A Rising Star.

The great state of Pennsylvania’s 3rd district congressional representative Mike Kelly delivered a short ad powerful speech before the house of Representatives. Powerful and directly to the point enough to evoke a response that is technically against house rules. The response, a standing ovation. Rep. Kelly said exactly what I have been saying for better than 10 years now. It’s time to lift the draconian regulations off American businesses that have been crushing the American Economy.

Rep. Kelly is, in my opinion one of the TEA Party’s rising stars and a true champion of American business. He is, I believe a man to keep an eye on. Rep. Kelly was before being elected to congress the owner of a GM Dealership. One of those dealerships that Obama’s nationalization of General Motors dissolved. He understands the ramifications of Mordor on the Potomac’s unconstitutional encroachment into the private lives of American citizens and has taken the active steps to bring Mordor on the Potomac back under the control of “We the People” where it belongs.

Rep. Kelly is, as congress itself saw fit to do regardless of the house rules prohibiting it, deserving of a standing ovation.


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