw America into WWII

A UFO crashed in Roswell New Mexico in 1947 and the United States Government has been hiding evidence of Extra-terrestrial aliens every since.

John F Kennedy was assassinated by a mysterious gunman hiding under a tree on the Grassy Knoll.

The Jews intentionally attempted to sink the USS Liberty.

The Illuminati, The Freemasons, The Bilderberg Group, The Bohemian Grove Group, Skull and Bones and the Jew’s are secretly controlling the world.

NASA faked the Moon Landing.

The Bush Administration was behind the destruction of the World Trade Centers on 9/11.

Yes, we have been bombarded by theories like this for decades now. Usually they surround some terrible incident for which the causes are extremely difficult to ascertain. Sometimes, like the Roswell Incident they result from genuinely weird stories and incompetent reporting combined with Government paranoia regarding releasing classified information. In virtually every case, their is an actual incident from which the conspiracy theory springs. Something did happen in the desert outside of Roswell, New Mexico in 1947, of that their is absolutely no question what so ever. What exactly happened, well that is another whole story all of it’s own.

Art Bell and George Noory have more or less created an entire cottage industry around the conspiracy theory. Website, books, and a nationally syndicated radio program dedicated to conspiracy theories. Literally tens of thousands of books have been published about every conceivable conspiracy theory imaginable, and probably more than a few that are unimaginable. Collecting conspiracy theories has become, well kind of a collection industry itself. Some people collect baseball cards, some collect movie memorabilia, and believe it or not, some people collect conspiracy theories.

While to some this might seem somewhere between the more or less harmless eccentricities of some of our societies less than intellectually stable members and a psychiatric problem requiring medication, it actually represents a significant problem. The proclivity for the propagation and dispersion of various and sundry conspiracy theories in American Society is a symptom of a underlying problem in society as a whole.

Before any conspiracy theory can gain traction and travel through society their is a single underlying predication that must be met. There must be a fundamental distrust within the fabric of that society. The conspiracy theory has to have a medium through which to travel, and that medium is distrust.

The Illuminati, The Freemasons, The Bilderberg Group, yada yada conspiracy theories found their medium in a distrust of the wealthiest industrialists by average citizens who didn’t understand the inner working of powerful corporations. The Roosevelt, Roswell, Kennedy, USS Liberty and 9/11 conspiracies all share in common a basic fundamental distrust of the “Government”. At it’s core this distrust stems from little more than a lack of knowledge. But it also comes from a willingness to believe the worst about individuals you do not actually know. In nearly every single conspiracy theory their are mysterious shadowy figures engaging in secret nefarious deeds. They are engaging in secret things that cannot be verified, only conjectured about.

Any event or incident for which specific individuals can indisputably tied to specific actions, statements or events is regardless of the clandestine seeming appearance of the event, therefore by logical extension, not a conspiracy theory.

For instance, let’s take the conspiracy theory that NASA faked the moon landing. Twelve individuals walked on the moon between 1969 and 1972. Neil Armstrong – Apollo 11 – July, 1969
Edwin “Buzz” Aldrin – Apollo 11 – July, 1969
Charles “Pete” Conrad – Apollo 12 – November, 1969
Alan Bean – Apollo 12 – November, 1969
Alan Shepard – Apollo 14 – February, 1971
Edgar Mitchell – Apollo 14 – February, 1971
David Scott – Apollo 15 – July, 1971
James Irwin – Apollo 15 – July, 1971
John Young – Apollo 16 – April, 1972
Charles Duke – Apollo 16 – April, 1972
Eugene Cernan – Apollo 17 – December, 1972
Harrison Schmitt – Apollo 17 – December, 1972

These are the individuals, the event, going to the moon. How can this be confirmed? Well, for one you could go to Palomar Mountains Hale Observatory where once a month they fire a powerful Green Laser at the reflector that Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong put there. Or, you could go online and call up the images from the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter and look at the images taken by it of Tranquility Base. Yes, you can clearly see the Lunar Descent Vehicle as well as they tracks in the lunar dust left by Neil and Buzz as they walked around on the lunar surface.

