An Electrical Vehicle Mandate for Washington DC.

In light of the statements by Washington DC Mayor Vincent Gray, with regards to the electrical power grid disruption, I have finally come to see the errors of my ways. Mayor Gray is clearly missing the most obvious and crucially important lesson to be learned by these power outages. We must cut down on the reliance on fossil fuels and their is really only one way for this to be done here in America. Mordor on the Potomac must lead the way by example.

To that end I propose a new federal mandate, err, tax penalty be placed on those who bring fossil fueled vehicles into Washington DC. Washington DC must pass a law banning all fossil fuel internal combustion vehicles from the District of Columbia. The only vehicles that shall henceforth e allowed in Washington DC are either Electric hybrids or fully electric vehicles.

Only by acting can we hope to have any impact on Global Warming, only by leading the way through aggressive action can this or any other Administration hope to show Americans the errors of their ways and the true path to prosperity and a sustainable way of life. We cannot wait until tomorrow, we must take aggressive decisive action today.

The only way to ensure that we have the energy we need to have a sustainable prosperous society in the future is to completely ban fossil fueled vehicles from Washington DC right now. It will set the shining city on the hill example from which every other city and small community in America can and will draw inspiration.

Furthermore we must also mandate that no electrical power generated from any coal burning power facility be allowed to be shifted or transferred into Washington DC. This is not an issue we can afford to compromise on.

I hereby call on President Barack Obama and Mayor Vincent Gray to take deliberate, decisive and aggressive action and ban all fossil fueled vehicles from the District of Columbia. Be the leaders who lead us into the promise land. Those who read this, please search your hearts and souls, you will find that this is the only right, moral or socially just thing to do, support this mandate by contacting your congress person and senator and demanding that they enact such legislation as is required to make Washington DC a fossil fuel free zone. Demand that they take action today while it is still possible to save our tomorrows…


7 thoughts on “An Electrical Vehicle Mandate for Washington DC.

  1. Interesting thought !! Now lets us count the ways how this would shut down the largest clearing house of abusive, overspending, worthless, perverted bully’s in the world.. nah would never happen..oh well…

  2. Absoltely no exceptions for government owned vehicles (think presidential motor cade, Marine one et el) so far so good. But if you really care for the enviroment I suggest this policy be applied to the State of California.

    • The FIRST example MUST Be by those who lead us, other wise they are not leading, only exploiting. IF Washington DC cannot or will not show us how it is done then why would anyone believe what Washington DC is proposing is anything other than a SCAM to lighten Americans pockets.

  3. I don’t exactly see that as the thing to suggest…. because there is probably some idiot in DC that will want to do it…. the problem is that the taxpayers will be paying for it… and DC does not care where the money comes from. and they don’t care if it is a stupid idea, and they don’t care whether it is a waste of money and completely idiotic. Lets pull the plug and build a prison around DC and put all the idiots there so they can talk to themselves to their hearts content, while the rest of us can from time to time look in on them for our own amusement like a freak show!!!!

    • Think about this for a few minutes. Mordor on the Potomac’s electrical grid is very fragile, mandating only electrical vehicles in the district of Columbia would completely overwhelm the electrical grid there. Washington DC would lose all electricity, since the cars would all be electrical, Mordor on the Potomac would come to a complete and total stand still.

      Tell me how that would be a bad thing.

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