MSLSD lies to it’s readers, in other words, nothing new here.

MSNBC and their fellow conspirators in crime, i.e. the rest of the Fifth Column Treasonous Media were caught completely off guard by the creation of the Internet. That in and of itself was bad enough, what is tragically comedic about them being caught completely by surprise by the internet is that, even now they still haven’t figured out what it is that has caught them full broadsided and is dragging them over the cliff to their certain doom.

Yes, it would be fair to say that the Fifth Column Treasonous Media is utterly and completely clueless as to what exactly the Internet is. The complete and total clueless nature is brutally and painful on display nearly each and every day. Take for example this MSNBC article.

First half of 2012 is the warmest on record

The national temperatures averaged 52.9 degrees — “4.5 degrees above the long-term average,” NOAA said in a statement. “Most of the contiguous U.S. was record and near-record warm for the six-month period, except the Pacific Northwest.” East of the Rockies, 28 states were “record warm,” NOAA said.

The past year also registered as the hottest 12-month period on record in the contiguous U.S., narrowly surpassing the mark set last month, NOAA said.

In an attempt to continue to advocate for the now fully exposed multi-trillion dollar fraudulent scam know as Anthropogenic Global Warming MSNBC, (which many believe really should be labelled MSLSD for their obvious delusions and hallucinations) displays that mind-numbing ignorance combined with a malevolent evil that we have all come to expect from Marxist Party apparatchik.

Steve Goddard over at Real Science utterly obliterates the outright lies and distortions of the Fifth Column Treasonous Media With this little beauty

Heatwaves Were Much Worse Through Most Of US History

We are bombarded with statistics comparing the number of record lows to record highs, the number of record highs, etc. So I decided to look at what the actual numbers are in the USHCN database.

The graph below shows the number of daily record highs set per year for all USHCN stations (through 2011) which have records going back at least to 1930. The results are astonishing. 1934 and 1936 both set nearly five times as many record daily highs as 2011 did. It appears that the entire period from 1910 until 1960 was hotter than recent decades.

There have been 372,989 correctly recorded daily high temperature records in the US since 1895. 84% of them were set when CO2 was below 350ppm.

Please go and read the rest of his article so you can see the graph and read Steve’s conclusion.

Steve Goddard, Anthony Watt’s, Stephen McIntyre are all examples of individuals who unlike MSLSD and the rest of the Fifth Column Treasonous Media are not clueless about the internet. They are not attempting to lie to or deceive anyone to further their political ideologies. Unlike the the Fifth Column Treasonous Media who actively are attempting to manipulate distort and deceive in the furtherance of their Marxist political ideologies, Goddard, Watt’s, McIntyre and tens of thousands of others understand what the Internets primary purpose was when it was invented.

It was not invented for… I know this is going to be shocking bordering on heretical to some of you, but the internet was not invented for, downloading porn, shopping, stealing music, face book blathering, blogging or god forbid, even Tweeting… No all of those aspects of the internet are incidental to what the internet was genuinely invented for.

Everyone of those wonderful technologies are actually spin-offs of technologies that were specifically designed to allow the internet to fulfill it primary purpose. Yet here we are over 20 years after the general public was granted access to the internet and what do we have? What we have is, well let me use an analogy.

Since the days when Joesph Goebbels discovered that he could basically manipulate Germany into doing anything that Hitler wanted them to do by controlling what information or disinformation was fed to the German people through their Mainstream Media system the American Media has been attempting to repeat Goebbels success.

Well everything was going along just swimmingly until the early 1990’s. After all, Walter Cronkite had successfully lied to America regarding the Tet Offensive and it ramifications turning an unparalleled victory into a complete defeat. From the 1950’s to the early 1990’s the Fifth Column Treasonous Media had the freedom to push any lie or deception that they so desired with little to no possibility of being publicly rebuked or refuted.

As the Fifth Column Treasonous Media rolled into the 90’s they were the proverbial drunken high school/college kids blasting through rural Kansas in their 57 Chevy Bel Air, not a care in the world everything was going exactly according to plan, they had the radio turned up just as loud as it could go, they were smoking and drinking and driving down the straight as the eye could see Kansas back roads just as fast as their high performance engines could take them.

Then it happened, in 1994 as they flew across yet one more railroad crossing out of nowhere a 900,000 ton freight train traveling at 90 miles per hour T-bones them. That 900,000 ton freight train was nothing less than the Internet, and it was bring drive by a guy named Matt Drudge. It seems that Matt Drudge had accidentally stumbled across the true design and intention of the internet. All of those wonder things on the Internet that most of you love, ya, their just bells and whistles designed to get you and me to pay for building the Internet, they are not it’s real purpose.

OK, here is comes, the real intention behind and purposes of the Internet. What every single aspect of it’s functionality were designed for, what every single one of those thing you love about the internet were really designed for. Yes, the truth is… You have been eating your pea’s and broccoli and spinach for years now and loving it, and you didn’t even know that’s what you were doing.

The Internet is and always was intended to be… The largest most powerful research tool ever invented. That’s right. Everything you love about the Internet was intentionally designed to help physicists figure out how the universe came into existence.

And that is what the fools and bastards in the Fifth Column Treasonous Media still are completely incapable of understanding. Remember, the bastards in the Fifth Column Treasonous Media are basically Marxist totalitarians. They would have never ever supported anything that put the Internets ability for the average citizen to check the facts being reported to them by the media into the hands of the average citizen.

No sooner did MSLSD publish their blatant lie that First half of 2012 is warmest on record, but that Steven Goddard used that unbelievably powerful research tool known as the Internet and 100 percent bitch-slapped MSLSD and proved them to be dishonest liars. Yes, the Internet is a 900,000 ton 90 mile per hour freight train and the Fifth Column Treasonous Media has been TEA Boned by that train and is being dragged second by second to a gorge, their is a train trestle, but their is no way on earth that the Fifth Column Treasonous Media is going to make it across the gorge.

I for one, will be celebrating when the flaming carnage of the Fifth Column Treasonous Media finally hit’s the rocky bottom of the ravine and the vultures are summoned to feast on the fattened corpses of the treasonous bastards in the Fifth Column Treasonous Media.


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