This Blog is dedicated to a subject dismissed by many as a “Conspiracy Theory” however, just like the Moon landing hoax theory, it is easily provable because of the ability of anyone wishing to take the time’s ability to connect the individuals involved (Individuals who are not shadowy mysterious figures hiding in shadows doing secret thing) to the actual events in question.

Ezra Klein and David Weigel for example can indisputably be proven to have been a part of the Journolist, just as the Journolist itself can indisputably be proven to have existed. Agenda 21, likewise is utterly indisputable. There is utterly no question what so ever that during the Democrat National Convention the Democrat Party released a video asserting that we (that would all of us Americans) Belong to the Government now. In Soviet America the Government owns YOU. Nor for that matter can it be denied that on Feb 11th 2009 Newsweek Magazine ran the cover story, “We are all Socialists Now“.

As I said before, if you have an indisputable event, you have individuals who are known, and who can be documented to have done specific things and all of it can be 100 percent verified, you do not have a conspiracy theory. That certain thing are and have been happening in the United States has long since ceased to be a Conspiracy Theory.

The last four years have been a coming out party for the Democrats. For over a hundred years now, Progressivism, a polite, Americanized term for Marxism, has been infiltrating and taking over the Democrat party, the national media, academia, the courts. But until now they have effectively hidden what they are all about. Under Obama, however, the heart and soul of the party has been let out of the closet and revealed (only for those paying attention, however, not the millions who so stubbornly still are not). And that heart and soul is Che.

Having attended Harvard College and Harvard Law School, I saw all of this first hand. I saw all those prep school Marxists pledging to each other life long fealty to the worldwide socialist revolution, and going on to pose as “liberal” reporters and commentators, “liberal” environmentalists plotting the destruction of capitalism and its middle class prosperity from within, “liberal” candidates moderated just enough to get elected in their districts or states, “liberal” academics tutoring the next generation in the proper, socially acceptable attitudes to worker revolution, and providing cover for each other on the acceptability of more and more radical views.

Yet perhaps because the Media for so very long not only denied what was happening, but like the way they demonized Senator Joesph McCarthy, they have destroyed anyone who pointed out what was happening the majority of Americans consider any mention of a Marxist infiltration of America as a conspiracy Theory and anyone who advocates it a conspiracy theorist worthy of ridicule and mockery.

Even in the conservative blogsphere this phobia of being seen to even consider such an idea is regarded with the same automatic knee jerk reaction associated with a politicians knee jerk retraction to touching a Third-Rail subject during an election cycle. They not only will not do it themselves, they openly mock anyone who does dare breach the subject. Look around you, look around you carefully, the internet is the greatest research tool ever invented, it’s at your very finger tips. You are using it right this second to read this article.

The Democrat Party is a Marxists Organization, this is not speculation, it is not hyperbole, it most definitely is not a conspiracy theory. Barack Hussein Obama is a Marxist President. That is what the “Fundamental Transformation” Barack Obama promised everyone the day he was inaugurated was.

When is a Conspiracy Theory Not a Conspiracy Theory? When it’s not done in the shadows, when the people doing it are well known, and when the individual parts of the incident can be 100 percent verified to have happened or to be happening.


9 thoughts on “When is a Conspiracy Theory not a Conspiracy Theory?

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  2. When is a Conspiracy Theory Not a Conspiracy Theory? When it’s not done in the shadows, when the people doing it are well known, and when the individual parts of the incident can be 100 percent verified to have happened or to be happening.


    Dorian, I never realized you were SWalker until now. I remember you at HA as DG, but I didn’t know you had re-registered there as SWalker.

  3. One complaint:
    “The Jews intentionally attempted to sink the USS Liberty.” No one ever said that; and no one has disputed that Israel’s Airforce and Navy DID attempt to sink the USS Liberty while it was in International Waters, and that once the ship was disabled, shot up the lifeboats, a violation of International Maritime Law. That’s a fact, not a conspiracy.

  4. Good, you have articulated a good point, that the intent of the current progressives to transition this country away from a free market capitalist society is not conspiracy but really is their goal

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