In Soviet America the Government owns YOU.

In a move that the whitehouse is already attempting to walk back the Democrat National Convention let loose one of the Democrat Party’s dirtiest little secrets. We all belong to the government. The Democrat Party might as well officially change their name to the American Marxist Party. Matt drudge posted a link to this video yesterday, and it’s currently making the vir4al rounds of the blogsphere.

HotAir’s Mary Katharine Ham is on it with about as weak sauce a post on it as could be made without actually praising it as could be made. Yes, she did post an article about it, sans any comment of her own.

DNC attendees: Yeah, it’s pretty awesome to belong to the government

I guess in what passes for conservative circles these days being profoundly and fundamentally opposed to Marxism/Communism just isn’t all that socially acceptable. My step-father, a 27 year veteran of the United States Navy, retired Honorable, and the United States President he revered the most Ronald Wilson Reagan would have been utterly and completely appalled. Had either of those patriotic American Men lived to see this day I honestly cannot say that I could express the anger and rage they would have felt at either the tacit admission by the Democrat Party, or the tepid response to that admission that has come from the so called conservatives in the blogsphere.

I do know beyond any shadow of doubt that both of those fine American patriots would have considered the Democrat’s admission a straight up admission of TREASON. Many of us have known for along time that the Mainstream Media aka the Fifth Column Treasonous Media is predominately inhabited by Marxist fellow travelers or outright Marxists. This is no surprise and hasn’t been since Walter Cronkite portrayed the single most decisive American victory in Vietnam (The Tet Offensive) as a North Vietnamese victory.

However regardless of how treasonous and subversive the Fifth Column Treasonous Media has been in the past they have at least attempted to maintain the fiction that they were not outright traitors to the United States Constitution and the Republic for which it is the fundamental foundational document. Now however the mask that the democrat party has been wearing for the entire 51 years of my existence has been let slip. Whether through insipid stupidity or through intentional forethought of malice it makes little difference, that mask is now gone.

Sadly the greatest struggle that the United States of America has ever engaged in has now genuinely began. For nearly 100 years various Marxists have slowly carefully infiltrated the social fabric of America and spread the poison of their ideology. From the halls of academia into the political, legal and entertainment industries they have slowly and carefully spread their Marxist propaganda and now we shall see exactly what fruit it has borne.

With the Democrat Party of Barack Hussein Obama more or less openly proclaiming themselves to be Marxists will mister and Misses John Q Average American embrace the oppression and slavery that follows Marxist rule as certainly as night follows day, or will they reject the decent into totalitarian oppression that is now clearly and indisputably the course laid out by the Obama Democratic Party.

If Barack Hussein Obama and his fellow totalitarian Marxist Democrats are seeking to ignite a true bloody civil war in America it seems to me that this is exactly the kind of move that will accomplish that end.

To Barack Insane Obama and his fellow totalitarian Marxist followers I say this in no uncertain or questionable terms. I absolutely do not belong to the Government and you can go to hell if you think I will ever submit to a Marxist government.

Edit: video added of the Marxist’s at the Democrat National Convention objecting three time to a voice vote to reinstate both God and Jerusalem as the Capital of Israel to the Democrat National Platform. The empty Chair ignored their objections and reintroduced the measure against their obvious will.


10 thoughts on “In Soviet America the Government owns YOU.

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  5. Time after time, over the past four years, the democrats/communists have given evidence that they feel that their years of subversion have finally come to fruition – and that *now* is the time for them to implement their final ‘putsch’ for complete dictatorial/communist control.
    And, time after time, they have seen that the American people will resist their attempts.
    An intelligent group would have noted the resistance to their first few attempts and gone back to cover. But not*our* leftists! *Our* leftists are absolutely convinced that they are so very much smarter than the greater population of America that the people will never realize what they are trying to do. They’re convinced that the bulk of Americans are too stupid to see their plan and resist it in any meaningful way.
    And that is what is going to destroy the democrat party and its communist plans for America. The democrats “have a plan” – and they are going to stick with it – double down on it, in fact – because they are “so much smarter than anyone”.
    And when their plans, dreams and schemes lie shattered and dead at their feet (or spread out on the fields of battle), they truly will not know what hit them.

  6. Pretty much nailed it on the head. One more blatant expression of the true intent of this administration: When you spread the wealth, You didn’t build that, and now, “We all belong to the government”. That the DNC and Obama administration are trying to distance themselves from this is bunk. Everything that goes on in those conventions is scripted, vetted, and approved (except Bubba’s speech) before it is presented. They absolutely knew this was going to be presented, they just didn’t realize the kind of backlash it would create; I’m sure it sounded really good in their heads when they heard it because they believe every bit of it except that they see themselves as the government to which everyone else belongs.

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