ABC’s Criminal Maleficence.

After the news of the tragic and horrific events that have just unfolded in Aurora Colorado America witnessed once again exactly why I constantly refer to the Mainstream Media as the Fifth column Treasonous Media. Over 71 innocent people shot in a movie theater and ABC’s Brian Ross and George Stephanopolus could not go on air fast enough to attempt to smear the TEA Party by asserting that one if it’s members was responsible for this atrocity.

This behavior is not an accident, it’s wasn’t sloppy journalism. It was exactly why American’s have lost faith in the Mainstream Media, because we have realized that they have betrayed every single one of what were at one time considered to be journalistic ethics. They are not reporting the news, they are engaging in political propaganda that would make Pravda green with jealousy and Joesph Goebbels proud.

How anyone at ABC can even remotely justify Brian Ross and George Stephanopolus remaining on their payroll is beyond understanding unless one accepts that ABC is not even remotely in the business of journalism and is purely an organization whose sole reason for existing is to promote a political agenda. The political agenda of ABC, Progressive Marxism, pure and simple.

ABC, like all who have adopted the ideology of “The End Justifies the Means” has not merely surrender their morals and ethics, they have willfully and with a forethought of malice cast those morals and ethics away. Those morals and ethics would have prevented Brian Ross and George Stephanopolus from implicating an innocent man of a horrendous crime had even the tiniest shred of them still existed in either man.

Were America’s Founding Father Benjamin Franklin still alive, he would likely be leading a mob to ABC’s headquarters with pitchforks and torches. What ABC and the other alphabet network Fifth Column Treasonous Media outlets have become is an abomination to what Benjamin Franklin believed was the role and purpose of the Fourth Estate.

ABC and their co-conspirators in crime in the Fifth Column Treasonous Media have been allowed for far to long to go unpunished for what can truly only be described as Journalistic Criminal Maleficence. From Dan Rather’s fake but accurate through the libelous slander of Vice Presidential Candidate Sarah Palin the Fifth Column Treasonous Media has been given a pass for behavior that is openly treasonous against the citizens of the United States of America.

I do not know how or when we can change this, but I do know we somehow must find a way to rid ourselves of this plague of Progressive Marxist Propaganda and indoctrination that has infected our media. It is time that we American’s, those of us who love the United States Constitution and the Republic that it is designed to protect must recognize that the vast majority of America’s Mainstream Media, the Fifth Column Treasonous Media have become Domestic Enemies of the United States of America.


6 thoughts on “ABC’s Criminal Maleficence.

  1. I would think by now your head will have exploded from the continued and increased exponentially blather and malfeasance the MSM continues to enjoy spouting across the airwaves. I hope not. I like reading your blog but would like to see it proofread a bit better or at least. No matter how fast people type or think they made no mistakes, there are always more than two or three in almost every single thing I read online. It does not do anything but take away from the otherwise well written piece. I cringe every time grammar and spelling are flayed like step children with red hair because it makes the people with your thoughts on the subject sound more like the lefts idea of what every conservative or tea party patriot is like. That being white, red neck, trailer trash who owns several guns and drives a pickup that has not been washed since it was bought. But I know most conservatives are easy going, intelligent thinkers who many times are completely mislead by the republican party but can see through the absolute deceptions parroted by the left. I hope you only take this as a boost to your ideals and constructive criticism because I am a conservative libertarian enjoying reading what you have to say because it aligns with my thoughts on the subjects you cover so far.

    • ROTFLMAO… I’m not a Republican, as you probably surmised. I don’t own a pick-up just a 1984 Corvette and a 1996 BMW 328i. All of my guns were lost in a tragic fishing boat accident off the coast of Arizona. I’m usually rushing to write my articles and don’t spend the time I should proof reading them, but honestly that doesn’t bother me.

      If any time you read something of mine that is grammatically incorrect or spelled wrong, feel perfectly free to comment and point it out, and I will most likely correct it. Nor do I particularly take offense when people correct my mistakes. Like I said, I’m usually in a rush just to get it written.

  2. Fortunately, the contrast between what they present themselves to be and what they are gets clearer by the day. The monopoly on the conversation they have enjoyed since the beginning is already gone, and even the power they still wield is just a matter of generational habit.

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  4. Your wish to rid ourselves of the corrupt MSM was granted when Al Gore invented the internet…just think how much worse it would be without it…how it was before.

  5. The 1st amendment does NOT protect against fraud such as what ABC did. These people are not journalists, but political operatives fraudulently posing as objective journalists. Arrest them.

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