What does “You didn’t build that” really mean?

For decades Americans have been pondering over a situation that has for the most part left them both angry and confused. What is this situation? It’s where politicians claim that they are giving the American people a tax cut, but instead of decreasing the percentage level at which American citizens are taxed the politicians degrease the percentage of planned increase in taxation. In other words, they plan a 7 percent tax increase, and then reduce that increase to 5 percent, and presto, a 3 percent reduction in your taxes.

Don’t see the tax reduction? Ya, neither do most Americans. What they see is a 5 percent tax increase. How is it that politicians can see the reduction of a planned tax increase as a tax cut? Well that’s where Barack Obama’s “You didn’t build that” comes in. You didn’t build that is predicated upon the basic philosophical notion that, you as an American citizen do not actually own anything and do not have anything. Everything you believe that you own in fact really belongs to the Government, and like your stock broker or money market manager, you do not own those assets, you are just the individual in charge of managing the assets of the government.

Pretty much everyone in America with two functional brain cells who is paying attention has by this time figured out that Barack Obama’s influences as he grew up were nearly all Marxists, communists or socialists. Barack Obama senior and his mother Stanley Ann Durham were Marxist’s, his mother’s parents were Marxists and his mentor Frank Marshall Davis was a Marxist. This is not conjecture or speculation, it is hardcore documented fact.

Despite the best efforts of the Fifth Column Treasonous Media to keep these facts hidden in the shadows where the average American would never see them, those facts have come to light. From that infamous quote that Barack Obama made to Joe the Plumber, “redistribution of wealth” in other words Karl Marx’s infamous “From each according to their abilities to each according to their needs” to the Obama campaign’s “Lean Forward” to the “You didn’t build that” meme recently put out by Barack Obama, Obama’s philosophical ideology can clearly and indisputably be traced back to Marxism.

Does this make Barack Hussein Obama a Marxist? Well, some would argue that it does not, that the mere fact that so much of Obama’s rhetoric can be traced directly to Marxism is coincidental at best. They just as quickly dismiss the hanging of a Chairman Mao Christmas ornament on the Whitehouse Christmas tree as, just another meaningless coincident. That Barack Obama started his political career in the living room of Marxist domestic terrorist and murderer William Ayer’s, well, again, it means nothing and is just circumstantially coincidental. His membership in the Illinois New Party (one of those secrets the Fifth Column Treasonous Media has attempted to hide) well since you are not suppose to know about that, it doesn’t count.

To understand what was and is behind Barack Hussein Obama’s comment that “you didn’t build that”, you have to have some grasp of Marxism. Karl Marx was a collectivist, his belief was that no one ever really did anything on their own, but that every accomplishment was the collective work of everyone. That fact is pretty definitively spelled out in his statement, “From each according to his abilities to each according to his needs”.

Barack Obama cannot help but use the ideologies and phrases that he was raised as a child in and those that as an adult he was educated in. So the question is, is Barack Hussein Obama a Marxist. Yes, Barack Hussein Obama is a Marxist. He was indoctrinated in Marxist ideology from his earliest days right through college and to this day remains if not in fact in spirit a Marxist.

Barack Obama asserted to Americans, “That if you have a successful Business, You didn’t build that” because quite simply, that is one of the fundamental core principals of Marxism. You did not build that successful business, we the collective built that successful business, and more importantly, you do not own that successful business, we the collective own that successful business.

How can a reduction from a planned 7 percent increase in taxes to a mere 5 percent increase in taxes be considered a tax reduction? It’s really quite simple, everything that you believe is your, everything that you believe you own, right up to and including your children and even your physical health do not belong to you, but to the collective and it is the responsibility of the government to manage and control all of those asset to ensure a fair redistribution of those assets.


5 thoughts on “What does “You didn’t build that” really mean?

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  3. The way I see it is that Obama wants us to treat the government (headed, of course, by himself) as though it were God. In true Bolshevik fashion, he demands that we devote our lives to the State, and not to God.

    I believe that God made everything and that God has made it possible for each of us to do all the things that we have done. The government is not our Creator; in fact, governments are incapable of creating much of anything.

  4. In monitoring the Chik-Fil-A situation, I noticed that most of the Leftoids were trying to defend their defacement of stores with graffiti as “free speech.”

    They seemed to legitimately not understand that the Chik-Fil-A stores were private property. It’s as though they assumed that because the establishments were “open to the public” that THAT was equivalent to “public property.”

    The dumbing down of America continues apace…

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