Happy Birthday Thad.

This afternoon I am going to celebrate one of my friends birthdays, Thad is battling colon cancer, he has had the full radiation treatment and is currently undergoing Chemotherapy. I’ve know Thad for nearly 10 years, he’s a Cajun transplanted to Southern California. I’ll take my acoustic guitar and we’ll rock out for the afternoon. And if it should cross your minds to offer up prayer’s for his recovery, I’m sure Thad wouldn’t mind. Thad and Julie are damned good people, and I am proud to count them as friends.

Here’s a couple of songs I recorded back when I was a professional musician and owned my own Record Company (it was called Loud Records). The Band was called Dorian Grey, which coincidentally is where my online Nic comes from. The recording unfortunately are not as good as I would like them to be, as they are second generation analog recording transferred to digital. They were recorded in 1996, a couple of the songs were recorded in a recording studio and a one was recorded live in a little Underground “Illegal” Rave Club I used to own in San Diego California that was called “The Dungeon”.

This is called “Live and Fully Baked” recorded in 1996 at “The Dungeon” during August, titled Live and Fully baked because at the time it was recorded it was about 100 degrees in the club.

This is called “Desire” it was recorded in late 1995 in a Recording Studio in Encinitas California called “Emerald Studios”.

This is called “Run” and quiet frankly I can’t remember the name of the studio it was recorded in, other than that it was in Mission Hills section of San Diego, California. (Oh, and this song was inspired by the riot’s that resulted from the Rodney King police beating)

This last one is called “The Highway” and was also recorded at the Mission Hills recording Studio. (I have no idea what inspired this song, it just sort of came out of nowhere)

I hope you enjoy, meanwhile I’ll be out this afternoon enjoying another nearly perfect Southern California afternoon playing guitar with a good friend and celebrating that he has survived a year while battling cancer.


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