The Fifth Column Treasonous Media air brushes Minorities out of the Republican National Convention.

In an act reminiscent of Joesph Stalin’s treatment of his enemies, wherein he literally had them air brushed out of historical photographs and written accounts, last night MSNBC air brushed out of their coverage former Democratic Rep. Artur Davis, a black American; Mia Love, a black candidate for the U.S. House of Representatives from Utah, Texas senatorial hopeful Ted Cruz, a Latino American, Puerto Rican Governor Luis Fortuno’s wife Luce’ Vela Fortuño, and Nevada Gov. Brian Sandoval.

MSNBC has been doing everything in their power to spread the outright lie that Republicans and Conservatives are all racists. It therefore really comes as no surprise that they have resorted to that ruthless strong arm tactics of the Soviet Unions most viciously violent and brutal dictator. It’s probably relatively safe to assume that anyone who hasn’t already had a lobotomy or actually has more than one functional braincell has already noticed that MSNBC is not a journalistic broadcast/cable news outlet.

If MSNBC isn’t a journalistic broadcast/cable news outlet, then what exactly are they? During Joesph Stalin’s tenure as the most feared human being on the face of the earth he had an organization that spoke in public on his behalf, that organization was called Pravda. Pravda pretended to be a news organization, but was in fact nothing less than a propaganda spreading outlet, they were Stalin’s public speaking organ. MSNBC cannot even claim to be a clone of Pravda, at best MSNBC is comprised of a bunch of 1% uber wealthy Marxist wannabes.

MSNBC like so many of their journolist brethren in the Fifth Column Treasonous Media no longer even pretend to be unbiased and objective, nor are they attempting to keep the charade alive that their is any honesty or integrity in what they deliver. They have a meme to protect and by Karl Marx they are going to protect that meme come hell or high water.

In the past, i.e. 2007-8 the various members of the Fifth Column Treasonous Media managed to create an image of Barack Hussein Obama, an image which was created not so much by outright lying, but by lying through omission. The Fifth Column Treasonous Media knew exactly who Barack Obama’s closest associates were. They knew who his mentor, Frank Marshal Davis was, they knew that Davis was the former head of the American communist Party, they exactly who William Ayer’s was, yes, they KNEW that Bill Ayer’s was the Weather Underground terrorist and radical Marxist.

The Fifth Column Treasonous Media was fully aware that the Reverend Jeremiah Wright, whose church Barack and Michelle sat in for over 20 years, was a former Muslim who preached Third World Liberation Theology and who was like all the rest of Barack Obama’s associates a publicly acknowledged Marxist activist.

The duplicity and complicity of the Fifth Column Treasonous Media in creating an image of Barack Hussein Obama in 2007-8 was mostly omission. By not reporting they withheld the truth from the American People with respect to exactly who Barack Hussein Obama actually was. Barack Obama was the Marxist messiah that they had been waiting for all of their lives so knowing that America would never willing elect an openly Marxist President, the Fifth Column Treasonous Media withheld the truth from the average American citizen and ruthlessly attacked anyone who dare to attempt to pull the curtain of omission away from Barack Obama and expose him for who and what he really is.

America has had four years of Barack Obama, four years of Obama himself revealing exactly who and what he really is and there is nothing that the Fifth Column Treasonous Media can do to put that genie back in it’s bottle. But that doesn’t mean they aren’t going to try. Last night’s MSNBC coverage of the Republican National Convention is evidence of that. They have gone from simple lies of omission to inventing lies out of whole cloth. The story as already been written, now all that is left is for the Marxists at MSNBC to find the video to support the story. This much you can be certain of, if they cannot find it, as they could not at the Republican National Convention last night, then they most assuredly will invent it.

Because the propaganda meme they are attempting to deceive America with in 2012 is that Republicans and Conservatives are all racists it was absolutely imperative that their coverage air brush out prominent speakers who were not white, but in fact ethnic minorities. After all, who not having had a lobotomy or having more than a single functional braincell would fall for their assertion that the Republicans are all racists if they has actually seen Artur Davis, Mia Love, Ted Cruz, Luce’ Vela Fortuño, or Brian Sandoval speaking at the Republican National Convention, or more importantly seen the reaction of the crowd in Tampa to what these conservative minority members had said?

