Waking up in Hitler’s Bunker.

In the Twilight Zone episode “The Man in the Bottle” A downtrodden pawnbroker and his wife are offered four wishes by a genie. Distrustful, they use their first wish to repair a broken glass cabinet to prove the genie’s power. They then wish for one million dollars, but after they give tens of thousands away to their friends, the tax man comes to claim the rest, which is $942,640, leaving them with $5.

The genie warns them that every wish has consequences, and that they should consider carefully before making a wish. The husband makes his third wish, to be the leader of a modern, powerful country in which he cannot be “voted out of office”—and finds himself as Adolf Hitler in the last days of World War II, hiding in a Berlin bunker and contemplating suicide.

Well, various and sundry of the members of America’s mainstream media are slowly fitfully and frighteningly finding themselves in that exact same metaphorical situation. Though truthfully perhaps I am overstating the case slightly, not that they are awaking to find themselves in Hitler’s Bunker, but that they have started to notice that the mainstream media is in Hitler’s Bunker. They haven’t quite made the connection yet they they are members of the mainstream media which is waking up to find itself hiding in Hitler’s Bunker during the last terrifying hours of the Third Reich.

Peter Ferrara who write for “The American Spectator” wrote this article on August 31 2012. Election 2012: America Will Never Be the Same Where he says this.

The last four years have been a coming out party for the Democrats. For over a hundred years now, Progressivism, a polite, Americanized term for Marxism, has been infiltrating and taking over the Democrat party, the national media, academia, the courts. But until now they have effectively hidden what they are all about. Under Obama, however, the heart and soul of the party has been let out of the closet and revealed (only for those paying attention, however, not the millions who so stubbornly still are not). And that heart and soul is Che.

Having attended Harvard College and Harvard Law School, I saw all of this first hand. I saw all those prep school Marxists pledging to each other life long fealty to the worldwide socialist revolution, and going on to pose as “liberal” reporters and commentators, “liberal” environmentalists plotting the destruction of capitalism and its middle class prosperity from within, “liberal” candidates moderated just enough to get elected in their districts or states, “liberal” academics tutoring the next generation in the proper, socially acceptable attitudes to worker revolution, and providing cover for each other on the acceptability of more and more radical views.

Peter, you graduated from Harvard in 1979, so you are basically admitting that you have known all of this for over 20 years, and you are just now going public with it? How does the inside of that Bunker Look Pete?

Next on the list to notice something troubling with the room he finds himself in is syndicated columnist and author Daniel Greenfield aka the Sultan Knish. Who a scant few days before Peter Ferrara looked groggily around the room to ponder the significance of where he was and by implication of where, who he was wrote this article.

Everything is Fake Now

As we watch the news covering a story, what we are actually watching is the media making up a story and then telling that story incessantly and embedding it in every nook and cranny of their coverage. This blurring of the lines between the real and the fake is not happening thanks to the magic of technology, but the prosaic methods of complete insincerity.

The fake is being overlaid on the real, like men fighting on top of a board with a movie of a train passing by in the background to give the impression that they are fighting on top of it. Such cheap trickery defines our media environment where reporters barge into events and badger the participants into playing along with their movie. Or they just play the clip of actual events and frame them so that everyone hears their version of what is going on.

There’s Godzilla and we know he’s real because we can see Tokyo in the background. There’s the latest media narrative and we know it’s real, because we can see Tampa in the background as some blow-dried buffoon does breathing exercises before commencing to tell us that the Republican Party, which supports things that would have made Ike and Ron have coronaries, has gone so far to the right that it might as well be a Godzilla of reactionary running dog capitalism.

This is our shoddy virtual reality with a CNN or MSNBC logo planted on top. There is you still sitting on your same old couch, watching Chris Matthews yelling himself hoarse about racism, because racism is our virtual reality. It is the world that we are supposed to live in and Chris’ job, for which he receives some 5 million a year, is to convince us that we are living in it.

A little over 240 years ago, whilst the Founding Father’s of the United States of America were busy pledging their lives, fortunes and sacred honors to each other in order to bring about the birth of this new nation one of those Founding Father’s set his sights on what he believed would be a mechanism that would protect the freedoms and liberties of American citizens from a government corrupted and run amok. Benjamin Franklin, a printer by trade proposed that the safety and security of the Republic was bound to the freedom of the Fourth Estate (a term not actually invented until 1789 by the Irish Statesman Edmund Burke in a speech before the British Parliament) to speak freely and expose the corruption in the public sphere of life.

It is for this very reason that the First Amendment to the United States Constitution specifically references the press in it’s absolute restriction on the governments ability to place legislative shackles on the Fourth Estate. The Founding Fathers of the United States of America most assuredly could never have conceived of an America where the Fourth Estate ceased to be the citizens most vocal and aggressive advocate against tyranny and oppression and instead willfully and with an aforethought of malice actually transformed itself into the very mechanism by which the essential freedoms and liberties of the American people were systematically stripped from them.

Slowly one by one the Peter Ferrara’s and Daniel Greenfield’s of the American Mainstream Media are awakening and looking around themselves, a bit confusedly, groggily and with blurred vision at first and asking themselves, what is this Bunker we are in, how did we get here, and since were are indisputably here and it is indisputably our Bunker, who exactly does that make us?

Yes… Peter, Daniel, congratulations, like the poor downtrodden pawnbroker in the Twilight Zone episode “The Man in the Bottle” you have awoken to find yourselves the homeowners of Hitler’s Secret Bunker in the last frighting and terrible hours of the Third Reich, and yes, you do know who that makes you.

No, it does not make you Adolph Hitler, the references to Hitler and his bunker after all are purely metaphorical vehicles use to exemplify a rhetorical point, no, it makes you individuals who have awoken from a deep somnolent state to discover that they are far behind enemy lines and have in fact been sleeper agents in a Fifth Column.


10 thoughts on “Waking up in Hitler’s Bunker.

  1. Everybody’s talking….
    Until you are ready to get bloody to save the Republic and the Constitution, nothing changes.
    It’s all just a magic show….presto, changeo.

  2. They are also in the business of Censoring Facts and Truths while fantasize about being Objective. I believe that they are also sociopaths in that they are narcissistic and fear no consequence for their lies.
    It is also pretty bad when other countries like Syria and Iran expose their blatant deceptions.

  3. They say that when a suicide jumps from a building,cliff, or bridge, and screams all the way down, it’s because he realizes too late that it is real and there is no turning back.
    There are some things you cannot fix once you have broken them, thats why its so very important not to break them.
    Trust, integrity, honor, purity are all things that we have been told to mock, ridicule, and scorn. Now we find to our great distress that the are all gone and we have no clue how to get them back.

    • The Truth will evidently will out. Which means the truth isn’t a house of cards … like lies are.
      The Truth is the Brick House compared to the Straw House and the Stick House. Sooner or later the Truth pulls through the lies and deceptions.

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