Rest in Peace, and may God embrace you Neil Armstrong.

As a child, like so many others on July 21, 1969 I was sitting in a classroom (summer school obviously) transfixed by events that were being played out 238,900 miles away, but being shown on a television in my classroom. The building I was in at Sholtez Elementary School in East Marysville, Washington was a round building with the classrooms separated by moveable walls. On July 21 all of the walls were folded in and everyone brought into the same area where we could watch the events unfolding 238,900 miles away.

I remember very distinctly watching as Neil descended the ladder, how each time he moved, their would be a ghost image of him that followed his movements. When he reach the bottom step a fraction of a second later that ghost image of him followed him to the final step. Then as he moved around on the moon, that same ghost image followed him every where he went, just a fraction of a second behind him. Though I asked at the time and was given an answer, It was many years before I really understood what that answer meant.

What, I had asked, were those ghost like images following Neil Armstrong around? My teacher explained that Neil Armstrong was very far away, and it took a while for the television images to reach us from the moon. In 1969, at the age of 8, I had not yet heard of Albert Einstein nor the speed of light. I was blissfully unaware that it took 1.3 seconds for radio waves to travel from the moon to the earth. At 8 years of age, all I knew was that every time Neil Armstrong moved, their was a ghost like image of Neil following him around.

Like so many other boys born in the early 60’s Neil Armstrong was one of my hero’s. In 1969 for Halloween I dressed as an Astronaut. I dreamed of one day being an astronaut, of one day walking on the moon like Neil Armstrong or maybe even going to Mars. Sadly the closest I ever got to that dream was working for a couple of painfully short years in the Aerospace Industry. I had the honor of helping to build a couple of communications satellites as well as building the robotic arm that retrieves supplies on the International Space Station.

I remember with disgust and pain the feeling of utter betrayal that I felt when Barack Hussein Obama gutted the space program to fund his Marxist Utopian Obamacare Ponzi scheme and publicly declared that NASA’s new mission was one of Islamic self esteem building. Obama wasn’t the first president to betray the legacy of Neil Armstrong, just the first to betray America by turning Neil Armstrong’s legacy into a Muslim appeasement program.

My greatest fear is that Neil’s legacy of exploration, of daring and courage, of reaching for something truly and genuinely beyond ones self will pass from American history with the passing of Neil Armstrong. The majority of our politicians today are greedy corrupt narcissistic cowardly bastards without the capacity or courage to follow in the foot steps of either John F Kennedy or Neil Armstrong.

Funny in a remarkable and tragic way, how it was a Democrat President who set America on the path to placing a man on the moon. There is no longer a single democrat alive and probably not a Republican either who still possess that kind of vision or courage, and indeed it is to America’s detriment that this is the unfortunate truth.

To those out there lacking vision or courage, who claim that going back to the moon or on to Mars is a waste of time money and resources I say, go to hell you cowards, go right straight to hell.

Neil Armstrong has in the immortal words of President Ronald Reagan, “slipped the surly bonds of earth to touch the face of God” Rest in Peace Neil Armstrong and may God embrace and comfort you and those loved ones you have left behind.


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