It would have literally been one more case of the New York Times attempting to convince it’s readers that Barack Hussein Obama was taken out of context when he told Americans, “You didn’t Build that”. While the Fifth Column Treasonous Media are without a doubt Marxists traitors attempting to pull off a “Soft or Velvet” Marxist Coup, even they know that they can only say to Americans “Who are you going to believe, us or your lying eyes” so many times before Mr. and Mrs Joe Average American say “Fuck you, I’m believing my own eye and ears”.


6 thoughts on “The Fifth Column Treasonous Media air brushes Minorities out of the Republican National Convention.

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  2. Once I retired I found out I had all day everyday to open up every piece of mail, go through every piece of paper in every envelope, actually read the stuff including the fine print which actually many times requires a 200 watt incandescent bulb and a microscope objective as a magnifying glass. You would be shocked to death what so many things contain – from your utility bill, to your phone contracts, to your healthcare and auto insurance policies. your bank and credit cards….I could go on and on.

    My take is that living in this country is not unlike sitting at a table in a train station in Brussels Midi, drinking a coffee that you just realized cost you $10, and as they announce your train’s departure in 2 minutes, you just realize that six gypsy kids are gathered around you and your luggage with arms moving but you can’t see what their hands are doing. You only have time to cross your fingers, and wait til you get on the train to find out just what’s missing.

    It IS a banana republic. They just don’t want ya to know.

  3. I am still reeling when I recall what happened to our Country when Obamanation came out of no where and to me, raped the whole country with lies, deception, and phony propraganda. His only line to get elected was hope and change, but never said what that hope and change would be. Never a plan for the Country, Never a Promise, Never did an honest word come from his mouth. And the News and Sheeple sucked it up like babies suckling. What really terrifies me is that we see the truth but the rest cannot see it, and I cannot fathom how they can not see it. It is truly as if everyone has been Hypnotized by Obamanation and the Fifth Column Treasonous Media in your article. This is really frightening.
    Great article – but I don’t see the sheeple waking up any time soon.

    • They can’t see it, because they have been working their asses off earning the American dream for their families and their children. They can’t see it because when they get home at night they are to damned tired to do anything more than ;listen to what the Fifth Column Treasonous Media tells them. They can’t see it because on the weekends their lives are crowded with all of those things that they are to damned tired to do after work, or with just doing the things that make their lives worth living.

      Our fellow Americans are not stupid, nor are they hopelessly indoctrinated. They are just short of time to learn things that do not immediately directly impact their finances, to learn things that do not immediately directly impact their their family and personal lives. And most importantly they sure as hell are not going to learn what is really going on from the Fifth Column Treasonous Media.

      The Media and the Education system have done everything they could think of to indoctrinate us and our fellow American’s, perhaps the most powerful facet of that indoctrination is to constantly reinforce the lie that “It can’t happen here”, the Fifth Column Treasonous Media know damned well that not only can it happen here, it already has happened here.

      It is up to US to wake our fellow citizens up to what has and is happening.

      • You hit the nail on the head, but I still fear our future based on their unwillingness to learn the truth. I have a husband, two sisters, two brother-in-laws, two nieces, two nephews, and many friends that think I am the insane one when I bring up the lies. I have no one around me except for some face book friends and my own two sons that are aware of the truth. I don’t know how to even approach the subject to such closed minds and it is very troubling to watch them go through life so clueless.

  4. A little rough, even if true. Rachel is doing this a little less whole-heartedly lately. Watch her face. She is stuck. I really have a hard time likeing someone who is smart enough to know better, but now I actually feel sorry for her. Chris sold his soul long ago. They are all paid to behave this despicable way. Your message needs to be somehow conveyed, to the ‘few’ that believe that the ‘broadcasters’ are ‘representative,’ ….. because those reading here know better.

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